Some New blogging Platform such as Roon and Medium doesn’t allow commenting on their sites. We tried to explore the reason for which they are not allowing Comments. Commenting encourage Quality comments but there is always something negative for that.

Pros- Enabling Comments on Blog


By allowing comments on a blog we encourage visitors to have their valuable feedback and constructive criticism. Visitors comment about tips, ideas, topics, feedback etc. You can know about How your content helped the Visitor. They give their response to your posts.

Another advantage of Allowing comment is that you can create a Sense of Loyalty among readers. When your will comment, they will return back to your site for more.

It also create a Network of readers if you allow commenting on Blogs. You can get like-minded peoples, create friendship with them and make business connections with them.

Cons- Disabling Comments on Blog


Enabling comments means you have to give some time to Moderate and reply to those comments which you receive on your site. You have to answers all the questions which users ask so that they will return back and make connection with you. If you get huge amount of comments it consumes lots of your time and prove to be a Huge Task.

If you are allowing comments to the Blog , it welcomes potential negativity to the blog. Users will spam on your site in order to get link backs and traffic to their site from your site.

If you don’t allow comments it encourage Social Media Conversation. It means one who really want to comment on a post can send on the Fanpage wall or can tweet about it. It creates more buzz of the brand among social media. If someone comment on Facebook then his friends can check the comment and the fanpage. Similar is the case with Twitter.

Some day that comment add nothing the the Topics and no one reads them.


It depends on you the way you accept it. You have your own preference since its your Blog. Sometimes it add substance to your conversation and sometimes it simply a Distraction.