With 20Million monthly active users Instagram holds 10th Position in Facebook Developers which a Photo Sharing Application.

If you are posting any type of consumer-centric materials, you have to tap the power of location tagging.

You have to understand that people on Instagram are looking for brands they can trust. How can they trust your brand? Well, the standard answer is that you could focus on content that is relevant to your niche.

You could also use the right hashtags. You can say the right things on your profile, and all sorts of other tried and proven tactics that your competitors are already doing. A big part of this, of course, is buying social proof or buying Instagram likes or deciding to buy Instagram video views. You can also get social media signals from places like https://buzzvoice.com

As important and powerful and effective as these may be, please understand that location tagging adds to the overall credibility of your Instagram account. Don’t for a second believe that location tagging is some sort of detail that you can safely overlook or ignore. You can’t.

You have to understand that it’s a dog eat dog on Instagram. There’s a tremendous amount of competition and one false move can and does put your brand at a serious competitive disadvantage. In many cases, genres as well as niches are just simply too small so there’s very little wiggle room to move.

And if you get the impression that one account seems to be more personable and seems to be more engaging than other accounts, what do you think happens? Well, there is actually a multiplier effect and people who would otherwise be passionate about your brand would not only talk about brands that seem to be more personable or real and authentic, but it cascades throughout your niche.

Before you know it, you make it so much harder on your brand to get noticed. Why? You’re not real enough.

When you put a location tag on your posts, you add a very vital additional piece of information that screams out to your target audience members. It basically says, “I’m real. I am at a certain place, I am in a certain context, and this is where I am.”

And when people look at your location, they can make all sort of assumptions because guess what? People read into that piece of information what they want to read into. And this makes you more real. This makes you more approachable. This makes you more worthy of engagement.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Well, I really can’t afford to do that. I really don’t have the luxury of time. I don’t have the manpower…” I can go on and on. You can easily come up with a very long list of reasons why you shouldn’t be bothered to include your location tag.

Well, here’s the problem: regret comes at the end. Seriously.

If you figure out that you’re not getting a high engagement level and your audience members are not converting, it may be because you’re tone deaf to their needs. It may be because your brand comes off as rather superficial, shallow, and easy to dismiss.

Well, the worst part of all this is that you did it to yourself.

So, do yourself a big favor, a little bit of attention to detail and a little bit of effort as far as your content production and posting habits go can go a long way in becoming more prominent and more respectable and real to your followers.

Keep the tips above in mind to successfully build an organic following for your Instagram brand.