No matter how popular social media marketing is, the fact remains that e-mail is still one of the most effective tools for marketing. A big problem faced by those making use of e-mail marketing is by being labeled a spammer, rendering their method useless. Due to the rise and seeming tenacity of spammers, e-mail providers have gotten much more sophisticated with their security measures which can make a poorly composed marketing e-mail go straight to junk mail. Smaller business houses have it much harder, especially when their domain name is not easily recognizable and wind up having most of their messages go unread. Here are some ways to get a better chance to reach customers through e-mail and optimize your company’s e-mail marketing strategy.

Get outside help

Commercial e-mail that gets sent out at least 30,000 times a month has a better chance of being known as a legitimate sender. However, if your business is not large enough to send out that volume of messages, it may be wise to partner with smaller ventures or even share servers. Another way would be to use well-known e-mailing services since using these tools can increase your sender score.

Have good content

E-mail is sent to the junk folder when it triggers the spam filter. Typically, these spam filters are only triggered about 17% of the time but when your company is small or is yet to create a reputation, it could go beyond 17%. Take note of words that are associated with spam, such as making money or soliciting in any way. Do not abuse the exclamation mark since they are not needed and are bound to get you a one-way ticket to the junk folder. Make sure that your subject line is relevant and cleverly crafted, as well as your e-mail address.

Establish a good reputation

As mentioned earlier, you need to have a good sender score to ensure that your e-mail goes to your recipients’ inboxes. The major internet service providers have tools that tell them the sender’s reputation which includes the number of complaints your e-mail has merited. If you manage to get more than one person to complain about your e-mail, your messages will be blocked. Mind you, this could be two out of a thousand recipients. Once you have been labeled as a spammer, it will be difficult to get yourself out of junk mail since people have to read your messages and report that you are not spamming them.

Keep your e-mail list clean

Internet service providers tend to discipline senders with sloppy lists. If they use a buying list, they are setting themselves up for traps, sending e-mail to people who did not sign up for them which increases their chances of reporting the e-mail you send as spam. Take the more conventional route and only send e-mail to people who are customers or those who explicitly agreed to get e-mail from you. Maintain your list by removing addresses that do not receive your messages and prioritize the ones that respond.

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