Is Search Engine Optimization is dead? This is a common query with the online marketing globe these days. If you own an online business and rely on a strong online existence in order to connect with your customers, you have a full right to pay attention on SEO. It is incontestable that the SEO scenery is modifying. For a glance, Google is acquiring a hardline approach. Poor quality content, shady link building tactics and bad design are only a few factors that lead websites for getting penalized. So, what has worked for your company in the previous times may no longer effort and certainly, might eventually hurt your company these days. Successful strategies of SEO need to meet diverse requirements, including content marketing, brand building, social media integration and mobile optimization. It is the time to adapt your planned strategy for addressing such realities. There are 3 trends that will form your SEO success in this year, mentioned below:


Mobile optimization is no longer non-compulsory

Due to the existence of Hummingbird updates from the Google, it is obtaining harder for websites without having a mobile strategy to rank well in the search engines. This involves both a mobile content strategy and a responsive design. In a real manner, it is the best time to spend money in this for any type of the business point of view. Responsive design makes sure that your website appears great across a wide variety of mobile devices. In fact, a mobile content strategy concentrates on your content to the needs, context and nature of mobile users.

Making your brand is too much essential than link building

The presence of the brand identity plays an important part in the success of an online business. A strong brand identity has an important role in the Search engine optimization process. Creating your brand identity and thought leadership is one of the important steps so that you can get higher ranking in the search engines as time passes on. You can get a wide variety of resources on the internet in order to know more about the creating and implementing a branding strategy.

Social media, particularly Google+ is important in SEO

Google is relying on human signals up to a large extent in these days, in the form of mentions and shares on social media websites to assist vet sites. If you do not own a strong social media presence and an effective strategy that creates it easy for individuals to share your content for advertising the services and products among others, hence it is the best time to implement one the success and growth of your business.

There are so many social media websites available such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can sign up with any of them in order to offer your customers the chance to know more about the latest updates about your products or services as well as posting some useful posts and comments about them so that you can modify them in case of modification needed. Google Plus is much essential than other social media profiles.

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