This is the Question which many new bloggers, Website Owners that How to index their website in the Search Engines. We all know that the traffic of a website or blog gets increased if the URL is submitted to Different Search Engines .
By submitting the URL the search engines knows that you exist and will crawl your Index through Webcrawlers. Other Factors like Social Likes , Backlinks and the Content of the Website also come into existence.
Some tips to increase the Page Rank after submitting your Site is to increase the Backlinks , Creating Sitemap, Original and Useful Contents and Updating the site regularly.

Submit At Google

First work is to Tell Google (#1 Search Engine) that you Exist by adding your URL into Google’s Directory . You will be getting registered at Google because Google is used in almost every country.

Submit at Google

Submit At Yahoo

Next is the Yahoo , After Google , Yahoo is the next leading search engine. To submit your URL at yahoo you need to signup at yahoo account . After Logging simply submit the URL . If you feel like experimenting, try it out for a month and see if it works for you.

Submit at Yahoo

Submit At Bing

After Yahoo next comes the Bing which is created by Microsoft and is among the Top 3 Search Engines. Bing is a search engine which is easy to use and URL submission is also very easy. Submit your Page at Bing –

Submit at Bing

Submitting to Other Search Engines

The above were the Three Search Engines which is the Most important to submit. Here are the List of Some More search engines which you need to Submit the URLs
SplatSearch URL Submit
Add your webpage to this search engine.
Scrub the Web
What a great site! Find out how your meta tags, keywords, title tag and other features are working (or not working) for your site, for FREE!
Exalead URL Submit
Exalead FREE URL Submission.
Jayde URL Submit
Free URL Submission through this site. URL Submit
Create an account for FREE URL Submission.
WebSquash URL Submit
Enter a web address to start the crawler.
Suggest a Site to Open Directory
Have something worth submitting? The Open Directory Project is a web directory of Internet resources. A web directory is something akin to a huge reference library.
InfoTiger Website Submit

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