Blogging is an excellent way of creating long lasting relationships. It is an incredible avenue of branding yourself. Blogging can also be a great tool for earning money. Currently, a number of bloggers are making some good cash through their blogs. All you need to do is learn and understand the various ways you can earn money blogging. By being informed of effective ways of monetizing your blog, you stand to join the league of high earning bloggers. Nonetheless, it is does not come easy. You must be willing to be patient, disciplined, and determined.


Here are the top four ways of earning money through blogging:

  1. Earn through Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an avenue a blogger can use to earn some cash through his or her blog. You must have an account with Google in order to generate money through this method. Google then analyses your page so that they post ads related to the content. When readers come to your page and click on any ad available, this increases your chances of earning something. AdSense also provides an array of other streams of income to bloggers, such as search tools and referral tools. With the former, you earn money anytime people search through your site. With the latter, you make cash by recommending Google products.

  1. Earn through affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, a business or company normally rewards affiliates for every customer or visitor brought through the efforts of affiliates. Simply put, you are rewarded anytime you successfully help a business in the promotion of their services or products. You earn commissions whenever a visitor from your site goes to a particular business or company and makes a purchase. Affiliate marketing stands out as the cheapest and quickest way (not the easiest) of earning money through blogging.

  1. Earn through Selling Advert Spaces

You can sell ad slots on your blog. This is a great idea especially if your blog has a lot of targeted traffic.

  1. Earn through Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

CPM is an advertising tool. It works in almost the same way as PPC. However, you are paid in batches of one thousand worth of ads.

Make a Decision on Whether to Settle For Self-Hosted or Free Blogging Platform

The biggest decision you will have to make when setting up a blog has to do with whether to personally host the blog or take advantage of the free blogging services available. Both of these have their pros and cons. Free blogging services means you do not have to pay anything for your blog to be up and running. However, you do not get to have a domain; generally you have minimal or no control over your blog. Self-hosting on the other hand brings with it much freedom and flexibility. You get your own domain name. Nonetheless, you must be willing and able to part with some cash.

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