Identity Theft Prevention 101: When Traveling

Business travel is a necessity, and with the right technology you can make it work for you. But the same tech can get your identity stolen. How do you stop it? Ah, business travel – you can’t live without it anymore, with many companies growing rapidly and interacting with clients all over the country. Partly […]

Handheld devices – Redefining Communication

Communication has become one of the most important aspects of day to day life. Each and everyone of us are communicating. Students need to communicate with their professors whenever they face any subject related problems. Professors communicate with their students to make them aware about exam dates and project schedules. Businessmen need to communicate with […]

Two Step Verfication – Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox and WordPress

Two Step Verification or Two Factor Authentication is a new security measure to protect your Account from Getting Hacked from the Hackers by Providing another Level of Security. Here along with the Username and Password you have to get verified through your mobile, where a Temporary code will be sent to your Mobile and after […]

What is Two Step Verification in Google or Facebook?

Now a Days Facebook , Google and other Websites are allowing a Two Step Verification for the users for more security of their account. Two Step Verification (also known as Two-Factor Authentication) is a new Security Method which needs two different ways to give your identity. It means you have to pass through two verification […]

Social Media: Twitter and Google Plus Make Changes

It seems that some of the hottest social media topics have recently centered on the mother companies. For example, Twitter has made a move to increase its hold on content that streams through its portal online. Google +, on the other hand, has brought about a situation where apps by the mother company, such as, maps will be accessible by subscribers as a matter of fact.

Sending Emails in Bulks is No More an Issue with SMTP

Digital marketing in today’s world has acquired massive importance which has rather given rise to a good number of organizations in every nook and corner of the world. What stands important in these organizations is ensuring quality emailing services since the business activities here are primarily conducted by delivering promotional emails and newsletters to the […]

How Virus and Malware Spread by Hackers

Everyday Thousands of Computers being Infected by Viruses / Malwares / Trojans even the computers have “Premium Antivirus” loaded in their computers. Previously hackers used to attack only Windows Computers but now they also target iOS and Linux too.

How to Compare Satellite Internet Deals Offered By Various Companies

Although it is easier to use cable and high speed Internet connections; in some remote or rural areas, no Satellite Internet is the only alternative. These areas do not have access to cable and other connections. Therefore, for people there, they have to get in touch with a company that offers them a satellite connection.

WTF is the HashTag in Twitter –> #

140 Charecters status updates is a simple idea which Started by Twitter and presently it has became a trending platform where we can get the most Discussed topics / News. When I joined Twitter first I came to know about an charecter known as “@” where I can mention anyone who is in Twitter. Later […]

Reality of “Unlimited Space / Unlimited Bandwidth” Hosting

There are Different Hosting Provides which provides different Hosting services such as VPS, dedicated , shared and other Hosting Packages. Many provides use the term “Unlimited bandwidth” in their Plans and mostly in Shared hosting we see plans which has “Unlimited Space” to store the data.   “There is Nothing termed as Unlimited in the […]

2 Amazing Facts About Mario

Are you a gamer who has been around for some time now and is well versed with the classic titles of the industry? Well, in that case, the name Mario must be meaning the world to you. The little Italian plumber with a leap in his feet and a zest for adventure in his heart […]

Top 11 Friendship that Changed the Internet

“Friendship” and “Technology Changes” are two such words which when combined great Things happened. There are many tech innovations which were made in Last Few years and some are Facebook , Twitter , Google , Microsoft ,Apple and many other. But do you know that all these things happened due to Friendship. Here I want to show some of the Great Friends who helped […]