Today I want to show blueprint based on My observation.

Post Title: The title of your post is one of the most important aspects as it impacts both SEO and a reader’s decision to click on the post link.  The title should include a keyword or phrase that you believe your audience would use in order to find the post via search engines.  Ask yourself, “How would I describe this post in one word or phrase” and then use your answer in the title.   Tip: Create variations of your title, which you can test when sharing the post in various social media channels.

Social Share Icons: It is important to make it easy to share your post. To avoid using too many social share buttons, focus on the most common share icons used by your audience.

Opening Paragraph: It should clearly layout the objectives of your post.  It is also important to ensure that you use your main keyword / phrase in the first and second sentences.  This is due to the fact that organic search results typically only include the one or two sentences so this provides an added boost to your SEO.  Tip: Be sure to use at least one keyword/phrase variation.

Image: When possible include an image in the upper left-hand corner of your post.  In addition to be visually appealing, search engines will index the image giving you another potential item to appear in the organic search results.  Tip: Always include a caption that includes your main keyword / phrase.

Body Copy: Emphasis should be on clearly stating your case. Include internal/external links, images, video, etc to help strengthen your position.  Tip: Naturally use your main keyword/phrase and variations throughout.

List: When possible include a list to strength your message.  Readers enjoy lists because it helps breakdown your posts into easily consumed “nuggets” of information. Tip: Use a <h2> tag and bold the title of your list to inform the reader and search engine crawlers of its importance.

Conclusion Copy: Emphasis on lessons learned and/or actionable insights. Tip: Ask your readers to share their thoughts on the topic.

Related Posts: Help keep readers on your blog by providing them with suggestions for other posts that they may enjoy.

Comment Section: It is important to make it easy for readers to comment. Tip: Help keep the conversation going by responding to all comments.

Source – Business2Community

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