The BluePrint for a Perfect Blog Post

Today I want to show blueprint based on My observation. Post Title: The title of your post is one of the most important aspects as it impacts both SEO and a reader’s decision to click on the post link.  The title should include a keyword or phrase that you believe your audience would use in […]

How to Embed SWF in WordPress without any Plugin

We Used to Install Different plugins in WordPress blog in order to Embed any SWF Flash in our blog. But by using this the Site slows Down and takes longer time to load the Flash. We have a Solution for that. We can Simply use HTML code to add a SWF Flash file into Blog […]

Do You Blog for Money or Passion?

Now a days Blogging is Increasing day to day . Now there are more than 250,000 blogs and it is increasing day to day at a very fast amount. In Facebook I have about 1000 Friends and out of them about 400+ are Bloggers. Here I want to discuss that why do people blog? And […]

Add Twitter Fan Box Widget Just like Facebook Fan Box

This Twitter Fan Widget is Designed by Mark Carey @Moopz which looks Just like Facebook Fan Box with some differences. As in Facebook Fan Box it shows the 10 Random Followers but this Widget will show 10 Recent Followers.

How to speed up your blog with Free CDN Plugin

Page loading speed is the important factor of determining search results. There are several techniques like page caching and image optimizing is used to improve the loading speed of our blog. Today we are going to use a technique called CDN. CDN stands for “Content Delivery Network” with the help of it we can improve […]