How Businesses Can Take Advantage Of Their Toll Free Numbers


No matter the size or kind, businesses can use toll free numbers to their advantage. 800 numbers can provide advantages that will make any business improve their sales, client base and financial allocation. Since growth is an important aspect in any kind of business, an 800 number would be able to help grow your business. Here are few of the countless advantages of an 800 number:


  • If your company’s numbers are toll free, customers can call you without costing them a dime. The person calling your business, no matter the location and time difference and duration of call, will not be charged and the company or business will foot the charges. This gives any business that has a toll number the greater advantage over other companies who have a regular telephone line since clients will most likely choose a company who have better after sales service.
  • 800 numbers can increase the scope of your business in terms of clientele. Clients in other states or countries would be able to contact you. There’s no need for them to worry about expensive international call fees since they won’t be charged for the calls. So no matter where the client lives, they can easily contact you on your 800 number.
  • Having personalized or a “vanity” number will make it easier for your clients to remember your contact details. A number of businesses take advantage of vanity numbers to spell out their company, a particular product or their niche.  A vanity number is easier to memorize and also work as a great marketing scheme because the number itself is an advertising campaign. If your business is a pizza store, you can get a vanity toll number like 1-800-MYPIZZA which is 1-800-74332 if dialed on the phone. Your customers don’t need a directory to dial your number.  If they want pizza, all they need to do is dial MYPIZZA.
  • Online Internet phone services as compared to copper wired phone services have cheaper subscription fees for toll numbers. Service packages can go as low as $19.99. You can add advance telephony features that regular phone companies provide with higher rates. These features are call forwarding, multi-way calling (very useful for emergency and group meetings) and voicemail which can record voice messages in case no one answers the incoming calls.

If you want these on your regular phone line, you have to spend more to have these programmed which can eat up a big chunk of the budget. Having a business phone that’s toll free would make it easier to run your business and as well as save money for other necessary expenses.


A toll free number provides a lot of advantages that businesses and individuals have yet to discover. Having these numbers could be a great advantage for all types of business such as saving finances, increasing clients and fostering client loyalty. No matter what kind of business you are in whether its food, school supplies or manpower, an 800 phone number can definitely come in useful for your business.

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