Marketing is a vital component of every business whether it is new or old, online or offline. No business can achieve success without a proper marketing strategy. Many businesses spend a large percentage of their profits to ensure maximum benefit and effectiveness, but they don’t achieve the desired results. This is because they treat their online and offline marketing activities as separate entities leading to confusion, inconsistency and wasted budgets. To ensure you get the maximum benefit out of all your marketing, follow the tips below to integrate your online and offline marketing strategies.


Establish your online presence through a website

You need to create a website that is professionally designed and user friendly. It should also contain content which is useful to your audience and must be search engine optimized to increase the effects. This allows architects and other clients to search you online. Website helps the clients to easily find the relevant technical and design information to evaluate your products and services to determine whether they are up to their satisfaction. A professionally designed website provides you the right opportunity to introduce you to your customers.

Be consistent

All of your online and offline marketing materials need to encompass the same components. Your emails, logo, colors and graphics need to look the same as your brochures. If you use different logos or color schemes on your website to the one you use in your newspaper ads, your target audience fail to recognize your brand and you will loose them. So make sure the logos and color schemes you use are consistent throughout all your marketing.


Put your URL on everything

This is by far the easiest way to track offline marketing successfully. You can put up a URL on absolutely everything and ensure that the same is optimal and targeted. URLs help you to track information such as the frequently visited webpages, the number of clients who filled in the forms and the locality from which clients are accessing your site. So you need to include URLs on your business cards, letterheads, invoices, uniforms, brochures, outdoor and car signage and in every single ad tools you create. This will help you analyze your performance and come up with ideas that promote your business.

Match keywords

Keywords have become one of the most important factors in marketing campaigns. The keywords you’re employing for your offline marketing strategies should replicate for your online strategies as well. This will ensure that clients who see your ad and then search for something they read in it will be directed to your webpage.

Link landing pages to your ads

To integrate your online and offline marketing strategies, any campaigns you run must be linked to a landing page. For instance, if a client sees your newspaper ad with a discount offer, he can use the URL in the ad that takes him to the page that is all about the offer he saw in the ad. Your offer will promote sales if it links to an effective landing page.

An effective combination of these tips and physical efforts on your part will work wonders for your Endeavour and bring worthy returns.

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