In this article you will find a six great ways of driving traffic to you are WordPress blog or web site. The methods described are a great way of driving repeat business to your website or blog, through the use of certain tools, which are embedded into your web sitesblog, or through their indirect ability to disseminate information amongst the social media platforms.

Get Social

This is a plug-in that provides a very easy to use share function that appears in a floating box. Due to its simplicity it is very easy to install on to a WordPress blog or website. It is also easy to squeeze in between other social media items and widgets. It also has a very recognizable icon, which means that more people will be willing to use it because they feel safe with icons they recognize.

Digg Digg

This is a very sought after plug-in because it is able to provide a very good traffic driving abilities without you needing to pay any money for its use or to drive traffic. It is a free plug-in and therefore a very good investment.

It gives you a comprehensive selection of buttons so that you can share your contents over the social media’s and other websites. It has a large number of buttons and widgets, which are truly simple in that all you need to do is insert a little bit of code.

You can share your content between social media sites in a very convenient and easy manner. It will also provide a floating bar with the buttons embedded in it, with which you are able to share your contents with the major social networks such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The sharebar plug-in is another very popular plug-in which is a good reason to have it. The sharebar is a very recognizable widget, which many people feel comfortable in using. Sometimes people do not feel comfortable in using widgets and buttons because they are afraid that if they click them that they will download of some form of virus. When they see a recognizable icon they feel more safe in its use. This is a very popular button/widget that allows people to share certain parts of a blog or article amongst the other social networks.


This is another WordPress plug-in, which is able to drive traffic to your website. This one does it via social bookmarks. You are able to add actionable bookmarks to your blog our web sites in the very easy and simple procedure.

You will be able to gain repeat traffic simply by installing this plug-in and allowing people to bookmark your site. There are lots more people who are willing to bookmark site more than they are willing to sign up to an RSS feed.

Facebook Like Box

Facebook has the most users–more than any other social media platform. This is why many people wish to drive traffic from Facebook to their websites or blogs. This plug-in does just that. It is able to Pull Facebook user from a wide variety of online platforms onto your website via the Facebook login procedure.

A person may click the widget and show their appreciation for your website or blog. This plug-in also comes with the added benefit of being able to be adjusted by its height, width, or length.


This is a very well-known WordPress plug-in, which enables its user to share their contents, and also allows the user to partake of an emailing service and bookmarking facility.

This can be done over a series of very popular web sites including StumbleUpon, Google, Digg and Delicious. The plugins may be customized to make them are easy to use, and the plug-in may be used to optimize your web pages and blogs on certain social media sites.

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