Google Loves Mathematics (Funny Search Graph)

Google Loves Mathematics (Funny Search) – Perviously I have posted about Some Tricks to get FUN from Google Search (askew , Do a barrel roll , Recursion , gravity and many more) . MOst of my friends loved most of the tricks as you can get from just a google search. Today I got a new […]

20 Resources for Printable Family Games

Your kids are always looking for something to do, which can cost a small fortune in toys and games. Fortunately you can encourage your kid’s creative expression for free with the help of simple, and free, printable games. To get your printable games, check out these twenty links and start downloading now! 1. Family Bingo […]

Have fun with your Mouse at Mousie

Selfcontrolfreak is a collecton of various inteactive videos where you can control the video just by moving your mouse. Do fun with your mouse by moving like left,right,un, down and clicking. You will be surprized by watching those activities. The concept and design of Selfcontrolfreak is done by a Dutch independent multimedia designer Olivier Otten. There […]

How to Post Blank Status Update in Facebook

Many a times you seen blank Status Update in Facebook. But have you ever thought how can it be done or how can you do that? Now I am going to tell you the method using which you can also update your Status as blank. Login to Your Facebook Account Just Type 0 in your […]

This is BPUT Engineering Student Lifestyle (Animated)

My Engineering Life-  New Semester starts After 1st Week: After 2nd Week: Before the Mid-Term Exam: During The Mid-Term Exam: After The Mid-Term Exam: Before the Final Exam: Once We get the Schedule of Final exam: 7 Days Before Final exam: 6 Days Before Final exam: 5 Days Before Final exam: 4 Days Before Final […]

How to know that your PC is Male or Female ?

Hello Friends , Now I am going to tell you something which is funny but truth. Do you know that there are 2types of PC one is male and another is female. Do u know that what Sex is your PC. There is the Trick by which you can know that weather your PC is male or […]

Play “Angry Anna 1.0” Online Now

Anna Hazare get to much angry on Indian Government for the corruption and on that gamesalad made games similar to Angry Birds. In this game you have Anna Hazare with his team and they have to get back black money and kill Manmohan Singh and company. Here is Angry Anna Game so play and enjoy it and if you like it […]

A Love Letter To Computer

I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MY COMPUTER.. Believe me it is true… You installed the best in me. Your picture is always in my background. You clicked my heart gently. You drive me crazy when I see you. Your love reset my life and deleted all the sadness in me. You restored my kindness after […]