Its the time to design everything FLAT. Its a old concept but became popular now a days. Most of the Companies logo have transferred to Flat design including Google. Recently there is a lots of Demand in Flat Websites and designs. As wordpress is most Flexible and Widely used Platform, many search for Flat Design theme for WordPress.

Previously I have posted about WP MashThirteen which is a Mashable like WordPress Theme and many Blogs are currently using it. Now another Flat theme has been released by Craynoux and the theme has became Viral.

The theme has a flat, minimal design and powered by TwiiterBootStrap 3.0. so admin can add a lot of creative work to its content. This is a fully responsive theme so looks perfect on any mobile or tablet device. The theme is also SEO Optimized.

Download the Theme from here – WP FlatThirteen