The internet has changed the way businesses operate. Along with the internet comes low cost marketing opportunities in the form of social media. When used properly social media can elevate the exposure of business. Pictures, relevant articles, mobile internet appeal, and interaction are just a few of the ways sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and more can help a business increase its digital presence and make a positive impact on the bottom line. Outdoor-Traveler manages a Facebook page that demonstrates a great example of the proper use of social media to drive traffic to a destination by capturing the imagination and attention of the reader. In short, social media has a powerful reach and businesses that harness that power have a great chance at success.



The ability to use pictures to capture the interest of readers is something social media excels at. Photographs can be the highlight of a newsfeed or profile, and when the picture complements the topic and subject matter of the business, the impact can be dramatic on an individual post. Plus, photos can be used to carefully illustrate ideas and concepts to enhance the written post.

Relevant Articles

While using social media to highlight articles and posts directly from the company is likely the reason for the page, sharing articles that come from the competition or other areas of an industry can be a powerful tool to generate interest. When an outdoor travel site shares an article about kayaks, another niche is reached and the chance to draw more customers and followers is taken. While focusing on the business is priority one, sharing relevant articles from other sites can go a long way in increasing the credibility of the page.


Mobile Appeal

The arrival of smartphones and tablets has led to a different way of connecting to the internet and to potential customers. Mobile appeal is big asset for social media. Businesses have the ability to reach readers and call customers to action though those devices in their pockets or sitting quietly by their side. Social media has a lot of appeal with mobile internet users, and the chance of getting the brand in front of the eyes of consumers wherever they are located has never been better.


Social media sites feature a number of ways for readers and customers to interact with businesses. Sharing, liking, commenting, and more help drive the exposure of the post and the company. When articles inspire or entertain users enough to receive some interaction, not only does the engagement factor of the post increase, but the chances of the post being seen by other users can lead to growth. That growth can impact statistics and drive more customers to a given location.

social media

In the end, social media can elevate the exposure of a brand through the use of pictures, sharing relevant articles, increased interaction, and reaching mobile internet users. Best of all, the services are low or no cost marketing opportunities that every brand has the chance to use. Putting the tools of social media to good use can help drive more customers to the business, which is the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign. In short, social accounts can be some of the most valuable assets a company has at its disposal.