While most people are concerned about the fate of their house during the night or when it is empty, often using ADT in the Villages to protect their homes, many do not think about office security in the same manner.

However, working in an office can pose a variety of unforeseen threats, from cyber threats to physical harm. When working in an office, it is imperative to be on guard in order to thwart any impending attack.

Seven Office Security Tips All Employees Should Know

Here are seven security tips all office employees should know:

  1. Social Media

Because of the popularity of social media, all office employees should be careful about what they post about in relation to their work. Additionally, it is incredibly wise for employees—and people in general—to keep their social media profiles private to strangers. There have been situations where a criminal threatened an office employee’s child, whom they found via social media, in order to get the employee to cooperate with their demands. Moreover, posting sensitive office information over different social media can leave both you, your family, and the office in a vulnerable position, which can lead to lawsuits and termination.

  1. Be Vigilant

If there is someone walking in the office whom you do not recognize, do not hesitate to ask if you can help them. People often do not take initiative in these types of situations, assuming that someone else has already taken care of it; however, it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Personal Belongings

Do not leave personal belongings sitting in a public area, even if you are sure none of your co-workers would ever steal your stuff. It is a good habit to get into to make sure purses, wallets, keys, tablets, phones, and any other personal items are stored somewhere safe.

  1. No Soliciting

As much as possible, try to enforce a “no solicitation policy.” Many criminals use soliciting as a way to check out the office, employees, and security.

  1. Cyber Security

While most offices have security systems and fire walls in effect to protect against cyber attacks, hackers are great at finding ways around these systems. Many times it is through a spammy email or questionable pop-up ad. If you open something that seems amiss, talk to your company’s IT employees as soon as possible. If the email did open a Trojan Horse or some other virus, the whole system could be vulnerable to attack.

  1. ID Badge

If you have a security key, office key, or ID badge, make sure you know where they are at all times. Never lend them to someone else, for when they are out of your sight, you have no idea what they are being used for.

  1. Working Late

If you are working late in the office by yourself, make sure you take proper security precautions. Let others know where you are, how long you intend to stay, and when you leave the office. In case anything were to happen, this type of information is critical.

Keep in mind these seven safety tips in order to have a safe, secure office.

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