Top 10 Developers in Facebook in 2012

Facebook is one of the Most Popular and Widely used application Online. And Facebook allow Developers to Develop there own Tools and Products and Promote/earn through Facebook. So here I have did some research and listed the details aout Top 10 Developers in Facebook in 2012. 1. Zynga 2. Research In Motion, Ltd. 3. MyCalender 4. […]

How to get Real Time Train Running Information in India

Most of the time when common indian people travel they spend much time in waiting in the Platform waiting for the arrival of the Train. Previously I have posted about How to Track PNR Status And Train Inquiry Through SMS Or Online.  Now a Team of IIT-Kanpur have developed a new technology using which one can […]

Is Pinterest a Best Tool to Share Contents?

Pinterest is a Application which is Designed to be Attractive , not to solve any Problem. It is a Place where you Birng all Good Pictures and Post them all at Once, it will definitely Look nice and attractive. the Traffic which is driven is directly by the Pictures. A person some to your site from Pinterest then […]

How the Internet will look in 2022 [An Imagination]

At present the Internet world runs through Social Media , Blogs , Users , Advertisements and all such Stuffs. We have imagined about HOW INTERNET WORLD WILL LOOK IN 2022 (10years from Today). ————————————————– Blogging – Nature of Blogging will be Drilled in Future. The concept of Object Oriented will be applied , just like Wikipedia.When […]

The Facebook IPO : Here’s what all the buzz is About

  Projected to raise more than 13 billion dollars, the Facebook IPO is on course to be the largest tech IPO in history. From Mark Zuckerberg’s expected worth, to the company’s quickly growing user base, there’s a lot to consider about this historic initial public offering. While investigators speculate if Facebook, which derives most of […]

Raj Ahuja shares a beautiful poem on Female Foeticide

Raj Ahuja shares a beautiful poem on Female Foeticide in SatyaMev Jayate–  Masoom si nanhi pari hoon main.. Tumhe kuch btaana chahti hoon.. Yun kokh mein hi na mita do mujhko.. Duniya mein aana chahti hoon..

When the Price of HardDisk will go Down?

Flood ravaged Thailand in Mid2011 till jan 2012. Hundreds were killed. There was a Damage of around $35Million according to World Bank. In the Year 2012 , the Price of Hard Disk have Increased 28% after the Thailand Flood in the Fourth Quater of 2011. In the Fourth Quater the Price Jumped 28% and in […]

Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages of 2012

We all know something about Programming languages , atleast something about C Programming Language. Some know mpre than 1 Programming Languages and some know a Lot of Programming Languages. But Which one the Best or the Most used programming Language?

Social Media Report of Local Facebook Pages in India -April 2012

There are almost 46 Million Facebook Users in India and many of them stay Online atleast once a Day. SocialBakers has provided a Quarterly Local Report of the Statisics of the Facebook Fan Pages in India duing Aptil 2012. It consist of the Rankings of the Most Popular, Engaging and Responsive Local Brands and Media Pages in […]

A day at WordCamp Cuttack 2012 #wcctc

#wcctc It was 11th Match 2012 , when India’s 3rd WordCamp event held at Cuttack by Soumya Pratihari. Previously the Event was for 2days (10th & 11th March) but due to some Problem the Event was conducted for 1day (only on 11th March) .