4 Important Google Analytics Tips for Your Website

There is no denying the fact that quality traffic is undoubtedly the most important part of your online business. Most of the businesses keep wishing that they have more traffic coming to the websites. However, just because you are wishing for more traffic does not mean that you are going to end up with more traffic. You need to make sure that you are working to receive the results that you are interested in getting. Google Analytics is responsible for providing data that can help in boosting Search Engine Optimization. However, understand that you are not going to get results overnight and you have to work hard for them.

Given below is a list of tips that you should follow and consider implementing so that you can boost SEO within no time.

Get the top reports mailed to you

Email reporting is undoubtedly one of the best ways of spending less time on digging important data. If you know how to get the Google Analytics reports mailed directly to you, it can help in saving a lot of time. Apart from that, you are also going to be ahead of the competitors, who are responsible for spending a lot of time digging through analytics for receiving insights. Given below is a list of the steps that will help you to arrange the email reports by Google Analytics.

  • Log in to the account and visit the admin section.
  • Select “All Website Data”
  • Here you are going to locate the “Custom Alerts” tab. Set the custom alerts up so that you can receive updates as well as receive notifications whenever something happens.

When you are using Alert Conditions, it will be easy to customize certain scenarios for which you are interested in receiving alerts. For instance, if the website is experiencing a decline or spike in traffic, you are going to receive alerts. When you create several alerts, you will not have to check reports. This will help in saving time and you will be able to accomplish more tasks. Ensure that you are receiving creative alerts for essential information that you have to monitor daily, like page views, bounce rate, unique visits, demographics, and more.

Optimize as well as improve paths through the website

There is no denying the fact that the homepage is undoubtedly the most important part of your business website because it is responsible for connecting to all the internal pages. This is why you have to consider the entire layout along with the experience that it is going to provide to your users. When you map the layout clearly, it will be easy to determine how your website is going to look as well as function.

However, according to Google Analytics, when you are trying to understand which pages are most popular, you are going to notice that there will be pages other than the home page receiving traffic. This is going to be true irrespective of the size of the website. If there is a blog attached to the website and you are updating it frequently, you will know that 30% of the traffic is coming from the homepage and the rest are coming from the blog pages that have targeted long-tail keywords.

This means that the navigation path that you want your users to follow is going to be completely different from what they are following. Therefore, you must consider optimizing and improving paths throughout your entire website. You can hire the professionals of ChicagoSEO agencies to know more.

Leverage the low-hanging fruit pages for boosting search performance

If you are setting up your emails perfectly, you will get all the important queries within the inbox. However, you have to consider doing it manually if you are interested in getting the low-hanging fruit queries. Given below is a list of tips that you can follow for boosting the search performances of these pages.

  • Google is responsible for taking speed seriously and not a single user is going to wait for your website until it loads. According to forbes.com, even a second delay can lower the page views by 11% and it can also lead to a 7% loss when website conversions are being considered.
  • If you find out that the low-performing pages have less than two thousand words, you must add words that will provide value. This will help in increasing the search ranking as well as traffic.
  • Make sure that you are making your pages mobile responsive. All your visitors are not using desktops. Google Analytics will help you to understand the traffic that you are receiving from mobile channels. Therefore, you cannot miss considering making the page mobile-friendly because it can help in increasing the ranking as well as traffic. Google has taken this decision because all the mobile users expect websites along with the pages to be optimized for mobile devices. 48% of the customers have stated that they are not going to return to any website that does not load within a short time on mobile devices.
  • You need to consider including visuals, data, interactive elements, and videos. In short, you need to include data that will help people to trust both you as well as your content.
  • Make sure that you are formatting content properly because if you are not doing so, the content is not going to make any difference to customers. Ensure that the headline is irresistible. Try to write punchy and short sentences. Make sure that the content is actionable.

Mend leaky gaps in the top search pages

Even when you discover pages that are attracting unique views, you might sometimes see that you are not getting enough conversion. This means that there is a leaky gap, which is not allowing you to get conversions. It is your responsibility to mend these gaps so that you can start seeing conversions along with the traffic rate.


Search Engine Optimization is crucial for your website irrespective of the size of your business and without Google Analytics, it will be impossible for you to boost the rankings. Make sure that you are following the tips that have been listed above so that you can do the best for your website.


Plagiarism Checker for Content Blogs You Should Be Reading

Writing a blog is termed as blogging. Basically, it is the short form of the term” Weblog”. The bloggers nowadays, are earning a lot of money by writing blogs. Only those blogs get the attention of the people which are interesting, attractive and up to date. The bloggers use online plagiarism checker tools to avoid plagiarism in their blogs.

If you are short of budget, then you can also access the best free plagiarism checker tools online.  The advanced plagiarism checker tools come with additional benefits like the grammar check, spelling check, which ultimately improves the readability of the content for the users. The website plagiarism checker tools are the SEO tools.

Search Engine Optimization:

Every website owner when designs a website, concerns to reach search engine optimization. Any website that has achieved the search engine optimization gets the high ranking in the google list. The Google ranking matters the most as the highest top-ranked, and top-scoring websites get the chance to appear on the first page of google.

The Concept of Plagiarism:

The plagiarism is the unethical way of taking someone’s content. Anything like write up, quote or image that is used without the permission of the owner is plagiarism. This plagiarism is not allowed in any way either you have done it by mistake or by intention of doing it. It can also hit the person is a severe way like you may have to go through the legal proceedings.

Online Plagiarism Checker:

The multiple of the tools is available online for detecting plagiarism. There are websites that offer multiple SEO tools, under which this anti-plagiarism tool comes. Following are the tools that can help a blogger or content writer in improving his or her write up:

  1. DupliChecker
  2. Turnitin
  3. Grammarly
  4. Search Engine Reports
  5. Article checker
  6. Plagiarism checker tool


DupliChecker is one of the top online tools for the detection of plagiarism in the document. This tool is accessible to everyone; it does not even require registration. The website of DupliChecker provides a general guide about the plagiarism and the plagiarism checker tools. Along with these, it provides tips and guides to prevent plagiarism in any write-up.

Like the other tools, DupliChecker has a limit of checking the plagiarism at one time. It can facilitate the user to find plagiarism of 1500 words article at one time.


Turnitin is an international anti-plagiarism tool that is popular among the students and teachers equally. This tool is using worldwide because of the high accuracy in the result. Turnitin is not a free tool. The universities and professors buy it. To use Turnitin, you have to make the account of it at first. The plagiarism report tells about:

  • The mistakes
  • The plagiarized content
  • The sources of plagiarized content (book, an online source, etc.)


Grammarly can be accessed free by supporting the tool with the other search engines like Google and the safari. Otherwise, you have to pay the charges for it. Grammarly has multiple roles in improving content’s readability and quality:

  • It detects the plagiarism
  • It detects the spelling mistakes
  • It detects the typos errors
  • It detects the punctuation mistakes
  • It detects the repetitive words


Search Engine Reports:

SearchEngineReports.NET is a free and an online plagiarism checker tool. When an article is uploaded on it, it reviews the whole content to find any similarity in the content with the other related works.

The amazing part of this tool is that it can also detect the similarity of the content with the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. This makes it trendy and more useful to use than the other tools.

Article Checker:

The registration is not required in the beginning to make use of this for plagiarism check. This is another good option of detecting plagiarism in content writing or blogs. Get the results in a few minutes.


Plagiarism Checker Tool:

This tool has the most demand in academics. The teacher, students, and authors mostly use this tool to get the approval of their article before submitting it for publishing. The minor plagiarism in the article can make your article rejected in one minute. So you have to be very sure about its clearance.

Along with plagiarism, it also offers features for the persons who have subscribed to it. You can get its subscription, and then enjoy all the features conveniently.

What are the emerging SEO trends that you must follow?

Here you are going to meet with all the essential information that helps you to become successful at SEO these days. You firstly know that SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and it is a dynamic field. The same concept or you can SEO sometimes frustrating when you work it with all the old tactics and strategies. Therefore, it is necessary for people to remain in touch with updates and learn continuously about SEO.  In 2019, it becomes more than link building, fitting of keywords, creation of any old content, and many other things to improve the site’s ranking. To make proper and full use of SEO in order to make your website attractive and effective, you have to consider the following things properly.

  • Emerging trends
  • You need to understand your audience
  • Algorithmic changes
  • Technological advancements

These are the most important things which you have to present in your kind as to make an appropriate deal with SEO to get positive results. You also have to create some strategies and tactics to give a good competition in Google and in many other search engines too. It is because SEO is not only a process of getting traffic to your site and found on search engines, but it aims to create good revenue and to provide the best user experience. Therefore, understanding every single aspect regarding SEO is necessary and then makes proper use of it to get positive results from all directions.

Basic things to know about SEO

Now, it’s time to introduce with all the basic, or you can say general things that play an important role in SEO. It is because learning all these things help a person to understand the importance of SEO and also help in improving the ranking of their website. So, below are some main things described which every single person should know about SEO to get good results:

  1. Provide informative and unique content always –

It is the most important thing which every single individual kept in mind. It means that in order to get more traffic or to easily found in search engines, you have to post all your content informative and unique. You also know that only that content is the best which is in more demand by the people. Also, with informative content, you have to make your content eye-catching by which you attract more and more traffic towards it.

  1. Add appropriate keywords –

One should know that the best way to easily found in search engines is by adding keywords in the content. You don’t only have to add keywords in the content which you provide to your site, but you also have to make the proper fitting of those keywords to make proper sense in the content. Also, you have to add keywords according to the length of content. The rule is one has to add 3-4% keyword according to the content. In order to know more about the same aspect, one can make use of Dental SEO.

  1. Add useful link relevant to the content –

Well, in order to get more traffic and enhance the ranking of your website, you have to make everything better that relates to the content you are providing. It means that you have added or provide a link to the content you are going to post in your site. It is because a good and relevant link related to the content helps the users to get more information about the same topic. If they once find your site useful, then they visit it more and more times after then. So, as a result, you get more traffic to your site than before, and its rankings improve too.

  1. Use images and videos to make your content impressive –

It is the most important thing to present in mind when dealing with SEO. You have to know that in order to make the content look good and attractive, you have to add some images and videos as well that are related to your content. It allows users to get information not only by reading but practically also. Therefore, adding videos and images is very important to get more audience and make them permanent users of your site.

  1. Add URL in an appropriate manner –

Adding URL in the proper format in the content is essential for the users. They have to add any URL properly by considering that it would be easily readable by the visitors and then by search engines. You have to know properly how to add a URL in an appropriate manner and where to use it to make perfect sense in the content you are providing to your site.

  1. Write meta descriptions properly –

One has to know that in order to get more traffic to your website, you have to write the meta descriptions unique and eye-catching among all. It is because if your meta description is amazing and impressive, then users automatically open it first then all others. Also, if they find the entire things useful in your page, then they become the permanent users of your site and as a. The result is your site’s ranking will improve quickly.  Therefore, all these are the significant things that every single individual need to present in their mind to make their business website effective and good.

Some more facts about SEO

Not only is this, but there are also many more things present that relates to SEO. Such as one has to make their website looks good and attractive, they have to make a proper and good combination of colors and also remove all those things that slow down your site. These are some basic things they want to do to make their website good and also to get more traffic towards it. As mentioned above that they can make use of the SEO reviews to know all the strategies and tactics, so they have to deal with it as to meet all the requirements.

6 Practices You Should Follow Today To Make Your Website Legal-proof

Make Your Website Legal-proof

Building an effective website is important. But what is even more important is that it needs to be legal. Every now and then we hear cases of plagiarism, defamation and other stories doing rounds of websites and their owners. If you want to stay away from them, you need to build a legal and lawful website. So here’s a list of 6 best practices that will help you do so:

Make Your Website Legal-proof

Protection of your Domain

The first thing you need to start your website is your own domain. Domain means the URL; .com, .in, .net, etc. required to access your website. Simply, you should try and have a short and easy URL for the best interest of your business. You should always go for the business name if it is available. Since domain names are unique, they need to be registered. So, if you have found your domain name, register it as soon as possible.

The trend nowadays is to register misspellings, so that it is easy to locate your business. But it is illegal and cybersquatting will have vulnerable consequences. Also, it’s wise to register your domain in various social media platforms, even if you are not using them right now, they will come in handy in the business’s future. Lastly, get federal trademark protection done. Although not required, it would help you if sometime down the road, a dispute arises.

Sign a contract with a web developer/ designer

Your website must be professional in nature and should reflect the effort behind it, of course in tandem with the visual aspects. This is only possible if you hire a web developer or designer. And not just hire, for further transparency sign a contract with them. A contract protects your business, establishes the timeline, expectations, and a clear cost structure. Absence of a contract can result in damaged relationships, lost trust, and other misconducts.

Keep a record of everything

Your website must be dealing with hundreds of transactions at once, which makes it highly vulnerable to miss out some really important details that might put you in trouble in the near future. The best way out is to keep a strict record of each and every detail – right from daily operations to yearly payments – everything must be either in your digital memory or in your physical records. Believe me, the records are a proven rescue in the toughest of times.

Now, you must be wondering we already have a Wayback machine to check historical data, right? But the truth is, nobody knows how frequently this data is indexed in the tool. So chances are if you are not lucky enough, you won’t find any historical data of your website and you will have nothing but regrets in your hand. Instead, you must create a personal archive of everything that is there on any of your web properties. You can find out top alternatives of Wayback Machine who can actually capture all of the data as per your requirements and thus save your future.

Draft a Privacy Policy

There are more chances than not that your website will require personal details about your client, like name, email address, contact number and likewise. And if it does, a privacy policy which clearly mentions all the details is a mandate. It must be a summary of all the desired information you are asking for, with whom will you share it in the future, and how will you use it. This would not only establish trust, boost credibility but also prove to be a strong mention in times of legal emergencies.

Mention your terms and conditions

This might sound to you as an extension of the above point, and in some ways it is. The specifics of these terms and conditions only depend on the specifics of your website. For example, a site which deals with the sales of goods should state about the return policy, exchange conditions, timeline, and other details. Since they highly depend on the nature of your business or site, you might consider consulting an attorney, for a piece of expert advice. Here you can get more details on why T&C are important.

Be cautious before using Intellectual Property

If your website uses logos, images, photos, etc. you need to be extremely cautious. Long story short, you might be one step away from plagiarism charges, or copyright infringement. Take prior steps like copyright license agreement, etc. if you want to stay away from such charges and unnecessary trouble.

Having your own website, technically, has no drawback. The internet is the new hub for businesses, and we all tend to have our own website and why not? – after all, the whole world is working online nowadays. But just like the physical business, an online business or a website has to follow some laws and regulations to not fall into the trap of legal suits.


Embracing Winning SEO Strategies ForBusiness Success!

SEO is one of the most important and vital tools you should embrace when you are in the online market.  Search engines like Google have many websites in the same niche, and this is where you should be careful when it comes to creating online marketing and promotion campaigns for your products and services. Email marketing is one such SEO technique that is helping businesses reach out to targeted customers.

These email marketing campaigns must be powerful and compelling enough to create positive impressions on your targeted audience. In fact, you should ensure that your targeted audience finds you. This can only be done with the aid of effective SEO campaigns that not only propel you to the top of search engine rankings but also attract the targeted audience you need for lead conversions and better sales.

Staying alive in the online market with Email Marketing

When you are the owner of an online business, it is imperative for you to keep track of the latest developments that are taking place in the market. Besides your email marketing and promotional campaigns, you also have other important activities of the business to cater to, and it is here that you should take help of professionals who are well versed in SEO. They will guide you on the market scenario so that you actually can attract targeted customers to your product and service.

Most business owners are not aware of the right SEO strategies for email marketing, and this is the prime reason why they cannot attract the audience that is looking for them. They are not adept at the latest SEO tools and techniques. This makes them lag behind in the market, and if they are not careful, they sink into oblivion very soon. It is important for all business owners of small to large scale businesses to understand the necessity of SEO for the growth and development of their business. In fact, SEO needs a strategy that has to be planned and executed well so that you get sufficient results and better sales.

Social media strategies to boost page ranks

When it comes to social media, you will find that they can play a vital and productive role in increasing the SEO ranks of your website. Social media platforms are affordable means to promote and advertise your business products and services to the targeted audience. You can also interact with your targeted audience when you are on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. These platforms have active users that daily visit and view feeds. You can reach out to a large base of social media users with business pages that help you market your goods and services to people across the world. Google Plus and LinkedIn are also widely used by individuals when it comes to looking for products and services for their corporate or individual needs.

With the perfect and right social media marketing strategy, you actually can reach out to the desired targeted audience in an inexpensive way. You no longer have to waste money on traditional advertising that is limited and costly on your pocket. The SEO team that you hire will devise strategies that meet the needs of your business without hassles at all. They alleviate the stress and pressure from your shoulders and give you the chance to focus on the other core functions and activities of your business with success. These search engine optimization Houston strategies are made in such a way that they meet the short and long- term goals of your business with success!

Understanding the importance of winning email marketing strategies

Most online business owners fail to understand what a winning SEO email marketing strategy is? This is why even if they attempt to create a marketing and SEO campaign they lack the skills, competence and the ability to formulate a plan that will give them guaranteed results. The strategy of two companies is not the same. However, most amateur business owners emulate an SEO strategy of their peers, and they do not get the desired results.

A winning SEO strategy will bring in guaranteed results as it is devised after a lot of research and market analysis. There are many factors you need to consider when you are creating an SEO strategy for your company. This is why hiring SEO professionals and agencies with years of valuable experience and track records will help you get the competitive edge to the market with success.

How can SEO companies assist you in?

SEO agencies have trained, certified and skilled manpower who are working with search engine and internet marketing campaigns daily. They are aware of the latest trends and have the up-to-date market knowledge of both onsite and offsite SEO techniques. They are always abreast with the changes taking place in the SEO market, and this is why banking on them for your needs is a smart choice.

Most small businesses are skeptical when it comes to hiring SEO agencies primarily because they believe and feel that their services are expensive and out of their budget. However, this is not the case. There are several SEO agencies in the market, and they provide you with a wide range of packages to choose from.

You can select the SEO package you need for your business. They are flexible and pocket-friendly to cater to your present and future needs. The SEO company will ensure you receive detailed reports when it comes to the performance of your campaigns and this provides you with a clear picture of the progress of your business.

Choosing the right agency for your needs

Affordable packages are available, and with the right SEO services, you can remain ahead in the market competition with success. You just need to take the time to hire the right professionals for your business so that you can focus on other functions of the company with the knowledge that your business is in safe hands.

SEO agencies are your friends in need when it comes to the growth and development of your business. Bank on them to get the best for your company and watch your business gradually soar to the top of search engine ranks with more traffic and revenue!

Author Bio:Karen Harrods is a search engine optimizationconsultant in the USA for small to large scale companies.

4 Complete Tools and Hacks to Increase Your SEO Productivity

Effective SEO is about being efficient in all your SEO work. You may not have time to handle all tasks if you approach them manually, particularly repetitive tasks. As such, it’s important to invest in tools, scripts and automation tools that can take care of the simple and repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on qualitative work that needs your direct attention. This article highlights some important tools that you can use to increase your SEO productivity.

  1. Google Analytics data extraction and reporting

One of the repetitive tasks you’ll have to do is generate monthly reports on Google Analytics, and this can take up an entire day (which is a lot out of every month!). Manually pulling GA data needs you to confirm entering the right date ranges, apply the correct segments, analyze the right metrics and confirm that you’re using the right profile through all these.

If you could automate this process, you stand to not only save time, but also eliminate human error and ensure consistency during reporting. You can do this by scheduling reports within Google Analytics, but one the best tools for thisis Google Analytics Add-on for Sheets. Once you include the add-on in your Google Sheets, you’ll be able to get data straight from GA API without even logging into your analytics interface.

Start by configuring the date ranges, metrics, profile and segments to be pulled by the API. Next, just run the report and the data will automatically be loaded onto the spreadsheet. The best part about all this is that once the reporting framework is configured, you can drastically reduce the length of time taken to pull GA data/reports every month.

For most reports, you’ll just change the date range at the start of the month and the GA API will apply your segments and collect necessary metrics. It is also possible to create charts within the spreadsheet which reference cells into which the data will be pulled. Every month, you’ll make very small adjustments on the charts to get what you need.

  1. Internal link-building opportunities

Internal links are very important ranking factors, even though they don’t receive as much airplay. With internal linking, you can optimize your landing pages for the particular keywords that you’re targeting, but you also have a chance to strategically spread out link equity so that your important landing pages can be elevated.

As such, it is always recommended that people should improve their internal linking profile, something that has been proven to work even in the most competitive keyword fields. Large and enterprise-level websites can find it hard to take advantage of any promising internal linking opportunity.

This is where Screaming Frog comes in. The tool is equipped with a search feature that takes out all the hassle from finding an internal linking opportunity. Before running its crawler on your site, navigate to Configuration>>Custom>>Search and include the keywords you’re looking to optimize for.

From here, Screaming Frog crawls the entire site and will return all URLs using that text within its custom report section. You can search for up to 10 separate keywords simultaneously and include various variations of the keyword being optimized for.

You can choose to pair the search with the Include/Exclude feature in Screaming Frog so that you can look for opportunities in particular places in your site. For better productivity, install the OpenList extension, which will open all relevant URLs in different tabs after search.

  1. Keyword research scaling

Google is now much more advanced in its ability to understand a webpage’s content because of the improved entity recognition capability. It is better able to process language and group related terms to glean out the context.

This means that it’s very important that you understand all your core keywords and all terms semantically related to it. More and more search professionals are turning to keyword techniques which include concepts like TF-IDF.

Because Google has increased its language processing capacity, your pages can rank for even bigger keyword sets than the ones you’re directly optimizing for. This is excellent news in terms of SEO, but it can be daunting when you’re just starting out with your keyword research: How can you know all keyword combinations that should be optimized for? And which ones should actually be used on the page?

This is where the Merge Words tool comes in handy. This is a simple tool which allows you to include words in three different columns, after which, according to its name, it will create all possible combinations of the terms you have entered. Rather than spending valuable time manually plugging keywords into your research tool, such as Google Keyword Planner, you can enter all the identifiers in your Merge Words and then lift the results back into the research tool.

  1. Scaling global SEO improvements

Increasing your SEO productivity doesn’t only refer to particular tactics relating to easier data collection. Productive SEOs should also be able to apply the same thinking to their entire campaigns in order to scale their successes.

While it is helpful to have page-level changes implemented, it is still tedious to optimize your websites on a page-by-page basis, and in the end, it can cause diminished returns on effort. Nowhere is this truer than when dealing with larger, enterprise-scale websites. Picking changes in individual pages would actually do very little in improving organic visibility of the website as a whole.

Instead, what Rochester search engine optimization’s need to look at is ways in which they can make global/sitewide changes that will improve SEO on the site as a whole. Such improvements will be the best use for your valuable time as an SEO since making a single change in one place leads to improvements in thousands of pages within the site.

Now, how will you find out which changes can be implemented globally? The one thing often done is to change up the meta description and title tag template logic in order to include valuable modifiers, words and phrases commonly searched for with your target keywords.

Another global improvement might be to weed out errors tucked within your website template. Screaming Frog is your best friend in this endeavor. You can begin by crawling the website and then sort out all reports offered by Screaming Frog according to “Inlinks”. This will show the number of links that have errors in the entire site.

You will probably find internal 404 errors and 301 redirects which have thousands of inlinks leading to them. This is a useful clue that you have a sitewide error, and simply fixing the template can fix the problem in most or all of the affected URLs.



Increasing output in your SEO means making efficiency, productivity and scalability core tenets which your work should stand on. You should always be looking for better and faster ways to increase your output without sacrificing the quality of your results. This will leave you free to do much more for your clients and actually make significant improvements to their organic visibility within much shorter timelines and without burning yourself out.


Author bio:

Mark B. founded and runs one of the best SEO Company and has over ten years’ experience in SEO and digital marketing as a whole. He has shared SEO insights on countless platforms online and offline and continues to do so whenever he has a free moment.

Ways of Becoming Innovative With SEO That Places You Ahead of Other Marketers

To become successful in SEO, you have to do much more than just the basics. Smart marketers know this very well, and they have to do much more than just putting keywords in title tags, creating robust backlink profiles and site map that facilitates crawling by search engines. They need to focus on bringing a cutting edge in optimization that will help them to dominate the search results page.  In this article, we will highlight what other things SEO Agency Maison Tulip is doing that keeps them ahead in the race.

Focus on local search

Google’s evolving search algorithm attaches a lot of importance to local searches because 74% searchers rely on local searches and 82% of this follow-up the searches that lead to conversion in some way.  The biggest advantage of focusing on the local market is that 61% of local searches end up in the purchase. Embracing local search gives impetus to SEO that breeds success. Pay more emphasis to local business by maintaining consistency of NAP (name, address and phone number), optimizing your site with the name of the neighborhood and listing in local directories.

Make extensive use of schema markup

If you follow the trend of search engines, it should not be difficult to make out that to increase the visibility of your website for grabbing attention in a way that increases click-through rate; you have to make widespread use of schema markup.   Google has made it very clear how much it favors Schema, which is highly effective in providing a better user experience that remains the ultimate goal of search engines. If you want to be in the good books of search engines, start using Schema that has a lot of potential hidden in the Knowledge Graph that accompanies it.

Follow algorithm updates and stay updated with trends

Unless you can get a hint about the future, you can never think about beating the competition. For knowing the future, you must have proper knowledge about what is currently trending in SEO that provides direction for making the next move. Keep a close watch on search engine behavior and the algorithm updates that keep on rolling out consistently so that you can position your marketing campaign by keeping away from the pitfalls that come along with the updates. By maintaining a tab on the way technology is progressing, you should be able to chart your path to the future while staying tuned with the trend.

Team up with developers and content marketers

SEO does not exist in isolation but must stay closely connected to other online marketing and web development activities. Stay well connected with web developers and content marketers to drive your SEO campaign together because all activities must have a concerted effort.  Involve others to contribute to the best SEO practices so that what others are doing gives a push to SEO. Give tips to content marketers about proper use of keywords and consult developers for suitable changes in site design for the betterment of SEO.

The role of SEO experts is that of strategists and innovators who can call the shots about the changes that are going to happen.

Author bio: Martin Sewell has spent more than a decade in online marketing and even worked briefly for SEO Agency Maison Tulip as a consultant.  He is a thinker and loves to spend some time to think about out of the box SEO strategies. He regularly writes about his ideas on making SEO more innovative.

Professional SEO: Qualities of a Great SEO Company

Knowledge and expertise are key qualities you need to look for in an SEO expert. Even so, there are certain intangible qualities that you will need to consider if you are looking for that one rock star SEO. The worry most people have is that of hiring the wrong person for the job. This has happened to many people. The good news, however, is that there are a few more traits you should consider to ensure that the person you are about to bring on board is the right one for the job.


Achieving success in search engine optimization is usually a collaborative effort. There is no one SEO that will deliver the results you need without working with other experts and using a combination of strategies. SEO involves a combination of expertise which includes technical SEO, content marketing, onsite and offsite factors, strategic analysis of the audience, online reputation management and social media among other things. There is no one strategy that guarantees solid results. An effective SEO is always willing and ready to collaborate with other experts in order to find the best ways to leverage their strengths in an effort to achieve the desired results.

Simply put, the right person for the job is the one that approaches teamwork with a positive attitude. You need to work with candidates who offer real examples of their collaborative spirit which should describe projects they worked on in collaboration with other experts. Avoid candidates who are constantly badmouthing their teammates or blaming their failure on other people.


In the search for the best SEO service provider, you have to always focus on the one who is always hungry for more. The ideal company is the one that is willing to better themselves on every project they handle. They need to be hungry for exploration as well as continued knowledge. Take a look at how often the service provider attends seminars and takes advanced courses in online marketing.

To test for this value, you should ask your candidate to describe something that they taught themselves recently. The ideal candidate will have a list of things he learned recently. They should also give you information on how they learnt the new skills. Avoid candidates who are unwilling to answer your questions about their advanced training and those with no innate curiosity. Working with an ambitious service provider will guarantee that you are always ahead of the herd in search engine optimization.


Google keeps on changing its algorithm. This is why there is no one strategy that will guarantee you continued results without you ever improving on it. Most of the strategies that were indispensable a few years ago cannot even be used today. For example, in the past, you could get away with keyword stuffing. Today, this strategy will cause your website to be banned. It is because of these rapid changes in SEO that you need to work with a service provider that keeps up with the times.

The goal of the ideal San Diego SEO Expert 2018 has to be constant improvement and innovation. This is the only way your SEO will help you remain ahead. To test for agility, you can ask the candidate to describe a challenging situation that he has faced. The best candidate will describe how he approached that specific challenge, how he adjusted his strategy and what he learned at the end of it. Steer clear of candidates who consider change as unwanted or negative.


When searching for the ideal service provider for your SEO needs, you must always focus on hiring someone that you can trust to grow with you and help you achieve the goals you have set. This means you have to start by looking at the history of the company. For how many years have they been in the business? Second, you have to listen to what their most recent clients have to say about them. Were they happy with the services rendered or not?

The right SEO agency to hire is the one that demonstrates commitment the company and a good track record of growth. Too many negative reviews from current and recent clients also indicate unreliability. If the candidate you are considering demonstrates a lack of commitment to the industry, then this is a company that will only frustrate you.


Do not work with a company that only shows you the good side and hides the bad side. There are so many companies that do this. The problem is that you will only learn about the bad side when it is already too late. Complete transparency is important when hiring a service provider. In the same vein, you want a company that follows the search engine optimization guidelines. The wrong company will help you achieve the results you need within a short period of time but will in the long run cause your website to be banned. This is more so if they use black hat strategies.

The company you choose to work with should be one that is willing to talk about its failure with humility. You should also contact their references to see how the company handled tricky situations. The companies you should avoid are those who lie to you just to cover failure. Transparency is everything when hiring an SEO expert. The last thing you want is to work with someone who goes behind your back.

These are the most important points you have to consider in your search for the best SEO service provider. Never compromise on anything. Hire someone who is dedicated and passionate in what he does. You also need someone who works fulltime as an SEO. Whenever possible, you should only commit to an SEO agency that is influencing the culture. All things considered, you have to follow your intuition at the end of the day. There is only so much information that you can get when researching a service provider. The final decision will depend solely on you. Don’t allow yourself to be forced into a contract. Hire a candidate you have confidence in.

Author Bio

NeliJasnaniis an SEO expert and a senior partner in Samaven, a leading SEO Company. He enjoys sharing his experience in SEO and offering tips to help clients make good choices. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

Optimizing Your Website Design for Rich Content and User Engagement for Top SEO Results

Google frequently updates its search algorithms. As a result, the search engine optimization (SEO) industry is highly volatile. That means that your highly effective SEO strategy may not be as effective next month. The specialists handling your website’s SEO should always be on their toes in order to stay abreast of the constantly evolving algorithms.

Now that we’re well into the second half of 2017, it is increasingly essential that your SEO specialists keep an eye out for trends that may have an impact on your ranking for the rest of the year. Below are two important ones.

Rich answers and other featured content

Targeting top rankings on Google search is without doubt still an important SEO target. All the same, your specialists need to optimize your website design for rich answers. Rich answers are the unique results that are featured atop organic results on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

The portion of search queries that trigger rich answers continue to increase even though at the moment, a majority of rich answers are triggered by searches for song lyrics. Google has made it clear that it plans increase the value of the results it offers its users, which means that rich answers are aimed at generating the most relevant information based on users’ queries.

To optimize your website design for rich answers, your target keywords need to be properly optimized as well. Simply put, having your page featured on page one of SERPs greatly improves its chances of being featured in the rich answers box.

Besides rich answers, Google SERPs also has another type of featured content referred to as related questions. Together with a top SEO team, such as High Tech Sky, think about how your content can address these other questions. Images and videos are also featured content that appears prominently on the result pages so strategically incorporating them in your website design could greatly improve your rankings.

User engagement

SEO experts agree that user engagement has a significant effect on your search rankings. They are however not agreed on how significant it is. As an online business owner, you’d rather err on the side of excess.

User engagement refers to how users interact with your content. It therefore takes into account the average time visitors spend on your site, the number click links on your site, bounce rates, etc. To achieve your target conversion rates, your SEO specialists need to tweak your website design in a way that all the page elements work together to persuade visitors to respond to your CTAs.

However, user engagement is not always easy to measure because search engines typically don’t have the analytics to support it. Be that as it may, it is imperative that your SEO team optimizes your site to maximize engagement in order for you to get the most of the time and effort you invest into it.

In modern SEO, user engagement is as important as any other element of website design, if not more. The benefits of providing your visitors with a great experience on your website are invaluable.

How to overcome SEO disruptions to maintain good ranks

The ways of SEO are undoubtedly mysterious almost for everybody in the trade.  Even the most seasoned professional in the field is often left confused, as it was difficult to figure out the reasons for changes in search rankings.  Countless reasons contribute to search rankings, and it is almost impossible to find the exact cause. The problem is further compounded because the factors that are responsible for search rankings keep changing frequently often without any warning or notification. One beautiful morning you might be entirely surprised to see that the ranking has slipped below a few rungs and you are left extremely frustrated. This can happen despite following the best strategy to rank high in search results.

The feeling of disgust is quite natural because you must be practicing the best methods of the industry to keep your SEO campaign ahead of others yet face the disappointment. Almost every other person implementing SEO, experiences what has happened to you, so take heart from the fact that you are not alone.  Instead of being disheartened, be ready to counter the unexpected disruption in progress by taking it in your stride and staying prepared to overcome it.  As you go through this article, you will come to know about the ways of fighting the setback to regain the lost rank. In the process, you will come to know about the factors that must be checked to stage a quick recovery and what had appeared to be mysterious will now be looked upon as something not really so strange.

Pages not appearing in search results

This is a problem mostly encountered when you are setting out on a new SEO campaign. There is no certainty that your pages will show up in search results immediately.  If you know of the way search engines work, you must be aware that unless the new content is indexed by search engines, it will not show up in search results. Usually, for Google, the time for indexing new content can vary between 4 to 28 days. However, you can expedite the process to some extent by submitting an XML sitemap through the search console. In fact, doing this without waiting is what any SEO agency will advise you. However, you might still find that some pages are still not visible and if it happens, then you must scan the Google Search Console for crawl errors and make sure that you have not accidentally blocked search bots that are unable to see the pages.

Dip in traffic flow

It is natural that traffic flow might drop sometimes and you must not be worried about it as long as it is within the manageable range of 10 percent. Be alert that the drop does not increase and keep a close watch on the traffic changes that happen. If you ever find a sharp decline in traffic and the trend persists then it is a sign that something is grossly wrong and you must pull up your socks to prepare for a hard pitched battle. When traffic dwindles to almost nothing, it means that either your website is down or hit by Google penalty. If you find that none of these exists then poor links could be the cause why Google has turned away from your website and resulted in reduced traffic. Another possibility for low traffic is that a new Google update you are not aware has affected the site.  Sometimes, you might have changed the URL of a page when refreshing content, and it has affected traffic flow.

Rankings are volatile

The fluctuating nature of rankings is something that you have to accept in SEO. The rank that you earn now can change soon after because search engine rankings are too much volatile. Do not be perturbed to see your rank changing as long as the shift is not something drastic. Rankings keep jumping up and down like something you see in the stock market. Monitor the ranking at regular intervals to ascertain the trend and as long as the fluctuations are within expected levels, work on the long-term strategy of the campaign to push the ranks up once again. However, if the fluctuation is very erratic and you encounter it regularly, it means that there is something wrong in your strategy that has made the campaign inconsistent.

Consider the nature of your business for evaluating the nature of traffic flow to your website. If your industry has any seasonal impact, traffic might be low in off seasons and peak in favorable times.  Specific events can even affect traffic flow depending on the nature of business and industry.

Missing links

When building links make sure that you gain the confidence of the publisher of the website where you place your link. The site you target must find your link relevant and useful or else they might just remove it without even informing you. Even if the link remains in place but marking it as the no-follow link will render it useless. Link building is an exercise based on mutual understanding and making it one- sided can harm your interest. If you find your link removed, you can take it up with the publisher for reinstatement and in case it does not work, you must find a new website to host your link.

Site speed

The speed of your website does affect rankings. Sites that load faster tend to earn better rankings. The web design must facilitate speedy page opening, and you must pay attention to this aspect. The speed of websites can be increased by limiting the size of image files and doing away with some plugins that are seldom used. Streamline the meta-information for better speed and another way of doing it is by optimizing caching plugins. Often, the host provider is also a cause of poor speed and changing the host can solve the problem.

Have the patience to sustain the campaign because it takes time for SEO to give results. There will be ups and downs, but you must work diligently to achieve the goals that can take some months.

About the author – Nick Barnes has authored a few books on SEO and is currently heading an SEO agency. Having more than two decades of experience in internet marketing, he is a moderate voice in the industry. He is very fond of gardening.

SEO Steps Small Businesses Can Take To Survive and Thrive

Small business owners need to appreciate that it is perhaps only in the online space that they can compete effectively with big businesses by ensuring that their online marketing initiatives are up to the mark. With Google tuning its search results to give an advantage to small and local businesses, it is the most opportune time for small business owners to optimize their websites in many small but effective ways so that they can not only survive the intense competition but do well too.

Emphasize Long Tail Keywords

Because keywords are the most important aspect of getting a good SERP rank, it is natural that everyone spends a lot of time researching the most effective keywords, and finding the best ones can hugely determine the extent of the success. As a small business owner, it is likely that your SEO budget would also be slim so it would be a good policy to focus on long tail keywords because that may get you quicker results even though they may have a lesser volume of search. Long tail keywords are nothing but an expansion of the keywords that typically are considered for page rankings. Long tail keywords also basically try to mimic the way a searcher might phrase the query on the search engine and thus has the benefit of increased conversion ratio.

Focus on Quality Content

Even though advancements in technology have enabled even owners of relatively smaller businesses to afford websites with contemporary technology and programming, these are not adequate for the business to thrive. You need to ensure that the content hosted on the website as well as the blogs are of very good quality and relevant to the target audience. It is only by posting good quality content on a regular basis that you will acquire the all-important authority that Google seeks in its top-ranked sites. The quantity of content is also significant as Google is able to index more pages and the visitor also can spend more time on the site consuming the content.

Get Backlinks

The more the number of backlinks that you can get from sites that are relevant, the more the chances of Google discovering your site and giving it a ranking boost. As a small business owner, you should contact all the local publications to include your business name and website link in the reports they carry as well as attempt to post on subjects that are relevant to your business on sites that have high authority in the niche. Experts in social media marketing Mumbai also advise small businesses to get active on the social media to take advantage of social signals that Google and other search engines are increasingly becoming sensitive to.

Local SEO

In recent times, the importance of local SEO has grown tremendously with Google paying special attention to giving local businesses of relevance a superior rank in its search results pages. This has also given small businesses a very good opportunity to compete with their larger competitors for local sales. It can be very useful for you to optimize your site’s pages with local information, such as the address of the store, hours of business, phone numbers, etc. because Google’s Pigeon update now specifically caters to this sort of information and gives the site rankings a big boost. Also, make sure that your business is present in all the local online directories and that you post as many local reviews as possible. You should also attempt to clean up duplicate business listings using Google’s MapMaker tool.


Small business owners need to appreciate that the only way they can stay ahead in the game is by being nimble and use every advantage in the book afforded to local businesses by Google and other search engines with smart SEO techniques.


Author bio: Joe Paulson is a freelance SEO expert who consults with a large number of small businesses to improve their online visibility. A prolific writer on SEO trends, Joe has also been associated with GingerDomain.com for a number of digital marketing initiatives.

Importance of SEO in Landing Page Optimization (LPO): SEO Expert

Your website’s landing page is important as it holds the key to successful visitor conversion from your site visitors. It is critical in that it is the first point of interaction for your customers once they visit the website. Thus, as an SEO Expert, it is important to optimize it to ensure that you achieve high conversion rates out of the targeted traffic.

Optimizing the landing page also ensures that you have the right content that the visitors are looking for and this also enhances the probability of return customers.  There are other benefits that your business will have from an optimized landing page including;

  1. More metrics and analytics

With optimization, you are able to incorporate analytics and monitoring parameters on your landing page to keep track of the visitor numbers, their trends and behaviors. With the development of more advanced tools, you are able to analyze these trends and this will greatly help you in keeping in tune with the market needs and forecasting their trends. This makes the decision making process much easier.

  1. Minimized advertising costs

With optimization, you are able to place targeted campaigns or advertising that will easily reach your visitors and help you to achieve higher conversion rates. These ads are usually less expensive than other media’s adverts. You are also able to track the success of such advertising, which is unlike other forms of media marketing.

  1. Increased brand popularity and visibility

By optimizing your landing page, you further enhance the visibility of your band, especially if the keywords are used by customers in their searches. The keywords help your website to be listed among the top in the SERPs and build your clients’ confidence and trust in your brand.

  1. Great online experience for your customers

By optimization, your website’s structure is enhanced, the navigation is good and the customers get a good experience from it, apart from the quality content. This builds customer loyalty and gives you an edge over your competitors’ websites.

  1. Knowing your niche and targeting it

Optimization also helps you know how your sales are and the specifics of the market you are serving. This will help in knowing the specific market niche you are serving and then from henceforth, you will be able to customize your products, campaigns, content, keywords and strategies to satisfy that market.

LPO gives you all the benefits that a typical SEO gives you, only that the optimization is mainly targeted at the landing page.