Blogging and setting up a blog is not hard these days because content management systems have made it so that you do not need to learn any sort of programming skills. A person who has no idea what HTML is may still create a blog. This puts beginners in a very good position, as it means they may set up a fully functioning blog within the hour and still have it look as good as the last 100 people’s blogs that were just set up. Here are great free blogging platforms for new beginners.


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This is possibly one of the best content management system programs for beginners. It has an easy to use interface and is managed by Google, so it is unlikely to go out of business any time soon. They also offer you a free domain name and free hosting, which is something that very few other CMS programs are prepared to do. It also has a lot of customization features that you may enjoy.



This is a good one because it is probably the one that you are going to end up using in the long run anyway. It is the most popular content management system in the world, which means there are more video tutorials, pod casts and articles on how to use it than with any other content management system. Plus, there are a lot of plugins that may be used to increase its functionality.

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This platform allows you to share your content online, but is less interested in words. That is what makes it a micro blogging website, which is also what makes it ideal for beginners. You may upload visual content that you have annotated, and they take the form of your blog posts. This is also a good content management system to try if you are interested in creating mobile friendly content.


This is a blogging platform that actually takes its content management system power from WordPress. It offers free accounts and has a lot of templates that you will not find with WordPress. It does have adverts on it, but you can switch them off if you have a paid version. They give you a way of hosting your blog too, which is something that some content management systems do not do.

Live Journal-


This is a blogging system that is also a little bit like a social media network. It is a content management system that has plugins and templates, and allows you to connect with, and post to, the online community.

TypePad Micro-


This is a simple content management system that is also free. It is a blog publishing service that allows you to pull content from other blog if you wish. It comes with a paid plan, so if you decide that you like the program and would like to have more plugins and more templates, then you can pay for a monthly plan. The paid version will also give you technical support too.



This is a program that a blogger can use to create a new blog from scratch. The biggest difference with this program is that you can create a website with it. This means that in terms of blog design you have more options. You may add more features to your blog that other CMS programs are not going to offer.



This is a very popular micro blogging website. It is not as popular as Twitter, which is the most famous micro blogging website, but Tumblr it is well known in the online community. It is packed full of micro blogging features that allows new beginners to experiment with content and posting. There are also a few apps that you can use to make posting a little easier.

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