10+ Healthy Habits a Blogger Should Have


Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Make a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” , this is a Common Habbit which we learn from Our School. But not many follow this Habit, not even I. Being a Blogger we have always Suggest others, try to help others. But before telling them we need to learn first. And learning Good Habits are recommended to them.

Here I have listed some Good Habits which I follow (sometimes) and also suggest you to be healthy :-

  • Exercies 30Minutes Daily– Blogging is such a Job where we work Mentally, not physically . So they need a Minimum of 30Minutes of Exercies daily as a Minimum recommended for Optimal Health.
  • Sleep for 8 Hours– The Most Vital thing which a Blogger need is Mental Peace which mostly come free Sleep. A minimum of 8hours Sleep and a 30minutes nap after Lunch is Required for a Blogger.
  • One Glass of Water when wake up and Avoid Soda– Our Body is dehydrated and need liquid, so a glass of Water in the Morning is recommended. And yes Soda is the Most unhealthy beverage ever. So avoid it.
  • Stop Smoking / Drinking – This point if valid not Just for Bloggers but for everyone who Drink and Smoke. There is no reason for these and if there i any problem then they can never solve them.
  • Use Inbox System– Many a times you get some New and Fresh Ideas comming in your Mind and later you unable to remind it. So you should write about it whenever you think about it. Write anywhere, in copy, mobile, laptop etc.
  • Prioritize– Bloggers have many work wuch as Social media Promotion, content creation, coding, Collecting Info, Link Building, etc etc. So Prioritize your Work List so you can do all your Job.
  • Don’t Plan too much– Planning is the most vital thing, but dont plan for a long future, I mean plan for today, tommorow or for a Week. But dont plan fully of what you want to do after a Month.
  • Check your Email only twice a day– Email can easily become an addiction , many check emails every 10minutes which is¬†unnecessarily¬† So check emails twice a day.
  • Set Strict Deadlines– Deadlines are given in Companies to Complete thier Work and its really helpful to complete a Job in Given Time. To maximize your Porductivity , set your deadlines strictly . Its a good Habit.
  • Take one day off per Week– Blogging is such a Job which dont need any Perticular time to do your Work. You can work anytime, anyplace and just need a Secured Internet Connection only. Take a Break of a day weekly and Schedule all your Posts on Pervious day.
  • Solve Puzzles and read Books– Exercise your Brain by Solving Quizzes and Word games etc. And Read Novel Books as it relaxes your Brain.

So what Habits you are going change of yours??

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