Social media seems to have become an integral part of the web and online marketing strategies since past few years. But despite all popularity, it is unable to overshadow the use and importance of email marketing in the online marketing landscape. Email marketing is not only relevant tool but at the same time affordable, more result oriented and effective in a number of online marketing strategies. If you are serious about business and blogging, you certainly need an email list. This is not often possible over the social media marketing strategy. Let’s check out the ways, how email marketing methods are superior and affordable than the social marketing methods.

Social media is inexpensive but email is free

Though most of the social media marketing tools could be free, yet to integrate these tools in your corporate marketing strategy needs lots of skills and time. This means you need to hire people or outsource this task to online marketing experts involved in social media marketing. Now, here you need to allocate funds to execute some of the effective social marketing strategies for your businesses. As per studies, the budget for any competent social media marketing campaign that companies invest is around 50,000 dollars for one quarter, which is really expensive as compared to the email marketing methods. This figure could be smaller for small and medium size businesses, but the fact is you still need more money as compared to the free or very economical email marketing strategies for your businesses.

Other factors that need money

In order to carry out an effective social media marketing strategy, you need to built a website, which can integrate the elements of interactivity, allow user friendly content and could even need an electronic commerce facility. All these things are certainly very expensive. Also, if you plan to work on free WordPress platforms to create a site, you need experts to integrate a number of functions, e-commerce element, adding style sheets as per your business brand, etc. All these things could be time consuming and certainly demands a tangible amount of money for effective social media marketing strategy. However, you hardly need all these things while working with email marketing methods.

As per study, you would require 50,000-100,000 dollars budget to build a simple kind of multimedia micro-site, which is a must to trigger your social media marketing strategy by making this site as a main hub of your targeted online community. Also, you need to add a couple of widgets, which can support you to distribute the content and build a reliable group over Twitter, Flickr, or Facebook and other popular networking groups to enhance and shape the marketing campaign. With complex functions, you simply add money over things like programming and design.

In order to kick off a high result and extremely targeting blog ad campaign, you certainly need an additional budget or around 25,000 to 100,000 dollars on a monthly basis. Moreover, you need to put more money for things like Google AdWords, co-registration and several other tools to drive tangible traffic towards your site. Email marketing strategy is free from all these things.

Bottom line

In this way, email marketing strategy for businesses comes out to be an affordable option along with being more powerful. All you need to do is to have a tangible amount of email database of your clients and prospects and adopt competent methods of accomplishing the marketing job to find good results.

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