Now most of the Bloggers embed Youtube Videos in their blogs and I have seen some top blogs where they embed Vimeo Videos . I tried to know the Reason about that and Finally I came to know about that.

If we useĀ Youtube Videos then it doesnot come in Video Sitemap but Vimeo Video Does comes.

If you use Vimeo Video then it looks Special in Search Engines as it adds a Video Image beside your Blog in the Search Results . It means Videos are Indexed in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). By this it makes clear to Google what the Content is about.

[Vimeo is Used by Artists]

Other Reason for which Bloggers should prefer Vimeo –

In youtube you see most Popular Videos based on Likes and Views but inVimeo you Follow People and Brands and watch all their Videos.

[Youtube is for Fun Stuffs where as Vimeo is for Serious Stuffs]
So Finally We Came to a Conclusion that VIMEO is much Better than YOUTUBE for Blogging

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