To become successful in SEO, you have to do much more than just the basics. Smart marketers know this very well, and they have to do much more than just putting keywords in title tags, creating robust backlink profiles and site map that facilitates crawling by search engines. They need to focus on bringing a cutting edge in optimization that will help them to dominate the search results page.  In this article, we will highlight what other things SEO Agency Maison Tulip is doing that keeps them ahead in the race.

Focus on local search

Google’s evolving search algorithm attaches a lot of importance to local searches because 74% searchers rely on local searches and 82% of this follow-up the searches that lead to conversion in some way.  The biggest advantage of focusing on the local market is that 61% of local searches end up in the purchase. Embracing local search gives impetus to SEO that breeds success. Pay more emphasis to local business by maintaining consistency of NAP (name, address and phone number), optimizing your site with the name of the neighborhood and listing in local directories.

Make extensive use of schema markup

If you follow the trend of search engines, it should not be difficult to make out that to increase the visibility of your website for grabbing attention in a way that increases click-through rate; you have to make widespread use of schema markup.   Google has made it very clear how much it favors Schema, which is highly effective in providing a better user experience that remains the ultimate goal of search engines. If you want to be in the good books of search engines, start using Schema that has a lot of potential hidden in the Knowledge Graph that accompanies it.

Follow algorithm updates and stay updated with trends

Unless you can get a hint about the future, you can never think about beating the competition. For knowing the future, you must have proper knowledge about what is currently trending in SEO that provides direction for making the next move. Keep a close watch on search engine behavior and the algorithm updates that keep on rolling out consistently so that you can position your marketing campaign by keeping away from the pitfalls that come along with the updates. By maintaining a tab on the way technology is progressing, you should be able to chart your path to the future while staying tuned with the trend.

Team up with developers and content marketers

SEO does not exist in isolation but must stay closely connected to other online marketing and web development activities. Stay well connected with web developers and content marketers to drive your SEO campaign together because all activities must have a concerted effort.  Involve others to contribute to the best SEO practices so that what others are doing gives a push to SEO. Give tips to content marketers about proper use of keywords and consult developers for suitable changes in site design for the betterment of SEO.

The role of SEO experts is that of strategists and innovators who can call the shots about the changes that are going to happen.

Author bio: Martin Sewell has spent more than a decade in online marketing and even worked briefly for SEO Agency Maison Tulip as a consultant.  He is a thinker and loves to spend some time to think about out of the box SEO strategies. He regularly writes about his ideas on making SEO more innovative.