Its really very difficult for a Site to get Approved a Site for Google Adsense account. Most of the Bloggers or website owners search for Adsense alternatives. Here I have listed some of the Best Adsense Alternatives.

Actually we prefer adsense because of its Quality and basically because its a Product of Google. Most of the Quality advertisers like Samsung, Nokia etc usually add their ads using Google adsense. That is the reson for which Google dont approve all Blog for adsense , to maintain the quality.

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If you think that your site has Good Quality articles and everything is right and Still google is not approving then dont worry. There are some alternatives for you. You can use some other alternatives of Adsense on your site.

1. Chitika – Chitika is one of the Best alternative of Google Adsense. They pay via cheque or paypal and the best part is the minimum payout is $10 for paypal and $50 for cheques. Another good part of Chitika is their affiliate program. When you will share links or banners and when someone click on it and register, you will get a 10% commision of their first 10months earning.

2. infolinks – These is bit different than adsense. They serve text ads for the keywords of your article on your blog. When someone hove the text then it will show ads like “were you searching for and the ad title”. You can get payment through Paypal, Local Bank Transfer etc and the minimum payout is $50.

3. – is a Yahoo-Bing program which is similar to Google Adsense and the minimum payout is $100 via paypal. You can use as an best alternative of Adsense.

Still if you have any query then feel free to ask here

Hope you will use any of them if your adsense have not yet approved.

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