Yesterday’s time clocks were only capable of stamping the time employees clocked in and out of work. Breaks, requesting time off, vacation time and other items had to be recorded by hand. It took time to look up any particular employee’s information.

Today, time clock software allows employees to log in to work, record breaks, lunches, request time off and more at individual desks. There are many different types of software available such as software downloaded on the company’s network and monitored by the company itself. If problems arise, the company must call for IT help. Other types of software are downloaded onto a company’s network and monitored externally, ensuring accurate information.

Time clock software from a company such as ensures companies can monitor employee’s time, eliminate payroll errors and improve morale. As an example, an employee logs into his or her computer, clicks on the “attendance” button, hits the “click here” button for clocking in, and the time is recorded. For security, Time Clock Shop offers ID cards, ID card makers, portable time clocks, check signers and more.

Obviously, not every company has employees that use computers as part of their employment. Examples of businesses that need something different than network software include hospitals, construction sites, delivery services and a wide variety of others. Manual time clocks, punch cards and swipe clocks allow employees to clock in and out quickly and efficiently. Companies of any size can benefit from being able to accurately monitor employee’s attendance.

Employee’s morale is greatly enhanced when payroll is accurate. In addition, man hours and money are saved by employee’s not having to wait for paycheck errors to be researched and corrected. No one has to wait for an additional check or for money to be added the following pay period. Accurate monitoring also reduces friction between management and employees. Without this distraction, employees can concentrate on production and improved performance.

Investing in time clock software to replace or upgrade older methods and systems will show returns in many areas of the business such as stress reduction, increased employee retention, productivity and more. It makes financial sense to invest in products that are accurate, durable and reliable.