Big or small, every internet business requires Search Engine Optimization. However, the recent development of Local SEO has changed the way small scale business owners operating within a certain county or city perceive of the service. The simple explanation is that if you want your room to be soundproofed, you do not go and soundproof the entire locality. Similarly, if you want your website visible only to people from the locality you operate in, you do not need to make your website visible to the entire world! But I deviate. Most of the merchants who actually invest on SEO are people with no prior experience of even knowledge of how SEO works, what it is, or why to opt for it. Here is a guide for them, in simple words.


About Search Engine Optimization

The idea is to make your website more visible, more appealing to search providers. When a user searches for a keyword, the search engine typically looks for websites matching the criteria and list them on the results page ordered in decreasing order of keyword availability and back links. SEO involves keyword stuffing and link building services that makes your website turn higher up on the results page. To get by this, SEO packages constantly involve keyword oriented content writing, back linking those texts to the website, creation of advertisements, back linking through blogs, and so on.

But how is Local SEO different?

If you live in Delhi and require to buy mobile phones, what would you search for? A simple “buy mobile phones” might get you results from Calcutta or Bangalore as well, or maybe even from foreign nations! Hence, you attach the name of your city as well, thereby creating a long-tail keyword (As experts call it), or a keyword with a local modifier. When you search for this, Google automatically recognizes the location term and turns up results only in that area. Hence, your purpose is served since competition in only a secluded area is much less than the competition in general.

Is it Right for Me?

This depends. How big is your company? Are you spread across a single state, two states, three states, or ten states? This is important because if you’re limited to a single state, then Optimizing your website for that one location would be perfect. If you have two states, you may want to optimize for the two states too, which, although being costlier than one, would still fetch you profit compared to nationwide optimization. However, if yours is a mammoth firm that works in almost every state in India, you may want to go for national or Global SEO.

Remember, the terms “National”, “Local” and “Global” are all relative. What is local for you may not be so for me. For instance, the example in the previous paragraph is about states and nations. We could modify this example to include counties and states or countries and continents and subcontinents.

Author Bio- Rob is a provider of SEO services in a reputed SEO company. He has tended to local businesses and their ventures on the internet for a long time. Here, he talks about the importance of SEO Services India.

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