Positioning your fleet ahead of the game

The benefits of a fleet reporting system is something that all self-respecting transport companies should be keen to instigate. Not for you the slap-dash, incongruous ambiguity of a spreadsheet and a colour-coded map using highlighter pens. You need something more fitting, more professional. As with any trade, the tools you use are what shape your progress. Are you overseeing […]

Top 5 Great Link Building Strategies for New Websites

The power and evolution of the internet has made rapid advances with increasing internet penetrations across the globe. Having a website which was once considered to be a prime possession has now become a norm for both individuals as well as big and small commercial establishments. While having a website is one thing, having a […]

The Business of Death: Trilogy

For some unexplainable reason, the recent deaths of Sage Stallone, son of Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone, SpongeBob voice actor and Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine, and Stephen Covey, famed author of the motivational book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” which also happens to be a top-seller among businessmen of both big and small companies, […]

Are You An Emotional Entrepreneur?

Your business is your baby. And like a proud parent, you feel elated whenever somebody buys your product or avails of your services. And still much like a grumpy parent, you feel bad and rejected every time you hear about somebody choosing the competition instead of you. While it is always good to be passionate […]

4 Best Dedicated Server Hosting for Small Business

Choosing a dedicated server hosting provider is one of many important decisions small business owners are faced with. All companies want you to believe that their product or service is the best the industry has to offer because that is how they attract business. Client reviews, however, often tell a different story. The most reliable […]

Top Mobile Gadgets for the Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is all about mobility, adaptability, and responsiveness. You can’t afford to miss calls and be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s no wonder that freelance writers invest in mobile tools that make their writing lives much each easier. As the RingCentral blog says, mobile technology gives us added productivity and […]

RingCentral Changes the Way Your Business Spends

By activating your RingCentral promo code online, you can get 25 percent off your first six monthly bills for subscribing to the leading provider of business phone system in the country. However, it’s more than just the discount: you are actually also investing in a technology that can significantly alter the way your business spends. You’ve […]

When common People Use Google Search

Most of the Common People Use Social Networking Sites such as Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and Google Plus etc. But from the Day I learnt Internet I have seen most of the people use Google Search while Surfing the Internet. After some analysis I can to know about some reason why poeple use Google […]

PNG or JPEG or GIF – Which is best way to choose your Image file

Whenever I use Print-screen or whenever I need to send any Image online I mostly get confused that which format I must save the file so that I can get the best quality and the that to in small size. When we save an Image we can save it in many different formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF […]

How to get the Exact Post Stats from Facebook and Twitter

We all share our Links of Our Blog / Website in Facebook and twitter and many other Social Media Sites . And most websites have Social Sharing Page in their Pages by Default. But can we know about the Statistics what how many people have Clicked that and shared that Info. Here I want to […]

Something More about Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a method to measure the quality of traffic that comes to your Blog. It is the number of Visitors opened your Blog and leaved withour viewing any other Posts or pages. Bounce Rate depends on Four Factors- Speed Design Link relevance Pictures If your Blog loads Fast, if your design is Elegant and […]

5 Tools to Check your Internet Speed

Most of us download Movies , Videos, Softwares online for free. But when you are out and want to Download anything from some other Computer ans Internet connection then you must check the Internet Speed before Downloading anything . Now I am going to post about some WebApps or tools using which you can check […]