TOP 5 Ways to Spy Android Phone (2020)

Nowadays, people spend thousands of hours every year on their phone. Hence, their devices could be the best place to know what they are hiding from the world. Instead of hiring a private investigator to do the job for you, you can use a spy app.

These apps are more affordable compared to when you hire a private investigator. In the spy app market, you will come across many brands. Choosing the best ones can be a problem because all of them seem reliable.

But do not worry, choosing won’t be a problem anymore after you read this review. Through extensive research, we have combined a list of five Android spy apps that we think are the best. Ensure that you choose the one that fits you the most.

  1. Spyier

If you are looking for the best free hidden spy apps for android, then Spyier is the best option. That is why it ranks high on the list.

Introduction of the app

Spyier is a universal app used by millions of people in over 190 countries in the world. Why do they use it? First of all, major online brands that include Forbes, Life wire, iGeeksBlog, and many others, recommend this spy app because of the work it does.

You can never go wrong with this spy app

Spyier installation on the target device is simple. You do not need any programming language or software knowledge.

The process begins with creating an account. And since you are installing it in an Android device, you can use any emails, no restrictions, whatsoever. The account creation process has a guide that you can use if you are stuck. Alternatively, you can head to the Spyier homepage to get customer support.

After this, the next thing you need is acquiring the target device. You do not need to root it, which is an indication that the app is safe to use. After successful installation, log in so that the app can go to the background. It will operate from there without the target user’s knowledge.

  1. Spyic

When you need useful spy apps for Android devices, look for one that has a good reputation. Spyic is one of those spy apps that people recommend since it has been in use for years.


The app is fit for any Android device and does not require rooting. Besides that, you can use it to spy on the target device without raising any alarms. The user dashboard is accessible on any browser; hence, it is a good option for anyone that wants an affordable and flawless option.

  1. Cocospy

If you are looking for a spy app with great features, then this is the app to use. Cocospy can spy on any Android device effortlessly.

One thing about Cocospy that makes it stand out is its data policy. The app ensures that all your private data is safe since they use different encryption measures.

Additionally, using the app is affordable. You can select different payment plans available depending on what your needs are.

  1. Phonespector

If your main agenda is to monitor a person’s social media activities, then this is the app to use. Phonespector is excellent at that, and even though it has different features in it, the social media monitoring function on any android device works splendidly.

The spy app is also an affordable option. Users will pay a one-time fee to access all the features within the app. However, beware, it could be dangerous, especially because such apps rarely upgrade or maintain their app regularly.

  1. Phonesheriff

The app is suitable for parents who want to keep watch on what their children are doing with their phones. Nevertheless, it is an easy app to use and install. Simply install it in your target device, and then you can monitor their activities without their knowledge.

Note: the only downfall with this app is that the app does not promise to operate from the background fully. Hence, it could increase your chances of being caught.


It takes a lot of time to choose a good spy app. We have shortened the process and the time used for you. From all apps listed above, in our view, Spyier seems to stand out because of the flawless manner in which it operates. Additionally, it has numerous features that users can enjoy. Hence, it would be the best option for spying on an Android phone.

Three Smartphone Apps That You Should Download for Weight Loss and Better Fitness

While there are many resources that you can access to know which exercises to perform and what to eat, performance and progress monitoring has always been somewhat of a grey area. However, with the smartphone becoming an essential part of your life, you can use a number of apps to monitor your weight and fitness levels. Three top choices:

Studio: For Those Who Are Running To Lose Weight

The Studio app, available only on iOS for $8.00 per month builds in a 9-week running plan for weight-loss that measures your performance and holds you accountable for variances. The best feature of the app is access to group running classes that enable you to compete with runners from all over the world in real time with your performance being displayed on the leader board.

There is even a built-in reward system that gives you the opportunity to win prizes. A recent study conducted by Stanford confirms what everyone has known for ages; you can be better motivated by friendly competition. You can take the app out for a spin for free for two weeks before the subscription kicks in.

Sleep Cycle: For Those with Sleep Issues

Even when you seem to be doing everything right, you may discover that you are not making any progress at all with your weight loss even with the help of a steroid. Often, this may happen due to sleep disorders. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has carried a report that says that even a single sleepless night can result in a decrease in insulin sensitivity by up to 25%. This essentially means that your body’s capability to process sugar is compromised and you tend to gain weight.

The Sleep Cycle app, available on both iOS and Android for free, has been specially developed to monitor your sleep patterns and movements and then offer you suggestions for improving the quality of your sleep. It is also programmed to wake you when your sleep is in its lightest phase, which is the perfect time for you to wake up.

Interval Timer: For Those Undertaking High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has emerged as one of the best ways of shedding weight as it burns more calories than conventional exercises. However, even though it is very effective, it requires constant monitoring and the Interval Timer app allows you to do just that. Instead of having to measure precisely the minutes for which you need to exercise intensely, all you need to do is to program the app, which will emit a buzz when the time is up and you need to rest and then buzz again when you need to repeat. The app is free on both iOS and Android.


Apart from the above-mentioned apps, there are other apps that you can consider like Aaptiv that delivers a variety of audio workout lessons designed by experts. You can switch it on whenever you have the time to work out and you can choose a lesson according to the sort of exercise that you feel like doing.

4 Benefits of Using Home Décor Apps

If you want to decorate your home and are not sure what to do, you should consider checking out and downloading a home décor app to help you out.With one of these, you can easily figure out the perfect color palette, discover the furniture style you like, and so much more. With an app, you will know what goes where and be able to easily figure out your décor budget without suffering a migraine in the process.

Most people set out to decorate their homes with a budget in mind only to find that what they want does not go well with the budget they have set. Instead of breaking the bank, begin by working it all out virtually so that you can stay within your budget and get the results that you are hoping for. With a home décor app, you can plan effectively.

If you have a smartphone, all you have to do is download a home décor app and visualize the décor that you want. Here are some of the benefits you can hope to enjoy:

  1. Figure out measurements – Whichever room you are planning to redecorate, you will need to make sure that the furniture you want to buy fits into the room with ease.You simply take photos of the room and write down the measurements alongside the pictures so that when you get to the store, they are all right there. By having all your measurements in one place alongside the pictures of the room, you can buy furniture that fits the room perfectly.
  2. Space planning – This is critical in interior design. You don’t want a room to feel overcrowded or sparsely furnished. Additionally, you want to make sure that every piece of furniture is properly arranged in the room. Since you know where each piece of furniture and accessory goes, you will be able to buy the right furniture.Remember to keep the room clean. A clean room feels more spacious but a messy one tends to look and feel more crowded. A cleaning company like king of maids can help you keep things in order.
  3. Color selection – If you are looking to buy wall paper, fabric, or wall paint and can’t figure out how to mix and match them all so that they complement each other, a home décor app will allow you to have a virtual picture of the end result. You just need to take a picture of the room and begin to play with the various palettes available. Also take pictures of accessory pieces that you like and fit them into the virtual room to get an idea of how well they will fit in the actual room.
  4. Get ideas – Sometimes you want to make changes but have no idea where to begin. A home décor app can give you different design images to look at for inspiration. These are like virtual idea books that can help you identify your style and develop ideas for your own home.

All in all, home décor apps make designing easier, reduce the amount of guesswork that goes into home décor and enable you to keep your budget under control.


Roselyn Luke is a professional interior décor expert. She say, home décor apps can help you design and decorate your ideal spaces. She adds that, cleaning companies like King of Maids can help you keep your house clean so that you can enjoy its beauty.

How Android Has Evolved In Last Few Years?

Android as we all know is a Linux based mobile operating system which is capable of running multiple application programs.Android is a very popular technology in mobile these days.  Android was introduced by Google in 2007.

It is mainly designed for touch screen mobile devices such as Smartphone’s, tablets and computers. Not only for touch screen devices android operating system is also used in televisions, gaming consoles, digital cameras and many other electronic devices.



Android is an open source platform that turns your phone into a powerful web browser, gaming console and personal assistant all in one. In fact, carrying an android phone is like carrying a small size laptop right in your pocket. HTC dream was the first phone to run on android operating system. It was released on 22 October 2008. Lets us try to explore some more on this operating system and how it has evolved in last few years.

How Android created its market?

  • Android market has become the best market for downloading applications. There are thousands of applications available on android market. Almost 450,000 applications are available. Applications can be downloaded from Google play store.
  • Many of the applications are free, if the application costs money you can pay for it using Google Checkout. Android applications are widely used throughout the world. In December 2011 alone around 10 billion applications were downloaded.
  • Growing popularity of android apps has increased the demand of android developers. The need for new applications for Smartphone’s has increased and shows no sign of slowing down. Hence the need for developers of android applications needs to grow.

What all are the Android versions that have been launched?

  • The first smart phone was launched with android version 0.5 milestone 3. After that more than 16 android versions have been released.
  • Nowadays the latest android version used is Android 5.0 Lollipop Though Android 6.0 Marshmallow just released.

It is all about being getting better

  • Today, android is the most widely used operating system in mobile phones. Android phones just keep getting better. Unlike other systems, android does not depend on one company for upgradation. Android is an open source platform i.e. Google and its partners can make improvements constantly.
  • The operating system is known to be more flexible and reliable. With the coming up of Android technology there has been a revolution in mobile technology industry. Android phones have reached 80% of market share. Due to its huge popularity many global mobile companies such as HTC, Samsung, Micromax etc. has started using android operating system in their phones.
  • These phones are considered to be the most affordable phones with great functionality that can easily beat other expensive phones which uses other operating system in their phones. As per recent survey around 450 million android phones were sold in 2013.

The demand of android phones has increased many folds. Android operating systems havealreadybecome the number one operating systems in recent years and it will keep its first rank intact.

Chelsea Apps is a London Mobile App development company and a mobile consultants. Do check them out on their website if you would like to get some app designed or consult them for any related queries.

5 Top Utility Apps for Android Devices

It doesn’t matter whether you have an Android tablet or phone. You need apps, lots of them. And, the kinds of apps you need are productivity apps. You know, the kind of apps that will keep you busy and focused on the work in front of you. But, the problem is that most productivity apps in the Google Play store feel a little like hand-me-downs from Apple’s App store. Even worse, some of them are horribly designed and don’t even work. So, here are five apps for your Droid that you can swear by, not at.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving

This app is perfect for the jetsetter and businessman who is always in the car going somewhere. The augmented driving app assists you while you drive by using a “visual reader” to sense the speed and distance of cars in front of you.

Then, it gives you auditory and visual collision warnings to keep you out of trouble. The app can also record your drive and take geo-tagged snapshots – providing key analytical data of your road trip. You’ll need a solid mount to use the app but, other than that, it works perfectly.


The Vuze Torrent Downloader app that lets you search for, download, and share torrents, from your tablet or phone. The new mobile app sports the same kind of functionality as its desktop cousin, with a clever feature called “categories.” Categories are ways to sort your downloaded files. Once sorted, you can configure the app to automatically transcode those files to other devices. And, here’s where things get cool.

If you’re constantly sharing and downloading files, you can have the app automatically download and sort your stuff according to file type. So, if you’re downloading free podcasts, for example, you can have those podcasts sorted and sent off to your tablet. Once it’s set up, it works seamlessly. Just remember to respect IP.


Ever parked your car in a big parking garage and then later forgot what you did with it? This is the app for you. It uses maps and Google’s location API to keep tabs on where you parked. But, it does much more than this. If you pop into a client’s office for a quick chat, the app will alert you of potential traffic violations (i.e. if you’re parked in an illegal spot) so you can avoid a ticket. It also lets you set a timer so that you don’t get the dreaded parking ticket.

Finally, the app gives you turn-by-turn directions back to your vehicle. The best part? If you pair the app with your car dock or bluetooth system, you can automate everything.

My Measures and Dimensions

When Skitch just won’t cut it, this is the app you need for annotating dimensions and diagrams for a DIY home improvement project. It lets you perfectly annotate with dimension, angles, text boxes and other useful information. You can then save the annotated photos back into the camera roll or the gallery.

Bubble Level

Just because an app is simple, doesn’t mean it’s useless. Bubble level is proof of this. When you need to hang a picture frame, this is the app you want. Lay your phone flat on a surface and it even displays displacement in x-y coordinate degrees.

Amber Newson is a law student with knack for technology. From the basics of using the web for research or leisure to innovative file storage and sharing, she enjoys maximizing systems and apps for productivity and entertainment.

Protect your Android device with top security apps

Android is one of the widely used Smartphone OS. As it is Open Source and popular, different types of threats also increase. Now there are many threats on Android devices. There are many Security measures which one must not ignore while using an Android device. There are almost every type of solutions (apps) available to most of the problems which an user experiences ever.

Previously there was many security threats on PC and Laptops but as the Smartphone market is growing the threat level of this is also growing which can’t be stopped easily. For that there are some Apps which you can use on your Smartphone which will protects you up to some Level.

Read moreProtect your Android device with top security apps

List of Free alternatives to Paid Android Apps

There are lots of Free apps for Android available in the Play Store for your Device and some apps and Games are Paid too. But there are some Free alternatives for some Paid apps or Games. Here we are going to discuss about it.

I never wanted to pay for any Android App until I find that such useful and if there will be no alternative to the app. Recently I purchased some apps from Play Store and later I know that there are some Free alternatives and those are more powerful and as per my requirement apps.  So here is a list for some Paid Applications and its Free Alternatives of those apps too.

Winamp is a Free Alternative to Poweramp, a Paid music Player. The app have all the features except stable equalizer which is present in Poweramp.

Link2SD n Switch Me are the combining free Alternative of Titanium Backup pro where Link2SD convert users apps to system apps and Switch Me is used for switching among multiple user profiles.

 Nova Launcher Free is a Free alternative to Nova Launcher Prime where it provides everything except 10s of color themes and icon themes. Other than that Nova Launcher Free is best for you.

 Internet Radio is a Free alternative to Tune Radio pro and both offer Top Radio Stations to the users and is best for American and European Countries.

Kingsoft Office is a Free Alternative to Smart Office  and you can do most of the Stuffs such as Editing , Cloud Storage, gestures operation etc with both of the Applications.

AVG Antivirus or Norton Antivirus or Avast Antivirus are the Alternatives to Kaspersky Mobile Security and you can use any of them as all are of the Top Antivirus Apps providing maximum security in their Own Way.

ASTRO File Manager is a Free Alternative to Root Explorer which is used to access and manage Root Files after Rooting an Android Phone and both the apps does the same.

Fake-A-Call is a Free Alternative to Fake Call maker and both are used to make Fake Calls where you can schedule and customize but in free app you will not find Text-to-speech Facility.

Network Booster is a Free Alternative to Network Signal Speed Boost Pro where both are used to Boost the Signal of the Mobile Phone.

Flipboard is a Free Alternative to Pocket Casts where both are News and Magazine apps and I prefer using Flipboard the Design is beautiful.

 Automatic Call Recorder is a Free alternative to Call Recorder Pro which helps to record calls and organize them for Future use.You can get a lots of setting in Paid one but all the basics are available in the Free.

English Dictionary – Offline is a Free Alternative to app where more than 158000 words plus 97000 inflected forms are available in free and —over 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms & antonyms are available in Paid one.

How to UnRoot Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

As  Samsung Galaxy S Duos is one of the Cheapest set in Galaxy Series, most of the user try to root this phone and install  CWM Recovery on the phone. But we know that rooting a Phone voids the Warranty. But do you know that it is Possible to Unroot the phone and get the Warranty back again. Yes you heard it right, its far too easy to unroot the Phone back.

Previously I have posted about .

Here we are going to provide the easiest Step to Unroot a Android Phone and get back the warranty.  Ok, before planning for Unrooting you need to do some Basic Stuffs-

  • First of all you have to Keep the Battery level more than 80% as the process need some time to complete.
  • Secondly you need to Enable USB Debugging. You can do that from Menu>Setting>Developer Options> USB Debugging. Here you have to Enable the USB Debugging option which is used to copy data between computer and the Device. You can also install Applications directly.
  • As no one knows abt Success so you need to Backup all your Important Files, Stock ROM before performing any stuff.
  • And Ofcourse your Phone Must be Rooted.
  • Lastly you need to Install Download and Install Kies Software . Kies is the Samsung PC Suite.

How to UnRoot Samsung Galaxy S duos

  1.  Download “UnlockRoot Pro” Free version on your computer.
  2. Extract the downloaded file on the desktop.
  3. Connect the device with your computer via Original USB cable.
  4. Open “UnlockRoot.exe” and it will automatically detect the device.
  5. Click on “Unroot” to unroot Galaxy S Duos S7562. For details, refer to the below image.unroot-Galaxy-S-Duos-S7562
  6. Follow the Instructions on the Screen.
  7. Hurray, you have unrooted the phone.

How to Install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562

Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562 is one of the Most Popular and Cheapest Mobile in the Samsung Galaxy series which is loaded with lots of Stuffs and features. The best part of an Android phone is that it can be rooted easily and customized in your Own way. Previously I have posted about “How to Root Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562” . If you have Rooted your phone , the First thing you need to do is to Install CWM Recovery on the Phone which is a replacement recovery option for Android devices. The Rom Manager app may be used for installing CWM, overwriting the device’s stock recovery.

If you have some different phone then you can root it easily using PC Softwares. This post is about Rooting Galaxy S Duos. Here are the Steps to CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562

  1. In order to Install CWM Recovery, you need to Root the Phone. Here are the steps- How to Root Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562.
  2. Download and extract the Galaxy_S_Duos_ROOTKIT on your Computer.
  3. Now Copy the “CWM Recovery file” on your mobile SD Card.
  4. Switch off your phone to boot into recover mode by press and holding Volume Up + Home button together, and then press the Power button.
  5. From the recovery menu, select “Install zip from sdcard” and go to path where you have placed “CWM Recovery file” and select it. It will take some time to Install.Galaxy-S-DUOS-RecoveryMode-CWM
  6. When the Installation process is completed select “++++Go Back++++” and then choose “reboot system” to reboot your phone.

Congratulates. Now you have Successfully Installed CWM Recovery on your Phone.

Note: In case, ClockworkMod Recovery doesn’t works for you then download this CWM Recovery and flash it via Odin by above procedure to root Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

We know that Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 is the Cheapest phone in the Galaxy Series having Dual SIM, Dual Camera , 1Ghz Processor, 768MB RAM and lots of other Features. Some buy this Phone if they have low Budget and some buy to Experiment the Phone and Explore the world of Android. In order to do that one have to Root the Phone to get access to the Admin panel of the Phone. For different Phone models there are different methods of Rooting it. If it is dont wrong then there is a lots of change of getting bricked. There are some Software which help Rooting android Apps in one-click. But if you dont trust it and want to Root your Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 by your own then here is how. I bought and Samsung Galaxy S Duos and tried to hack but I was unable to do after reading some different Blogs and Forums. Finally after lots of Try and Applying some Brain :p I was finally able to Root my Phone. If you dont want to go through the Steps, you can directly root your Phone from PC. Here are Step by Step method of Rooting a Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Phone. Ok, before planning for Rooting you need to do some Basic Stuffs-

  • First of all you have to Keep the Battery level more than 80% as the process need some time to complete.
  • Secondly you need to Enable USB Debugging. You can do that from Menu>Setting>Developer Options> USB Debugging. Here you have to Enable the USB Debugging option which is used to copy data between computer and the Device. You can also install Applications directly.
  • As no one knows abt Success so you need to Backup all your Important Files before performing any stuff.
  • Lastly you need to Install Download and Install Kies Software . Kies is the Samsung PC Suite.

Before proceeding more you need to know about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting a Phone. Go through it so that you can not blame anyone if something goes wrong.

How to root Samsung Galaxy S duos

  1. Download and extract the Galaxy_S_Duos_ROOTKIT on your Computer.
  2. Now, switch off your Phone and Start your Phone in Downloading Mode ( holding  Volume Down + Home button and then Power button) until you see the Construction logo.
  3. Extract the Odin file and open Odin.exe and connect your Mobile through USB cable (Try to use original Samsung USB Cable).
  4. If your Phone is connected successfully you will find a  ID:COM box turns Yellow.odin
  5. Make sure in the Option box F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot Checkbox are checked.
  6. Click on PDA Button and select “recovery.tar” (from extracted folder).
  7. Now, click on the Start Button and after a Minute you will see the Yellow button will turn Green.(Sometimes this Process doesnt work, here you have to Stop or Close Kies Software and repeat the Process. Sometimes Kies doesnt work) odin pass
  8. Here is an Important Step. When the Odin will pass, the device will start Rebooting automatically. When the phone Bootsup (vibrates), immediately Remove the battery and start after 1-2mins.

Thats it. Now your Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562  have been Rooted Successfully. You will find the Superuser app installed on your Mobile. You can verify you Rooting validation from  Root Checker application . Screenshot_2013-11-12-11-26-28


Now your Device have been rooted and you need to Install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562

Fastest way to Root and Android Phone Securely

Rooting an Android phone allows a user to get Admin Access and editing and optimizing the Phone for Best use. You have to Root properly in order to preventing Brick (damaging) of the Phone. But every different phone have different Method of Rooting and if one step is missed then the whole process will be gone and there is a lots of change of Damaging the Phone. Its very difficult to find the Process or Steps of Rooting for a particular phone model.

There are Softwares or Apps for PC which can be used to Root and Android phone safely and securely. You have to simply connect and Phone using USB Cable and can easily root the Phone using few Clicks only. Here we are going to discuss about some such great Software which help Rooting any Android Phone safely and securely.


Unlockroot is a software which is used to Root any Android device safely with simple clicks. 

The main Advantages of UnlockRoot are-

  •  Overclocking
  • Underclocking which can help save battery
  • Mods to improve battery life
  • Access to apps that might require superuser permission
  • Removal of bloatware such as apps pre-installed by manufacturers or carriers
  • Deeper customization
  • Flashing ROMs such as CyanogenMod, MIUI
  • Gaining access to features that your carrier might otherwise have charged you a fee for i.e. WiFi/USB tethering.


Kingoapp is similar to UnlockRoot software. Kingoapp is a One-Click Rooting Software which allows user to Root their phone easily and securely

The Advantage of KingoApp are-

  • Faster performance
  • Preserve battery life
  • Access root-only apps
  • Remove carrier bloatware
  • Customizable appearance
  • Attain admin level permission

You can use any of the Two Apps in order Root your Phone easily. But you can also check the link from JoyofAndroid for more information about rooting softwares.

What do you mean by ROOTING an Android phone?

What do you mean by Rooting? What are the Advantages of Rooting? Why do people root their Phone? These are some of the Common Questions which comes in Mind if you are a  Newbie to the Android World. You must have noticed that Most of the Geek who Explore Android must be talking about Rooting a Android Phone.

What do you Mean by Rooting?

First lemme start with an Example. You are a Computer user and you can Install Softwares, add themes and if you are bit expert in the field, you try to Explore Files in C Drive and use different Tools to Customize and Optimize it. If you created an Guest Account in that Computer and will allow your Friend to access that account then he can Simply play Videos, Games, Music etc but cant access the Admin Panel or change any Stuff on the Computer. So overall their are two Types of Use Accounts on Computer, a Guest User and a Admin.

Similarly if you Own a Android Phone then you are a Guest User bydefault. You can simply add some Third Party Software and play songs, videos, use some other Stuffs and change the Basic setting of the Mobile/Tablet. You cant access the Root Files of the Phone. In order to get the Admin Access you have to Root the Phone. After Rooting the Phone you can get Access to All the Root Files, you can use different ROMs, customize the Phone, Increase Battery life, Optimize and do Tons of Stuffs out their. Got it.

So, Rooting means allow the User to access the Core or Root Files of the OS and tweak it, Optimize it, Customize it and can do whatever he wants. By default a user cant access these files because they may Lead to permanent Damage to the Phone/Tablet. If you are a Geek then you will definitely love these Stuffs and will always try to Explore more about it.

Now we know about the Advantages of Rooting a Phone. Now there are some Disadvantages of Rooting a Phone. Rooting a Phone Immediately void’s the Phone Warranty. It means after Rooting the Phone the Service center will not Repair the Phone and you have to Pay for it. Another disadvantage is that there is a lots of Chance of Bricking the Phone. It means there are lots of change of Damaging the Phone while Rooting it. Some other Disadvantages are it will give Poor Performance if Optimized Wrong and there is a chance of Entering Viruses into the Mobile.

rooting disadvantage


Now its Upto you. If you want to Explore more about Android then you can ROOT it or if you want to Enjoy with as-it-is then its also good.