Location Tagging is Your Key to More Effective Instagram Marketing

With 20Million monthly active users Instagram holds 10th Position in Facebook Developers which a Photo Sharing Application.

If you are posting any type of consumer-centric materials, you have to tap the power of location tagging.

You have to understand that people on Instagram are looking for brands they can trust. How can they trust your brand? Well, the standard answer is that you could focus on content that is relevant to your niche.

You could also use the right hashtags. You can say the right things on your profile, and all sorts of other tried and proven tactics that your competitors are already doing. A big part of this, of course, is buying social proof or buying Instagram likes or deciding to buy Instagram video views. You can also get social media signals from places like https://buzzvoice.com

As important and powerful and effective as these may be, please understand that location tagging adds to the overall credibility of your Instagram account. Don’t for a second believe that location tagging is some sort of detail that you can safely overlook or ignore. You can’t.

You have to understand that it’s a dog eat dog on Instagram. There’s a tremendous amount of competition and one false move can and does put your brand at a serious competitive disadvantage. In many cases, genres as well as niches are just simply too small so there’s very little wiggle room to move.

And if you get the impression that one account seems to be more personable and seems to be more engaging than other accounts, what do you think happens? Well, there is actually a multiplier effect and people who would otherwise be passionate about your brand would not only talk about brands that seem to be more personable or real and authentic, but it cascades throughout your niche.

Before you know it, you make it so much harder on your brand to get noticed. Why? You’re not real enough.

When you put a location tag on your posts, you add a very vital additional piece of information that screams out to your target audience members. It basically says, “I’m real. I am at a certain place, I am in a certain context, and this is where I am.”

And when people look at your location, they can make all sort of assumptions because guess what? People read into that piece of information what they want to read into. And this makes you more real. This makes you more approachable. This makes you more worthy of engagement.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Well, I really can’t afford to do that. I really don’t have the luxury of time. I don’t have the manpower…” I can go on and on. You can easily come up with a very long list of reasons why you shouldn’t be bothered to include your location tag.

Well, here’s the problem: regret comes at the end. Seriously.

If you figure out that you’re not getting a high engagement level and your audience members are not converting, it may be because you’re tone deaf to their needs. It may be because your brand comes off as rather superficial, shallow, and easy to dismiss.

Well, the worst part of all this is that you did it to yourself.

So, do yourself a big favor, a little bit of attention to detail and a little bit of effort as far as your content production and posting habits go can go a long way in becoming more prominent and more respectable and real to your followers.

Keep the tips above in mind to successfully build an organic following for your Instagram brand.

Easy steps to start your CBD business

A decade back, you might have to spend sleepless nights thinking about whether or not you should start a CBD business! In 2019, you have more reasons to start a CBD business than shy away from it. Thanks to the constant social movements and scientific researches! Both have played and are still playing an important role in paving the path for CBD’s success. The clinical trials and anecdotal accounts are providing more data and reasons for the FDA to gradually sanction the use of medical marijuana to heal and treat specific health conditions.

All these positive changes often compel many people to start a CBD business! Do you resonate with this? If yes, then you should go ahead with your plan. If you don’t know how to get started, the following steps can help.

  1. Have a business plan ready

Similar to every business, even your foray into the CBD business domain should have an action plan. And as you prepare this plan, concentrate on the expense. Finance is a significant problem when you are starting a CBD retail business. On the other hand, if you decide to sell online, things will become cost-effective. You will require a high-end distribution channel to ensure that the CBD products are reaching the correct audience.

The sales figures will differ based on your location! Also, online sales tend to be more these days. It is because most people love to compare CBD products online and then make a purchase. Also, customers can have a better variety of CBD products online.

Thankfully, CBD products are appealing to a broad section of customers for multiple reasons. Some buy it from healing benefits, while others to relax and unwind. Hence, catering to a vast customer base is not a problem. However, it is essential to segment the audience accordingly in your business plan and then sell them the products. So, people, who are looking for CBD oil only for their pets or external user knows where to get the same. Also, make social media presence a part of your business plan. Today, the majority of sales happen through Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Select a brand name

You need to get creative and think smart about the business! It should send the correct idea to the audience instead of confusing them. A proper business name suggests whether you are a CBD expert or you are just another amateur player, trying to make some money through cheap sales tactics.

Make sure that the brand name suggests the industry domain you are in. It should also sound smart and good when pronounced in public. Make sure not to use initials and get specific with the naming. One of the intelligent ways is to test your name with Google AdWords. It will help you the know more about the keyword usage and check if another market player takes the name or not.

  1. Say yes to a franchise or join hands with a distributor

If you browse online, you will come across multiple companies that sell CBD products and goods. The task is to research and study about these companies. After that, you can choose one company that caters to all the distribution requirements. It is essential to ensure that you are joining hands with a legitimate company. Today, the majority of CBD brands work hard to provide high-end services and products. But still, there are a few companies that have an expensive website and make tall promises. And when it’s time to deliver, you will find low-quality production and questionable distribution assistance. The ideal way to check the company’s authenticity is to match the lap specifications.

The other option is to be able to say yes to an existing CBD brand, through its franchise options. The risks are low here. If you join hands with an ace franchise, you know that the products and services are authentic and confident. For this, you need to check the best CBD franchise in your region.

  1. Choose the products you wish to sell.

It is essential to decide the CBD products you want to sell! Selling CBD oil is common. It is always better to add more to your product category list by adding CBD cakes, cookies, gummies, chocolate bars, nutrition bars, CBD infusions, and tinctures. It will make your website more appealing. Also, you can cater to a broader audience group. Make sure that your website has the relevant details about the CBD products. And this also indicates an increase in profit. Check the new CBD products from time to time and choose the ones that you think are doing good business.

  1. Get the desired license

Even though the controversies surrounding CBD is decreasing, it is essential to say yes to a permit. A business license is necessary because it ensures your customer, that you have the permission to carry out a CBD business. It helps you to earn customer trust and good-will. Furthermore, when you want to expand your online CBD business to other regions, the business permit and license will be of good help.

  1. Have a separate bank account

Most CBD business owners commit the mistake of using their accounts for their online business. Have a different account for taxation and audit purpose. Also, it is professional to have a separate business account. The credit union or your brand will be keen to help you to create a different business banking account. Ensure you have to pay a low fee to maintain this account. Also, the account should help you to transfer capital as and when needed. You should also check for a business credit card and access for personal loans and lines of credits. It is because sooner or later you might need money to expand your CBD business.

Also, it is essential to adhere to the necessary compliance and regulatory programs before you start a business. If you are opting in for a franchise, make sure that the franchise brand adheres to the legal regulations and compliance requirements associated with CBD business and distribution. All these easy steps and checkpoint help you to opt-in for the CBD business you always wanted.

8 Precautions That Could Save Your Business From Bankruptcy

Every year there are thousands of companies that have to file for bankruptcy in order to continue existing or as part of the process of closing down. Operating a failing business can be stressful and depressing because oftentimes you can feel as though there’s little you can do to save the company once the situation has gotten past a certain point. However, you can significantly reduce the chances of experiencing such turbulence by implementing precautions that make the business more resilient and sustainable. With that said, here are eight steps you can take to lower the likelihood of encountering issues that could lead to business bankruptcy:

1. Obtain Adequate Workers Compensation Insurance

Not having adequate workers compensation insurance can expose you to the risk of facing heavy legal and financial burdens if one of your employees is injured on the job. On the other hand, not having this insurance would make your business highly vulnerable because it could be sued and charged with covering all of the expenses incurred by an employee who experienced a personal injury while working for your company. Fortunately, you can use a comparison site to quickly receive a workers compensation insurance quote from multiple providers in order to select the most economical and suitable policy for your company’s needs.

2. Hire Competent Managers

Hiring effective managers can greatly reduce the likelihood of facing any problems down the road because your company will be in good hands at all times. Conversely, trying to cut corners or speed up the hiring process by hiring inexperienced or less-than-ideal managers is a mistake that could lead to an increased risk of business bankruptcy and failure. Good managers may require higher salaries but the extra pay will be worth it when you consider how much protection you’re giving your business by putting management duties in the right hands.

3. Maintain an Accurate and Consistent Accounting Process

Inaccurate and inconsistent accounting and bookkeeping can lead to a situation in which your budget and tax filing situations are adversely affected. Of course, being audited and ordered to pay a hefty sum towards back taxes could throw a wrench into your financial planning, so it’s best to have a highly detailed and completely accurate record of every transaction conducted by your business throughout each month. Learning how to use accounting software is the best way to reliably ensure accurate accounting. Of course, you may also want to have a designated accountant who can help you review your books on a monthly or quarterly basis.

4. Limit Payroll Expenditure

Any time you’re spending too much on employee salaries and wages, you’ll be putting your business in a risky position. Reducing your chances of having to file bankruptcy is all about minimizing overhead and eliminating unnecessary expenditure. Since payroll is one of the primary sources of business spending and one of the biggest burdens on corporate cash flow, taking steps to limit this form of expenditure can tangibly improve your resistance to bankruptcy and all other forms of financial woes. One way to lower your payment obligations is to opt for outsourcing and freelancer relationships instead of yearly salaries. You could also pay your freelancers per task instead of by the hour to ensure their productivity is commensurate with their pay.

5. Reduce Debt Obligations and Credit Utilization

While sufficient financing can help to provide additional cash flow and keep the business from having to re-invest revenue out of pocket, it can also lead to overutilization of company credit. As a rule of thumb, try to limit your credit utilization to no more than 30% of your overall credit limit across all of your accounts. For example, if you had two $5,000 lines of credit for a total of $10,000 of available credit, you’d want to use no more than $3,000 of that at any given time. Operating in this manner will ensure that you always have a decent amount of credit to tap into while also gradually improving your business credit score and improving your chances of obtaining approval for advanced financing.

6. Add Revenue Streams

Creating additional revenue streams can help you improve redundancy and resilience because there will be more sources of income which increase the overall bottom line. Most companies can find extra services or products that will complement their existing offerings and create applicable up-selling scenarios. By increasing profitability and diversifying the way the business generates revenue, you can create a more redundant and financially durable company that will be able to withstand hardships without having to resort to desperate measures.

7. Attract Investors

Of course, any company that has a hefty pool of investment funding to dip into will be less likely to find itself in a position to have to file for bankruptcy. Having investors in your corner will also mean that you’ll have wealthy and knowledgeable business partners who may be able to help you find suppliers and appeal to new groups of customers or clients.

8. Liquidate Assets During Tough Times

Finally, if you notice that your company is starting to have trouble paying its bills and staying out of debt, you could liquidate some assets like equipment, inventory, or property to help alleviate the burden. This might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s better to lose some of the company’s assets than to undergo a bankruptcy proceeding.

Avoiding Bankruptcy Will Keep Your Brand Going

Building a reputable brand with a large following can take a lot of time and effort, so having all of that work rendered pointless can be a nightmare, to say the least. While filing for bankruptcy can sometimes be the last resort that saves a company from complete dissolution, it can also hurt a brand’s reputation and many businesses never fully recover. Instead of viewing bankruptcy as an escape plan for your company in a worst-case scenario, it’s better to see it as a likely precursor to failure. Thus, be sure to take all eight of the steps above to protect your brand from bankruptcy.

All that you wanted to know about grout sealing and sealers

No tile installation is complete without grout sealer because it is an integral part of the tile laying process that provides support to the tiles from all sides. The most important reason why you should use grout sealer is that it prevents moisture absorption in grout as well as tiles.  Grout is the filler material that fills the seams between tiles. Grout that you see around are mostly sanded grout that has good strength. Unsanded grout is used selectively depending on the circumstances and needs. Sand is cheap and economical for use in filling voids which is why it is the ideal choice for use in the grout. Sand imparts its properties to grout, and because sand is porous, grout also becomes porous. After grout dries up its porous nature makes it susceptible to water absorption.  By sealing the grout, you can prevent water from going inside the grout material.

Sealing is a must but not always

Considering that grout, which is a mixture of cement and sand is porous, it is prone to absorbing any liquid especially water that can be quite damaging in the long run. Therefore, it is mandatory to seal grout, but there is an exception to this rule. Non-porous or epoxy grout does not need sealing because the threat of liquid absorption does not exist. Epoxy grout non-porous and corrosion resistant, excellent for use in harsh and acidic environments. However, for all domestic and commercial as well as industrial construction with a few exceptions, the norm is to use standard grout that requires sealing.

A tedious job

Just as installing grout is easy and you can do it yourself, applying sealer to grout is perhaps easier. However, the job is tedious, and you need to have enough patience to complete it with satisfaction. Large tiles need less grout and vice versa, meaning that if you have small tiles in your home, it would require more grout and therefore more sealing. Conversely, the work is much less if you install large tiles.  You can apply sealer with the help of roller seal applicators or brush, and if you have small tiles that would take a hell of a time for completing a room, it is better to try out the spray-on type of grout sealer that can speed up the work.

Reapplying grout sealer

You may have to re-apply grout sealers on existing floorings.  It depends on the amount of wear and tear that the floor experiences because in high traffic areas the need for sealer re-application will be more frequent than areas that have fewer footfalls. The need for re-applying sealer is the least on wall tiles. Similarly, kitchen top tiles need frequent resealing than bathroom counter tiles.

Brush and rollers are both equally effective when applying sealer on grout, but the difference is in the speed of work with rollers doing the job faster. The choice depends on the area that you must cover, and the time you can spend. However, for the fastest application process, you must use spray-on sealers that cover large areas in a short time.

Get expert vehicle solutions from certified car brokers for your next car

Specialized car brokers can assist you in finding the perfect resource and buying a new car. The services they offer include finding the perfect second-hand car according to your needs. They will guide you in finding the car that fits your financial plan and your requirements. And what do you get? You get a new car or a freshly bargained second-hand one on a very low cost, and guaranteed customer support. The customer contacts the broker, and he contacts various dealers to get the best deals for his customer. A lot of factors like delivery procedure and site limitations need to be considered as well.  Majority of brokers will offer to deliver the vehicle to their client’s doorstep but will ask for a certain charge. The deal and agreement of sale, however, is always done between the customer and the dealer.

Choose the correct method of buying a car

It doesn’t matter whether you are opting for leasing a car, or Commercial Hire Purchase or CHP or even Chattel mortgage. You can also opt for novated lease, car loans and even, personal loans. You can use Vehicle Solutions car lease calculator as well. Brokers can be of great assistance in providing you with their proficiency and knowledge. With their expert assistance, you can choose the perfect alternative way for you. They can even help you in getting a re-payment scheme on your pre-existing one and get you a better agreement. If you want to save your valuable time and get proper assessment, then professional car brokers can provide you with the correct result. Not only that, but you get a much wider option on lenders and at a lower interest rate. You get to save a lot of money on the deals also.

Get Help Online

You can now get exclusive online tools for assistance. Online car finances can provide you with all the help like Vehicle Solutions car lease calculator. You can get the results in less than 60 seconds from the comfort of your home. There are various tools available to help you calculate your finances. There are not just car lease calculators, but also, loan calculators and novated lease calculators at your disposal too. With these tools, you can improve your understanding of the car finance industry.


Nowadays, there are a lot of fleet departments that will eagerly sell new cars to you. They also offer a wide range of models. You can get a car much more easily from these fleet sales than from regular car dealers. Fleet sales are slowly turning out to be the more sought out option as they also provide more opportunity. All you need is a small amount of negotiation, and you can get your new car handed to you in no time. Calculating various lease options, expenditure and choosing a new model has never been easier. You can get in touch with your nearest professionals today to get hold of your dream car.

Tips to Protect your company’s Digital Privacy

The year 2018 has seen hackers emboldened by their skills. As a result, they have taken aim at social media giants with millions of personal information of people all over the world. This has led to an increase in the importance of cybersecurity departments in business entities and a spike in the employment of people with highly in demand security skills.

As a business connected to the internet to reach an increasingly online customer and to create a strong online presence and brand, it is important that business owners now seriously consider the threats that they face regarding digital privacy. A breach in digital privacy leads businesses to lose customer appeal, trust and eventually they shut down.

Following are few tips that a business owner can easily apply to ensure that their company’s digital privacy is protected.

Using a Private Browser Window

This is one of the simplest methods to ensure that you are on the internet privately. Using a private browser window is an option allowed by the most commonly used web browsers. Whether you are using Firefox or Chrome for your browsing needs, you can easily choose the private browser mode and you will have protected your digital privacy.

Using the private browser windows ensures that your browsing history is not saved. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the websites you visited to follow and monitor your activities on the internet.

Internet marketing tactics that predict or identify you as a potential customer based on the websites you visit and items and links that you click on and websites that sell your digital information to marketers have increased the likelihood of being tracked and monitored while online.

Using a private browser window on your web browser protects you from these snoops and ensures that the digital privacy of your business is unlikely to be breached.

Use Passwords

To some, passwords are a waste of time. As a business, you should always ensure that you password-protect both your online profiles and your business hardware for example laptops, tablets, and phones.

Passwords are your first line of security for all your online data and information. Passwords should be kept private and distinct for each online account and activity.

In addition, like your bank always advise you, ensure that you change your passwords at least twice a year. Also, make sure that your passwords are not derived from personal information but random words and numbers.

There are free online tools that you can use to help you generate random passwords and store all of them safely so that you don’t forget.

Using a two-factor authentication

You know the way you have a key to your house and still have to disarm your alarm, otherwise, your alarm goes off and alerts security and authorities there is a break in? That’s how a two-factor authentication works.

Your password is the key, disarming the alarm is when the network or website you are on then sends to your phone a special code to enter before you can have access to your account.

A two-factor authentication ensures that you are the only one authorized to access certain accounts. You can also implement this with your customers to improve their perception that your business and website takes their digital privacy seriously.

Use a Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network ensures that your browsing sessions are secure and encrypted. It works by allowing you to use a virtual server to connect to the internet. The information relayed through this virtual server is encrypted for increased safety and digital privacy.

Just like using a private web browser, using a VPN ensures that you are not easily tracked and monitored while you are online. Using a virtual private network also allows you to access some websites that you could not access without it due to some restrictions although some could lead to you compromising your company’s digital privacy.

Using a secure search engine

A secure search engine is a search engine that does not sell its users information. One prominent secure search engine that you can use for your business browsing is DuckDuckGo. Unlike Google or Yahoo, this search engine does not track your online activity.

As a business owner, you know and are sure that your online activity is safe and secure while you are browsing or carrying out your transactions and communication with customers.

Using encrypted communication

Communication is an integral part of highly successful businesses. There is clear communication within the business and consistent and clear communication with customers.

Communication could either be through text, phone calls or emails. When communicating externally or internally through either of these modes of communication, business managers and owners should ensure that they have end-to-end encryption.

This means that the information being communicated is only seen and understood by the two parties in communication. Any other parties that may intercept the communication cannot decipher or understand it.

The most common encrypted mode of communication is Whatsapp. It allows for texts and phone calls. There are also encrypted email providers that you can use for your business to business or business to customer communication.

Keep your software up to date

As a business owner, always ensure that the software you use in your business is authentic and up to date. Authentic and up to date software increase the privacy of your online activities.

An authentic software is easy to update.  For example, you can have your software set to update automatically. Therefore whenever the software manufacturer releases an update for the software, you can easily get them the moment you have an internet connection.

Often, most software updates lead to increased security and privacy to the user when they are online.

Individual vigilance

As a business owner or manager, it is imperative on you to ensure that your online activities do not put you at risk of a breach in your digital privacy. Companies should ensure that all their employees are informed of the need to be vigilant while online and to ensure that they are not exposing the company to the risk of hacks and other online monitoring and tracking.

Companies should ensure that their employees are aware of these simple to use privacy protection techniques and to always use them to protect themselves, the company and their customers.

Top Points to Succeed in Forex Trading

For every aspiring trader, starting out in the forex trading sector can seem intimidating. The barriers to entry and knowledge required can appear insurmountable to the untrained eye. Indeed, dealing with trading brokers, choosing the correct platforms, and learning how to manage your risk are all elements of the industry which require study and skill. Once you have learned the craft though, it can be a hugely rewarding pursuit. This is true both financially and emotionally. In this article we will help identify how you can get started with forex trading. More than just getting started, we will examine how you can be successful in your rise to the top of the forex trading industry.

Before Getting Started

The best way to start anything is with a plan. Forex trading is no different. This will establish a framework for your trading and become the foundation of your trading future.

Establish Your Expectations

It is key to identify what you want to achieve from forex trading before you begin. For most, this will be in the form of a financial figure. Weigh this expectation with the other variables such as your capital means and timeframe you desire in order to conclude the direction you will take in choosing your forex platform and broker. Each of these will have different advantages for different traders based on their objectives.

Choosing Your Forex Platform and Broker

Which forex brokers for beginners to choose is often one of the most difficult selections to make. To a certain extent this will also dictate the direction in which you move with your trades. You will want to ensure that the broker you choose is using a forex platform which is best suited to your needs as a trader. The simplest place you can begin your search for these attributes is by indulging in many forex trading reviews from other traders. Often, the most chosen forex brokers for beginners especially are among some of the top trading companies in the industry. This is simply due to the variety of options they offer to traders. A huge sandbox to work within.

During Trading

Now that you have selected the broker and forex platform which works best for you, it is time to get down to the business of trading. This is where you will make or break your future as a trader; therefore it is imperative to take on board these points to give yourself the best chances of success.

Maintain Your Strategy

Before you began trading, as part of your previously outlined planning phase, you will have studied a variety of top trading methodologies. You are certainly free to improvise slightly, adding your own stamp to these strategies. It is important however to maintain your consistency. The nature of the markets is that they will not always be in your favor. It is of vital importance that when these testing moments of doubt arise, you stick by your chosen (and proven) strategy.

Stay Informed

The news is the lifeblood of any successful trader. The forex market can change rapidly; therefore it is vital to keep abreast of the latest developments. There are a variety of excellent sources to choose from. Dailyinvestnews.com is among the best in terms of unbiased forex broker reviews, up to the minute news and educational resources. The latter of these is also highly important, the journey of a forex trader is one on which you can never afford to stop learning.

After Trading

Analyze Your Performance

No matter how well you think you performed, there is always some areas for improvement as a trader. With that in mind, it is important that you conduct an honest review of your own performance. This will include areas of self-assessment; however, you should also employ the expectancy formula to your trades to form an objective picture of your success. The formula is calculated as follows:

E= [1+ (W/L)] x P – 1:

W = Average Winning Trade
L = Average Losing Trade
P = Percentage Win Ratio


Regardless of how you choose to trade, through following a few of these key points, planning ahead, selecting the best news sources to stay in touch with the market, and identifying the best place to trade forex which works for you, a strong foundation will have been established. This is the foundation which will see you become a success in forex market trading.

Everything you need to know before going hunting for a company secretarial service

Entrepreneurs, industry leaders and social media influencers have hectic schedules. Managing a company is not just about commerce. It also involves a lot of paperwork. Businesses often have separate departments and teams that look after their tax accounting, bank work and permit necessities. Since there are some commerce laws involved in the process, more than one corporate lawyer comprises these teams. For multinational corporations, there are multiple teams of secretarial personnel, who take care of business laws, licenses and permits.

Very recently, the business landscape in Singapore has seen several significant changes. The Companies Act 2017 has made it mandatory for any enterprise with a base in the country to have at least one residential director. The companies that are already present in the market are looking to hire local talents to cover this responsibility, and the emerging ones are working with company secretarial services like Acrafile to comply with the statutory regulations. Outsourcing is not a new concept for most businesses operating in the Asian markets. In fact, most of them have shifted their production to the Asian market due to the cheaper costs of raw material and broader availability of talent.

Outsourcing any company responsibility means you can continue to work on whatever you are doing right now and at the same time another off-site team takes care of the added responsibilities. It could also mean that while you go on a holiday, your off-site squad can take care of your business. Here are a few of the everyday responsibilities entrepreneurs outsource every day –

  • Legal transcription
  • Stenotype and documentation
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Appointment organizations
  • Invoicing
  • Travel and meeting organization
  • Email marketing, replying and other mailing services

Due to the advent of social media and online marketing, some new duties have come into the picture.

  • Uploading and maintaining social media blogs
  • Transcription of podcasts and monitoring the feedback
  • Online file organization and maintenance
  • Database administration and updating
  • Training management, customer services, and technical support

In the light of the recent developments of the Singapore Companies Act 2017, it has become necessary for many companies to outsource their secretarial duties as well. Since the laws are changing, there are necessities for current permits and new application processes. Having a company secretary will help your company clear the requisites for getting a business permit.

What should be the qualifying criteria for a company secretary?

Most outsourcing services ensure that their talent pool fulfills the requirement for the post of company secretaries. Nonetheless, as the owner of a business, it is your responsibility to confirm that your company secretary is –

  1. A permanent resident of Singapore or a citizen.
  2. Qualified to handle corporate administrative services.
  3. Trained enough to meet corporate legal responsibilities.
  4. Experienced to handle the complex set of duties on behalf of the company.

What advantages does the company secretary bring your way?

Finding the right company secretary can help you in many ways. It will not only help you comply with the statutes of commerce, but it will also help you file all changes to ACRA on time.

  1. Cost-effectiveness – one of the leading benefits of outsourcing your secretarial services is reducing your company’s operational expenses. You can bypass the refresher course or fresh talent induction costs. Curtailing training costs can save your company millions of dollars each year, depending on the size of your operations. Additionally, you will save on real-estate expenses and employee benefits, which most outsourcing companies do not demand. However, you will have to follow the payroll standards of the company you are appointing.
  2. Multidisciplinary services – once you opt for outsourcing, you will rendezvous with the possibility of inter-disciplinary services from the same company. In fact, as we have mentioned before, administrative services include a plethora of minor and significant responsibilities that range from filing ACRA to applying for funding. The company secretarial service you are choosing right now should be able to meet all these responsibilities without defaulting.
  3. Improvement of efficiency-enhancing company efficiency is one of the other benefits that come with outsourcing specific secretarial duties to appropriate parties. Outsourcing will help your current teams focus on the production part of the business, while the new off-site administrative squad can take care of the paperwork and legalities. It takes a colossal headache off the head of the business owner, and it streamlines the workflow.

What challenges can an incorrectly chosen team bring to your business?

Even while looking for home cleaning or gardening services online, you review and recheck the credentials and reputations of the applicants. There is no reason why you should not do the same while picking secretarial services for your business. It is true that these companies will not have an administrative hold over your company or direct access to your business account, but they can influence the way your business interacts with the government authorities.

Confidentiality – over time, you will have to entrust company details, sensitive documents and key paperwork to the secretarial service providers. Unless you can establish an equation of mutual trust, this will be impossible.

Accessibility– the company you pick to represent your business, should be accessible 24/7/365. It is impossible to stay in touch with the progress unless you do so. Outsourcing to a team that resides in another country is only feasible when there is a reliable connection making up for the distance.

Accountability – your new team should have one spokesperson, whom you can contact upon emergency. That is another way of saying there should be one person accountable for the actions including meeting with the banks, filing applications for new licenses and negotiating with the vendors.

Outsourcing secretarial responsibilities take out a lot of expenses out of the equation and replace them with a diverse set of talents that can meet the latest statutory requirements. Today, it has become imperative for foreign businesses in Singapore to appoint a nominee company secretary to exist in the market and compete with the local businesses.

An Insight into Possession Offences to help you know your rights

There are many laws in Australia related to possession of various substances and items. There are laws that prohibit a person from keeping restricted drugs, stolen weapons, stolen goods and other related items. In case any person is charged with a possession offence, the following are some of the issues they may raise to challenge the nature of the crime they have been accused-

The police of the area can only be allowed to search the property of the person –

  • With the permission granted by the owner of the occupier of the property
  • Search warrant
  • Suspicious that unlawful activity or goods that you keep on the premises of the property
  • Arrest an individual who has committed the offence
  • When someone complains about nuisance or breach of peace
  • To preserve the evidence which they believe might be destroyed in the future or protect another individual related to the case.

Items seized can be used as evidence in a competent court of law

Once the police have entered the property legally, they have the right to search the property and use any item, substance or material found during this search as evidence. The best criminal lawyer Perth firms state that in case the police have entered the property or the premises unlawfully, any search made is illegal and affects the strength of the legal case that arises from that search.

What about items and products found in cars or homes?

In case, the police find any prohibited item in your car or home; the police charge you as you are the driver of the vehicle and the occupier of the house. In case items or products are found, you have a defence to this charge of possession in the event of-

  • Being wrongly identified to be the occupier or the owner of the property
  • To be mistakenly identified as the driver of the car
  • You do not know that the prohibited item was in your vehicle or property.

In such a case, you are advised to consult the best criminal lawyer to help you with laws relating to this possession and the situation. If you believe that you had been searched illegally by the police consult a criminal lawyer immediately.

Check whether the police has a warrant

You must always ask for a search warrant that has been signed by a third party generally a court of justice for searching the premises legally. This warrant only legally allows the police to enter the premises. When they enter the premises and come across an item, they have the right to seize the material and use it as evidence in a competent court of law against you. In case, the police do not have a search warrant; they still have the legal right to search your premises if they have reasonable suspicion or belief that illegal items are present there. However, note that they cannot use this power all the time; it can only be exercised by the police when there is a high suspicion of doubt.

The role of nominee director in the opening of offshore companies or branch offices

The emergence of offshore companies is prevalent worldwide. It is primarily because of tax flexibility in places like Singapore and the concept of anonymity. However, the perception concerning anonymity is presently changing. In addition to that, nominee services are still in use. The new age corporate service providers are usually requested by clients and companies to offer their new registered branch/offshore company along with shareholders or nominee directors.

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand nominee director services, its features, and benefits.

Understanding a nominee director service

 A Nominee Director Service is a legal procedure to secure the anonymity and identity of an organization owner. The shareholder or Nominee Director can be a legal entity or a real person resorting to fiduciary duties in a company. The nominees get mentioned in an official register as a shareholder or company director. However, their actions are limited to the owner’s guidelines. Also, the assigned nominees don’t manage the company.

Based on the kind of agreement, the owners might sanction authority to operate the business, monitor the organization and also open, monitor bank accounts. Usually, the nominees officially represent the company and are accountable for any omissions and initiatives.  However, it’s essential to know that the law doesn’t identify “nominee shareholder” and “nominee director.” Hence, if a company or person gets elected as a director, the accountabilities and duties are all bestowed on the nominee officer.

So, what does the nominee officer do?

The primary task of a nominee director is to help maintain the anonymity of the actual owner, by being there in all public records on the owner’s behalf, relating to the non-governmental bodies and company. Simultaneously, just in case the company’s owner wants to conceal his identity from tax authorities and other governmental agencies, then it’s not applicable.

Furthermore, a nominee director must never be mistaken for a resident director that the law appoints for the company creation is specific jurisdiction. You might need a resident director if you want to register a company in a place like Singapore. To know more on this, you could research online on nominee Director Plus Singapore and have access to valuable information.

When you the Nominee Director services get used?

 The company owners usually make use of the nominee director services for following reasons:

  • To make sure the ownership anonymity for non-governmental bodies and there’s secure disclosure of ownership data at times of public inquiry.
  • When a company director needs to be present to carry out the business in another country as the beneficial owner has no scope to travel
  • To retain the anonymity for signing agreements and conducting business deals
  • When it’s essential to expand the statutory bodies by increasing members
  • To be able to avoid legal limitations on transactions taking place between the affiliate bodies. The choice is beneficial for transferring assets inside a holding company.

Appointing nominee bank account signatories is an essential point to understand. Generally, the fiduciary service providers don’t manage the accounts of their clients as nominee signatories. As these services usually have high risks for both the nominal officer and client. Furthermore, when it comes to resorting to the nominee signatory, all the banks are going to need disclosure of the actual owner of the organization. If you try to conceal the real identity of the owner making use of nominee signatory, it’s considered illegal.

The nominee signatory services are usually high in price. Furthermore, one has to ensure remote and secure access to accounts via the e-banking systems. Hence, in most situations, it’s not required to appoint a nominee signatory.

How does it all work?

Are you all set to manage nominee director services for your branch or offshore company? If yes, then you need to reach out for a professional corporate service provider that will provide you with corporate documents. It includes essential documentation for legal security. Some of the papers provided include the following:

  • Management Services Agreement-It administers all the managerial and commercial arrangements between the nominees and beneficial owners.
  • General Power of Attorney signed by the nominee director-The beneficiary has the authority to manage and respond to legally on behalf of the organization as an authentic representative having full rights.
  • Nominee Shareholder’s Declaration of Trust-This document helps to know the nominee, the number of shares he owns and for who does he holds the shares.
  • Updated share transfer and signed by the nominee shareholder-With the help of this document, the company owner can sign instantly over the company ownership.

Other than these documents, expert corporate service providers at times provide the customers with a Consultancy Agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to engage in transparent and honest contracts keeping in mind the owner’s business association with his organization.

How to search for the best corporate service provider for you?

The first question to consider is where you are planning to set up your offshore business or company branch office. For instance, if you have Singapore in mind, then it’s a smart call to reach out to a service provider in Singapore? It will help you in better interaction and coordination. A region-specific service provider will have the better know-how on the economy, the taxation services, the anonymity guidelines and also will be able to better suggest on nominee director services. However, make sure you don’t use a nominee director service if there’s no need of it.

Also, make sure you understand if opting in for nominee director services will have an impact on opening a bank account. List down your questions and inquire about it at the consultation session with a probable service provider to get all doubts cleared. Furthermore, you need to remember to know the way your legal rights and ownership will be secured. Also, ask for the documents that will be given to be able to acquire the authority of your company from any nominee encroachments.  Setting up a new business offshore or a branch company needs to follow a set of formalities. Partnering with a corporate service provider is essential. And if you have decided to opt-in for nominee director services, have a clear head about it and before signing up for the services.

5 Ways You Can Help Your Company During Salary Negotiations

One of the biggest expenses for any business is labour. Business owners have to be frugal when it comes to hiring and employing talented people, but they can’t be considered penny pinchers. If word spreads that your company isn’t willing to pay for the best employees, you risk losing an edge on recruiting. Instead, you can use sound methods for money-saving during those first initial salary negotiations. Here are five ways to help reign in the costs when you and your new employee start talking pay.


  1. Have a Salary Range Set in Advance

The first thing to do before going to the negotiating table is to have a set salary range already in mind. Talk to your human resources department and other managers to determine what the company can afford. Avoid letting the potential new hire take over the discussion. It’s also helpful to have this range published in the job posting from the start.

  1. Offer Perks and Other Subsidies

Don’t forget to consider adding additional perks and bonuses to the compensation package. Some companies can save money by curbing in high salaries but adding high-value subsidies to the overall offer. Employers may want to offer perks such as transportation stipends, extra vacation time, flexible hours, bonuses, or stock options. Some of these perks are cheaper for the employer to offer than more salary money.

  1. Discuss Benefits

When a potential candidate is weighing your offer over another company’s, health insurance, retirement, and other benefits also matter. If your company doesn’t offer a comprehensive health benefits package, that may end up costing you the most talented employees. Companies that have a solid benefits plan can offer less money upfront for salaries. Consider full coverage of health insurance and dental, retirement matching, and other benefits that increase wellness and productivity.

  1. Research Pay Rates

Another important tip before you get to the negotiating stage is to do research on the position’s pay rate. Use a salary calculator to get some guidance during this step. Get information from your competitors or others in your industry who employ people in the same role. Chances are, your potential new hires may be interviewing with these firms as well. Check out salary levels for the position in different experience ranges and education levels for the most accurate results.

  1. Be Professional and Upbeat

The last tip to help you get what your company needs during salary negotiations is to simply be professional. If you and your job candidate can’t come to an agreement, move on and make an offer to the next applicant. Sometimes people aren’t on the same wavelength when it comes to value and salary. Maintain a professional and upbeat demeanour during all stages of the negotiation so your company doesn’t end up looking foolish or cheap. This way, you can retain some of that dignity if things don’t work out.

Salary negotiation can end up costing you big time if you don’t go to the table with a cost-saving plan. Check out these tips to help you and your company get closer to a solid number that both you and a new hire will agree to.


Handmade Jewelries are unparalleled: An FAQ for all Jewelry Buyers

Handmade jewelry is mainly gaining in popularity lately as men and women all love to adorn themselves with unique handmade jewelry. People from ancient ages onwards had a practice of decorating themselves with flower garlands, woven grass bracelets, stones, and shells, etc. Historical studies have shown that humans wear jewelry back from as far as 75000 years ago.

Over the last millennium, styles, patterns, and materials of jewelry have evolved step by step with the advancements in modern civilization. From stone age to the Bronze Age, and then through the iron age and during the industrial revolution of the last century, ornamental styles have revolutionized and modernized a lot. However, at all times, we can see there were some classic trends remained the same and there were returns to these basic forms and elements.

As we know, most the jewelry products are machine cut now with precision and style. Producing uniform jewelry by meeting the standard measures are much easier and economical now when compared to the traditional method of handcrafting of ornaments. Metal casting machinery can now quickly process various types of components as metals, stones, or resins, etc. to make intricate designs of jewelry with uniformity. There are mechanical punch presses and tools like forges to make any complicated designs possible.

The scope of handmade jewelry

Even though machine casting is the largest accepted practice in jewelry industry; in the last decade, however, there is a resurgence of demand for handmade jewelry. People started to admire that hand-crafted jewelry holds greater value and dignity as being unique with a touch of class and tradition. With this resurging hype, jewelry makers across the globe also make use of the talents and skills of traditional artisans to come up with innovative hand-cut jewelry designs.

In the following Q&A, we will discuss the differences between mass-produced jewelry and handmade jewelry as well as the benefits and drawbacks of both techniques.

Q: What are the typical characteristics of handmade jewelry?


As the name suggests, handmade jewelry is custom crafted by the hands of an artisan instead of using a mechanical mold and press.  Using simple tools and the traditional metal-smith skills, an individual or group of individuals work on each piece of ornament to create a unique design and form.  What makes handmade is the uniqueness of each item, vis-à-vis, its dissimilarity even with the similar other pieces.

With handmade ornaments, you can sense the individuality regarding culture, meaning, and also the history behind each such design. Handmade jewelry making requires optimum concentration, blessed artisan skills, a lot of time, creativity, and dedication towards work. Handmade is easily recognizable as a finished piece, which can stand out in the mass at the sell gold in NY stores.

Q: How can the buyers differentiate between real handmade pieces and mass-produced jewelry?


With a bit of experience and insight to it, you can find out the fact that real handmade jewelry will not be identical to other pieces even of the same design. Even for a newbie, it is easier to examine a piece of jewelry with a considerable artwork and decoration on to it to compare and find out if it’s unique.

One should carefully examine every component, and you can easily understand how the components are constructed and combined. The mass-produced jewelry made in machines may appear more uniform as well as rigid. These may mostly have a perfect appearance and finish. Some handmade or traditional type jewelry appears to be lesser perfect than machine-cut. However, handmade jewelry is made to last for long really.

It is found that machine-punched jewelry used to break often than hand-made. Many of the so-called hand-made jewelry nowadays may not be made by hand. Even if some components are combined with the skillfulness of an artisan, most of the components in the handmade varieties which are sold cheaply may be machine made. The top-end handmade jewelry will have artisan’s name and the reputation attached to the product. However, uniqueness and quality regarding handmade jewelry is not so easy but can be typically apparent to an observer with skills and exposure.

Q: What are the advantage of buying handmade jewelry?


Handmade pieces of jewelry often hold a unique blend of individuality and class. Like a beautiful painting or a sculpture made by a blessed artist, handmade ornament also is a creative artistic expression of a real artist.  This creativity signature is tied to each piece of handmade jewelry to make it a unique piece of art. You can find that the mass-produced jewelry items have no soul.

Handmade jewelry also reflects the personal touch and taste of the wearer. It airs a unique taste of individuality. Wearing a mass-produced piece of jewelry often gives the wearer an appearance of being something mass-produced. It is a fact that mass-produced items may always be lesser expensive and readily available than handmade but lacks individuality and life.

Instead, when you wear a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry, it’s always a pleasure to the wearer to explain the story behind it to the admirers. Moreover, it is also found that hand-made jewelry is stronger and long-lasting too when compared to mass-produced items. Above all these, it is a special feeling to wear a piece of artwork by an expert artist who made with a lot of care and passion by hand.

All in all, there is a story and history behind each handmade article which is shared with you and to those who are going to handle it in future. Apart from the standard machine possibilities, for a creative and thoughtful consumer, handmade jewelry making set many open possibilities to be discussed with an artisan regarding custom designed prices of jewelry for special events as a wedding function or reception.

The only thing which makes handmade jewelry a second choice to many is the higher prices when compared to machine cut items. However, the benefits and qualities of handmade jewelry will surely outrun these drawbacks if you are getting the right piece of handmade ornament from the right place.