Smartphone Optimization of Websites – Common Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them

Smartphones are gaining popularity day by day for internet browsing and other activities. This has compelled all the website owners to provide mobile friendly websites to their visitors or an enhanced pleasure. The race to provide the best mobile based website has given rise to many optimization techniques. Following these techniques, there are some common minor mistakes that webmasters perform, providing fatal results for a mobile site optimized. Such common mistakes along with tips to avoid them are discussed below. 

How to Add a Google Play Store Badge in WordPress

There are Millions of Websites and Blogs running on WordPress because of its Flexibility and Security. Some make Android Blog where they provide links to Download android Apps and display pictures of the App. It doesnt look good. Now you can Install a plugin on WordPress which help to add  Google Play store badge for a certain […]

Top Free Blogging Platform for Beginners

Blogging and setting up a blog is not hard these days because content management systems have made it so that you do not need to learn any sort of programming skills. A person who has no idea what HTML is may still create a blog. This puts beginners in a very good position, as it […]

WP MashThirteen – Mashable Inspired Free WordPress Theme

There are Thousands of Free WordPress themes available on the Internet for Free. Many themes are created as Child Theme and some make clone themes. If you will search in Google about Free WordPress theme then you will get Thousands of Links of Different Sites for it. Recently I was search for a New Free […]

Enabling Comments on Blog : Pros & Cons

Some New blogging Platform such as Roon and Medium doesn’t allow commenting on their sites. We tried to explore the reason for which they are not allowing Comments. Commenting encourage Quality comments but there is always something negative for that. Pros- Enabling Comments on Blog By allowing comments on a blog we encourage visitors to […]

5 Alternative use of WordPress , other than Blogging

We use WordPress for Blogging. Most of bloggers do because its easy to use, secure, widely flexible in designing and customizing and the best part is its Opensource. But mow some are using WordPress as CMS (Content Management System) which is ofcourse not a Blog. Here I want to list some alternative use of WordPress […]

Top 3 Alternatives to Google Adsense Program

Its really very difficult for a Site to get Approved a Site for Google Adsense account. Most of the Bloggers or website owners search for Adsense alternatives. Here I have listed some of the Best Adsense Alternatives. Actually we prefer adsense because of its Quality and basically because its a Product of Google. Most of […]

Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugin you Must have [Infograph]

There are lots of Plugins available in WordPress Directory , its very difficult to Find the best plugin for your site. Here is an Infograph for you which shows Top 10 Essential Plugin for your WordPress Blog. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

AdBlocker vs Anti AdBlocker [The Ads War]

There is a War of Browsers, Mobile Phones, gadgets everything you see. But now there is a War of ADs on Websites. I think you didnt understood. Lemme explain you. Some months ago when I was using FB on my Laptop using Mobile Data my Friend Suggested me to use AdBlock Extension which usually block […]

Tips to transfer domain name to a new web host

Transferring your domain name to a new host is becoming easier and easier. It is like how it used to be difficult to switch energy suppliers and yet now you can do it online very quickly. The same thing has happened with transferring a domain name, and why not? Hosts have to answer to the […]

Drastically increase the Page Loading speed: Leverage browser caching

I always wanted to Increase the Speed of your Website because it Increases the Traffic. I also wanted to increase the Speed of my site. I used Google PageSpeed tool and GTMartix to check the speed of my site and it was 70/100 and 86% respectively.  The suggestion was “Leverage browser caching by add Expires headers” […]

Clean Old Plugin Database to Speed your WordPress Blog

There are lots of Plugins which can be used to Increase the Speed of the WordPress Blog. But there is a Unique Plugin which is not known by many which also helps to speed your WordPress Blog by removing old plugins from Database. The name of the plugin is Plugins Garbage Collector.