Like all ambitious entrepreneurs owning an online business, you obviously want the products or service you are offering to sell to the public to be visible to your target audience. This is the only way you are going to build an excellent customer base in this marketplace to boost your organization’s bottom-line profits. Experts specializing in this field say making efficient use of Instagram can help you to achieve this vital objective. They point out that it is one of the most popular social media networking applications for sharing photographs and videos from various electronic devices using an internet connection.

How to get ‘real Instagram likes’ from your target audience to market your business?

These professionals go on to say that there are over 800 million active users around the world using this photo-sharing application platform. Research shows almost 70% of these followers are ardent online shoppers. They make it a point to turn to this popular social media networking site to obtain the necessary references on brand products or services that can cater to their needs.  Only then do they go through the customer’s reviews to assess their quality before making their final decision. By posting the right photographs and videos of your brand products or services, you can easily convert these passive online shoppers into loyal customers for your business.

They point out the following four effective ways you can promote your organization’s brand products or services using Instagram:

  1. Creating a business account for your organization on this social media networking site

When you are taking the initiative to use Instagram to promote your organization’s brand products or services, it is prudent on your part to create a viable business account on this site. You need to remember that you are using this popular photo-sharing social media application as an instrument to market your business and product it sells to your target audience. This implies snapshots, videos, and selfies you post regarding your personal life are irrelevant to such people and will not help your organization get the sales it needs. Your objective is to attract more ardent followers of this popular social media networking site to your online business to boost sales.

  1. Include a suitable link to enhance the online visibility of your business website

Instagram has certain features that make it stand out in comparison to other similar social media networking platforms available on the internet. By making efficient use of them, it is possible for you to create a suitable direct link that can enable Instagrammers to browse your business website and its online shopping portal. This allows to them to get a good look at the brand products or services you offering to sell to the public.  It acts as a catalyst in increasing the number of real Instagram likes your business organization gets from the ardent followers of this popular social media networking platform.

  1. Do attempt to use hard selling tactics to attract more Instagram followers

You need to realize that social media networking sites play a critical role influencing the decision people make when it comes to buying the products or services they need. The visually appealing photos and videos you post of the brand products or services you are selling to the public should be enough to attract their attention. Viewing such images can help Instagrammers making up their mind without you having to explain their salient features further. It is essential for you to find the right balance between influencing the members of your target audience to buy the products you are offering to sell them without being too pushy.

  1. Make it a point to post a professional photo for brand product or service

You need to keep in mind that the eye-catching images you post on this popular social media networking platform go a long way in boosting your organization’s sales. Making efficient use of Instagram acts as a catalyst in helping you to achieve this objective. Research shows a vast majority of online shoppers consider detail images of the products and services they wish to buy to be an essential factor influencing their decision. Only then make a move on to browse through the product information and customer reviews.

You have probably heard of the saying ‘a picture expresses a thousand words.’ You need to apply this concept to your organization’s online marketing strategy to boost your bottom-line profits. This is the only way your business is going to gain the competitive edge over other similar organizations in the marketplace. Making efficient use of the growing popularity of Instagram to market the products or service your organization is selling to the public can help you to achieve this objective. You need to remember Instagrammers are ardent shoppers and you need to post eye-catching photos to grab their attention.