For people so used to instant gratification, SEO can be a hard pill to swallow because it’s a long-term strategy. It could be months before you actually see any results for all your hard work, but in the meantime you have to keep investing. In light of this, SEO experts today must build their strategies with long-term business goals in mind, and clients can stand to be a little more patient. The following pointers will help you build a strategy that factors in both long and short-term progress in SEO.


Regardless of what you hope to achieve, you must take time to plan your SEO strategy. Before launching your campaign, you must establish specific goals, metrics and timelines, research the market for content direction and user data, and assess the status of the site at present as well as plan how site infrastructure will be leveraged for lead generation and conversion.

Timelines may change according to your field of business, business objectives and the current state of your site. Research your target market in detail and create audience personas that will be targeted as well as mapping the buyer’s journey. This is the best way to kick off a scalable and long-term campaign that will bear fruit long after actual work stops.

Inbound marketing and SEO

Once you have established a solid foundation to base your marketing strategy on, think about the results that you wish to achieve from your efforts. It could be equity-building or lead generation, both of which rely on SEO and inbound marketing. These two strategies will help you to build your rankings for keywords that are most searched-for in your niche market and these terms will build up on each other.

Try to base your strategy on content; content-driven campaigns have the advantage of building your site equity over time. As your SEO Utah expert creates good content for your audience, users will begin to appreciate your role as an authority leader, and search engines will reward you for the high traffic generated with better rankings and hence even more traffic – it’s an exponential cycle that builds on itself. However, content-strategy takes time to take root, so be patient in the interim especially since the Internet is getting fast saturated by content.


According to your current traffic, you should anticipate a slow but steady rise in your trackable metrics. Do not fall into the trap of an SEO who promises hundreds of times greater traffic. In fact, on average, a growth of up to 4 times the previous period’s traffic is expected. If you’re starting from the bottom or recovering from a penalty, growth rates could be even slower.