Being a Web Designer, Developer or a Blogger we always want our Site to Load Faster and look great. For that many Optimization codes are used to Minimize the code and use different Scripts or CDN to make it faster. But what happens when a newbie start a Blog or a non technical guy start Blogging. Its very difficult for him to understand the Codes and Scripts. He can pay for CDN and create great content but Still cant get more Traffic. There are lots of reason behind it.

Some of the Most Important Reason for which your Blog dont get traffic after creating Good content are due to Bad Hosting and Bad WordPress theme. You can choose any hosting basically that doesnt allow to host Illegal sites on the same IP Address or Server. But when it comes to theme you always get confused while choosing one.

Here is an Example- For last 6 months I was using a Premium Theme which had great review and it was loading Faster than my Previous theme. Most of the review was great and it was made using HTML5 and was SEO Friendly. Before that my Traffic was growing and when I used this theme, the Traffic remain constant. I regularly created content but after 3 months when I saw stats I was shocked because for the last 3 month my Traffic is almost same. After creating so many posts there was no change in Traffic for all 90 days. I tried to explore more for the reason. One guy said me to use Cache Plugin which will help loading more faster. I used that but it didnt worked.

Finally after searching a lot I got a Theme known as WriterStrap which is a Child Theme of RootStrap developed by Crayonux. The theme is one of the Best theme which Follow all the Latest Trends and a Typical Theme which most of the Blogger want to use in their Blog.

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WriterStrap is a Flat UI WordPress Theme which is designed using minimum amount of Code. The theme is Fully SEO Optimized. There are lots of Features among which few are here-

There are lots of More features available in the Theme which you can find after Experiencing it.

theme stats

You can believe but it Increased my Traffic more than 70% from First Day and will recommend others to use the Theme.

Why to Choose WordPress while Starting a Blog

The Theme is Yet to Release.

Currently we are Running a Giveaway where we will Choose 10 Winner and they will be provided a License of the Theme which cost around $200. As it is based on Latest Webtrend, you must Participate in the Contest and Hope a Chance to win a License of a Yet to Release Theme.

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