Freelancing is a tough balancing act. Meeting deadlines, finding new projects, fulfilling social obligations — all these can take a toll on yourself. If you let all of these busy activities get the better of you, you may neglect to find time for branding yourself. Knowing how clients see you is important if you want to stay long in freelancing. Here are some pointers for developing your personal brand.


Know your value

What exactly do you plan to offer to others? You don’t want to mislead others into thinking you submit feature articles for travel magazines when in reality you write SEO articles for tourism websites. Understanding why clients pay for your services will help you craft your freelancing brand more efficiently.

Your products and services must have a target market and must provide value for clients. Do not oversell yourself or brand yourself too broadly. Otherwise, you will end up as a generic business entity in a sea of competitors.

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Aim for the long term

If you want your brand to last long, it should be timeless. You can incorporate the latest design fads into your product logo, but if you want to update your brand in the future, you should be able to keep important elements of your logo.

When designing your brand, you need to evaluate your target demographic. Good brands last long because they remind customers why they purchased your product or service. Even if your customers buy your product or service out of necessity, they will stick to you if your brand is memorable to them. Memorable brands are easy to remember, so consumers are more likely to buy them repeatedly.

Be personal

The most successful brands evoke positive images when people buy them. To increase your success in the business, think of a story or vision that clients can connect to. Make sure your vision is reflected in your business name, toll free number, or logo.

When brainstorming for ideas, think about the answers to the following questions: What kind of positive moments do you want clients to have in connection to your product or service? How do you think can you make a difference in their lives?

Connect to your clients

If you feel happy and excited about your brand, you want your clients to feel the same way too. Generate these positive emotions by reaching out to them. Find out where they spend their time online and offline. Use forums, social media, and email marketing to reach out to clients. Post comments on popular blogs in your field or specialization. Start a blog and hold contests with freebies. Make your brand visible to the public so that everyone remembers you.

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Focus on quality


When designing your personal brand and logo, never settle for the cheapest unless you want your brand to look cheap. Although budget is important, you need to remember that your brand reflects you as a person. If your funding is limited, consider hiring a consultant between the low and high end to help you develop your brand.

Analyze your clients’ mind

The color or name of your personal brand may not appear significant. However, every part of your brand sends subconscious messages to clients. Attractive brands and logos are more likely to be remembered than generic sounding ones.

Regardless of your chosen design, your personal brand must encompass your vision. If clients feel that they have a personal relationship with your brand, they are more likely to stick with you.

Author’s Bio: Henry Conrad is a 29-year-old game developer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Aside from gaming and being a tech junky, he also dabbles in creative writing, which allows him to create great storylines and backgrounds for his characters. Follow me on Twitter and join me in Google +

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