Many Ask about the Present Blogging strategy and How to Run a Blog Successfully. So here I want to Present you an Simple Example to give you basics of Present Blogging Condition. This was Explained by Tony John.

Few years back, there were lot of empty land where anyone could plant a few seeds and it would grow pretty fast if you give some water and little bit of fertilizers.

Some people were simply planting the seeds near other people’s trees so that it will take the water and fertilizer of other trees nearby and grow.

Now a lot of trees have grown up and it is almost like a forest. New plants will have to really struggle to come up due to the shadow of already grown up trees in the forest. Even the big trees are struggling now because of the excessive number of trees in the forest.

In the long run, only the strong ones which have got plenty of water and fertilizer are going to survive.

Google recently sprayed a Endosulphan on all the parasites which killed most of them but it accidentally killed a lot of good trees as well. All of these make it really challenging for all the trees to survive.

It was much easier to make money in the past if you were in the game earlier. Even though there are more players/payers now, excessive competition has made it very difficult to make a new blog popular and start earning money.

Few years ago, it was not this hard to start a new blog and make it popular.


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