One of the best ways to validate your business is by creating a website for it. After all, majority of people nowadays always check if you are a legitimate business venture by looking for your website. If they do not find one, they are bound to dismiss the notion of doing business with you. However, having a website is just the start of it. You must make sure that it is designed in such a way that will give visitors the best first impression. After all, nobody wants to navigate through a sloppy, unattractive website when they could be on some other company’s website that is easy to use. With a substandard website, you stand to lose customers, as well as not attract any new ones. Here are a few things your website’s front page must have to ensure that your customers can find whatever it is they need to.

Links for connecting to social media accounts

One of the best ways to get a customer to interact with you is to make sure you have links to your social media accounts clearly visible. They are bound to already one any one of those social media accounts and by giving them your company’s link, they have an easier way to correspond.

Appropriate images for the company

We have all come across certain company websites that displayed pictures that seemed entirely unrelated to their business which made us wonder if we got the correct address. The front page of your website should clearly represent the type of business you are running. There is room for creativity but do not be vague or avant-garde or else you might have an unhappy page visitor.

A box for subscribing to your newsletter

Customers want a way to keep themselves updated with whatever your product or service is and one way they can do this is by signing up to your company’s newsletter. By keeping your sign up box immediately visible, you increase the chances of people subscribing since they do not have to search for it. You can offer them an added incentive for signing up that may encourage them to spread the word.

Contact details

When you visit the website of RingCentral, one of the first things you will see is their contact information. In fact, you do not even have to scroll down since it is situated at the topmost right corner of their home page. For other details, such as their physical location and e-mail address for various departments, all you have to do is click the ‘Contact Us’ link and you have all the information in front of you.

Make sure your links are working and easy to find

Time is valuable and no customer wants to navigate through a labyrinth of a website that has incorrect links. Make sure you label the links appropriately and situate them so the site visitor finds what they are looking for in the least time possible. Keep tabs on your links regularly so you make sure that they are still functional. Broken links can lead to unfulfilled sales and make your company seem sloppy.

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