Social Media Explained using Masala Dosa

You must have seen the Image where the Social media was Explained using donuts . Now an Internet Marketing Evangelist named as Mohul Ghosh explained the Social Media using Masala Dosa. Here is the Image.

Urban Hack Attack – Hackers Playing Space Invaders Over a Building

Here is a Viral Video where Hackers are Playing Space Invaders Game Over a Building using the Building Lights.  The Brainstormclub created and directed this viral clip in co-operation with DSG-Group and Lafourmi.Because, since they have the skills to do so, they do have a very special way of playing it. Check the video below […]

Search for “Zerg Rush” in Google , it decimates Google search

Goto Google and Search for “Zerg Rush” without quotes and you will be welcomed by a Mini Point-and-shoot Game where there are Infinite number of Enemy of Color-Coded O’s . The Enemy will Start Decimating your Search results. If you didnt understand then you need to search it and see by your self.

Chikni Chameli Dance in Counter Strike

All of us Must have seen the Most Popular Item Song in India i.e “Chikni Chameli” by Katrina Kaif . I loved that song. But I was shocked when I saw this Video which I have given Below. This Video is named as “counter strike dance- chikni chameli” . It has been nicely edited.  I […]

Cadbury Makes Google+ Fanpage from Chocolate

Do you Cadbury Chocolate? I dont know about you but I know that Cadbury Loves Google Pkus. Not UK based Cadbury have created a Chocolate Version of Google Plus using Cadbury Chocolate.

Play Mario, Contra, Bomberman and lots of Old ROM Games in PC

When I was at the age of 8 I used to play Video Games with my brother after my School. I had a Video Game attached to my TV and I used to insert cassette to it and play my all time favorite games such as Contra, Mario , Tanks and many other games. I […]

Wish “Happy Birthday” in 25 Different Languages

[Off Topic] How do you Wish Happy Birthday to your Friends / Family Members on their Birthdays. Here I want to show you how to Wish Happy Birthday in 25 Different Languages. By default we know that “Happy Birthday” in English . But I have listed how to wish in different languages such as German […]

Play with Mouse – Mousie

Here are the list of the some fun videos / flash made by the Artist Olivier Otten . The list of  Interactive videos those are made my him are below – Click on any link to see his creativity. You Cant touch His Nose Touch his face with mouse , he can feel it Take […]

New Rajnikanth’s Website is Running without Internet- Check it out.

Are you a fan of Rajinikanth and there is good news for all of them. Recently a new website has launched in the name of Rajinikanth which works without inetnet. You its hard to believe but its true. The Site will start working as soon as you disconnect the inetnet. The site was initiative by […]

How to Generate Cool n Symbolic Facebook Status- Fsymbols

You may be updating status on Facebook almost daily. We use simple text to Update our Status. This is Very Boring always looking to a same text always. But you must have seen some status or in About me page of your Friends or any Fanpage written in a Unique Style like the Image given below- […]

Do Not Press On the Red Button [Fun Flash]

This is a Simple Flash in which you can interact with a Big Red Dot . To Start Click on the Red Button. Have Fun..   [swf: 700 700]