The term franchise has a negative connotation to some. They instantly think of the restaurants, coffee shops and gyms that seem to pop up on every street corner in America, and they wonder how anyone can make money selling items that shoppers can get from dozens of other stores and companies. Those people don’t consider the number of technology franchises that help owners make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Whether you start out working from home or with a dedicated office space, you can join some of the top money making technology franchises available today.


Cellairis Franchise Inc.

Joseph Brown, Jaime Brown and Taki Skouras were just three students wondering what they would do after graduation when they came up with a business plan. The three decided to open a small kiosk located in a local shopping mall that would offer affordable cell phone accessories to consumers. Borrowing money from loved ones, they opened their first kiosk and found that it was such a success that they raised enough to open additional kiosks within the first year. Franchise owners can purchase accessories direct from the company and go through training that will help them repair tablets and other electronics for their customers.


One of the newest technology franchises in the country is iDropped, which specializes in dropped smartphones and tablets manufactured by Apple. The company only launched in 2012, but it doubled the number of stores it operated within two years. Though the company remained the sole owner of all its stores, it entered the franchise arena in 2014 and quickly received hundreds of applications. Those who buy into iDropped earn the right to market their businesses as an iDropped shop and receive some training that helps learn how to repair iPad and iPhone devices.

Computer Troubleshooters

This Australian company was the brainchild of two people who saw individuals falling victim to common scams and spending too much on their repairs. Chip Reaves lived in Atlanta during the 1990s and helped people with their computer needs but noticed that word of mouth advertising wasn’t enough. After purchasing a Computer Troubleshooters license, he became the American representative for the company. He now helps those with strong computer skills open their own franchises in their hometowns.

Cell Phone Repair

The founders of Cell Phone Repair chose the name for its connection to CPR and market their company as CPR for cell phones. Since launching the brand, the company added nearly 200 new shops, and many of those shops are franchises. Each shop has technicians working who can repair phones, tablets and other devices. The shops also allow customers to sell or trade in their electronics, and most shops also offer mobile accessories for sale. CPR is one of the fastest growing technology franchises and will likely continue its rapid growth in the future.

No matter how much technology experience and skills you have, whether you’re an expert like chairman Ehsan Bayat or beginner), you can still open a technology shop of your own. The right workers can make repairs and entice customers into buying new gadgets and accessories. Becoming part of a franchise might help your new business grow at a faster rate and help you succeed.