Writing a blog is termed as blogging. Basically, it is the short form of the term” Weblog”. The bloggers nowadays, are earning a lot of money by writing blogs. Only those blogs get the attention of the people which are interesting, attractive and up to date. The bloggers use online plagiarism checker tools to avoid plagiarism in their blogs.

If you are short of budget, then you can also access the best free plagiarism checker tools online.  The advanced plagiarism checker tools come with additional benefits like the grammar check, spelling check, which ultimately improves the readability of the content for the users. The website plagiarism checker tools are the SEO tools.

Search Engine Optimization:

Every website owner when designs a website, concerns to reach search engine optimization. Any website that has achieved the search engine optimization gets the high ranking in the google list. The Google ranking matters the most as the highest top-ranked, and top-scoring websites get the chance to appear on the first page of google.

The Concept of Plagiarism:

The plagiarism is the unethical way of taking someone’s content. Anything like write up, quote or image that is used without the permission of the owner is plagiarism. This plagiarism is not allowed in any way either you have done it by mistake or by intention of doing it. It can also hit the person is a severe way like you may have to go through the legal proceedings.

Online Plagiarism Checker:

The multiple of the tools is available online for detecting plagiarism. There are websites that offer multiple SEO tools, under which this anti-plagiarism tool comes. Following are the tools that can help a blogger or content writer in improving his or her write up:

  1. DupliChecker
  2. Turnitin
  3. Grammarly
  4. Search Engine Reports
  5. Article checker
  6. Plagiarism checker tool


DupliChecker is one of the top online tools for the detection of plagiarism in the document. This tool is accessible to everyone; it does not even require registration. The website of DupliChecker provides a general guide about the plagiarism and the plagiarism checker tools. Along with these, it provides tips and guides to prevent plagiarism in any write-up.

Like the other tools, DupliChecker has a limit of checking the plagiarism at one time. It can facilitate the user to find plagiarism of 1500 words article at one time.


Turnitin is an international anti-plagiarism tool that is popular among the students and teachers equally. This tool is using worldwide because of the high accuracy in the result. Turnitin is not a free tool. The universities and professors buy it. To use Turnitin, you have to make the account of it at first. The plagiarism report tells about:


Grammarly can be accessed free by supporting the tool with the other search engines like Google and the safari. Otherwise, you have to pay the charges for it. Grammarly has multiple roles in improving content’s readability and quality:


Search Engine Reports:

SearchEngineReports.NET is a free and an online plagiarism checker tool. When an article is uploaded on it, it reviews the whole content to find any similarity in the content with the other related works.

The amazing part of this tool is that it can also detect the similarity of the content with the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. This makes it trendy and more useful to use than the other tools.

Article Checker:

The registration is not required in the beginning to make use of this for plagiarism check. This is another good option of detecting plagiarism in content writing or blogs. Get the results in a few minutes.


Plagiarism Checker Tool:

This tool has the most demand in academics. The teacher, students, and authors mostly use this tool to get the approval of their article before submitting it for publishing. The minor plagiarism in the article can make your article rejected in one minute. So you have to be very sure about its clearance.

Along with plagiarism, it also offers features for the persons who have subscribed to it. You can get its subscription, and then enjoy all the features conveniently.