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4D Modeling in Construction

In construction, 4D modeling is a term used to refer to a 3D model that includes the schedule of construction. 4D BIM adds a dimension to a 3D CAD model which enables the team to analyze several events. It also helps in visualizing the time a project will take and if it is within the […]

How can you add more success to your company events with new-age technology?

Did you know? Companies use 25% of business to business marketing resources for event production, organization, and management. While events still have the highest ROI among all conventional business marketing methods, it is also the costliest. However, not all events can master the art of engagement. Most participants remain mute audiences, and the ROI is […]

Increasing Brand Awareness in Five Easy Steps

All small businesses share the same challenge: visibility. If you cannot be found, then you will have a hard time making new customers. Increasing brand awareness is the only way for your small business to succeed, and to even eventually expand. Don’t rely solely on traditional methods, and definitely, don’t believe in the “build it […]

Should You Buy A Matte Screen Guard or A Glossy Screen Guard?

Smartphone owners are attached to their phones. They often face a dilemma when it comes to protecting their devices. They are not sure as to whether they should use a screen guard that is matte or glossy when it comes to the protection of their phones. Every smartphone has a large gorgeous display, and the […]

4 Dominating SEO Trends of 2017

The trends and best practices of the SEO industry keep changing constantly. Whatever may be in vogue for the last few years can be replaced by a new technology in just a few months.As an SEO practitioner, it is necessary to keep up with the current SEO trends so that your clients’ websites can maintain […]

Capturing Useful Tech Videos in HD From a Computer Screen Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Have you been watching a particularly useful tech video recently and wanted to capture it so that you could save it and watch it later? Of course, if it is a high-quality video then you probably would like to preserve its quality as well – which is why you may be looking for ways to […]