Smartphones continue to change how people carry out tasks in their daily lives. With the ability to run a variety of downloaded applications, smartphones enable you to go online, watch videos and read books. Downloadable finance apps have made it easier for everyone to manage their finances regardless of what time it is or where they may be.

There are numerous options to choose from when looking for finance apps that will help you handle your finances more efficiently. When you want to choose an app it is important to consider what you want to achieve.


Flexibility and Affordability

The best types of apps are able to accomplish specified tasks. Finance apps are designed to do various things effectively.  They offer you flexibility in terms of being able to update or choose new apps to replace the ones that no longer interest you. They are also affordable with some being free while others are available at a minimal cost.


A finance app can help you make better financial decisions and improve your spending habits. Among the most popular apps for personal finance is Mint. This app provides you with a secure way to consolidate the accounts you have and monitor your spending as well as receive bill notifications.

Mint also enables you to set finance goals, categorize your expenditure and easily view information about your finances. Several Mint users have been able to set their money based objectives and save significant amounts of money as well. This particular app is available across various platforms and is free to download.


A finance app that can give you effective fraud protection is BillGuard. This app serves the purpose of protecting you form hidden costs, inaccurate bills and fraudulent activities. You can use the app to confirm account charges directly. It also notifies you when other users flag similar charges and helps you monitor how you spend your money.


For people who need to save more money, SavedPlus is a good option. It helps you to save money when you spend after connecting your accounts to the app. It works by allowing you to work out a percentage of the purchases that you want to save. Whenever you make a purchase a certain amount is transferred to your account. The amount that is transferred will be determined by the saving percentage that you set.

Guard Financial

Guard Financial is an app that goes through your transactions and provides you with an expenditure report. It also sends you financial advice that is customized to your situation and various deals that are determined by your spending habits.



For easier budgeting you can download the Toshi app that offers accuracy and lets you take control of your budget. It works by enabling you to enter the purchases that you make and placing them in categories.  Money that remains in any of the categories can be transferred to the following month.

Proper personal finance management is essential for keeping track of how you use your money. Available finance apps run on different platforms and provide the convenience of being able to monitor your finances on your mobile devices. Considering how many apps there are, you need to choose the ones that are suitable for your needs and will make a positive impact on your financial situation.


Fiona Simpson is a financial analyst and tech enthusiast. For more about debt reviews, you can visit the site here.