Many businesses rely on the services of one man to protect their assets, but when that person is only bound by his word or duty then the chances of things going wrong can be very high. That is where guard tour systems come into play. They range from GPS monitoring systems to discrete radio frequency identification chips that actually do much more than just monitor.

So how important are these systems and what can they do to ensure the protection of your business? They are crucial in making sure that every bit of a guard’s walk is patrolled on time. And for that reason alone they are worth the investment.

But they are also great because they can help with the training of newcomers. Instead of getting a complicated layout they can be given checkpoints that they need to mark with their handheld devices. In this way they will start doing the job of an experienced employee from the first day and they will also get a feeling of discipline, knowing, from day one that they cannot slack off on the job.

Guard tour systems are also great from the point of view of the incident booklet. That is a notebook that a guard needs to carry around and note whether something out of the ordinary has happened. Normally writing in this notebook needs to be done on the spot, and that means the guard will be distracted for several minutes. Even worse is the fact that very few people will actually check a notebook, and so details that would indicate a greater scheme, such as an elaborate plan made to enable a break-in, could be missed.

But the radio identification chips take both those problems away because the hand device can be programmed with a number of codes that are pre-set into the device. So if a guard walks in on someone who is trying to jump the fence, for example, he will just click a button and then keep vigilant about the area. Furthermore, that button will send a signal to a centralized system and the greater story can be quickly understood and counter measures can be set in place.

Last, the guard tour system can be used for performance evaluations because it closely monitors how dutiful the security guard is over a long period. By simply monitoring the check-in times over a long enough periods, the system can generate reports and statistics about how often a spot was checked out. Also if a guard misses a check-up point the system can immediately alert the other personnel and a second guard can be sent to that spot to investigate. More often than not it will just show that the guard was slacking off and that will be a point to be considered at the evaluation.

But there are also situations when a guard may be attacked, and then the system is there to protect not only the ground but also the personnel. So the system is great for many reasons, not the least of which is the double security both your business and the people working for you.


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