4 Dominating SEO Trends of 2017

The trends and best practices of the SEO industry keep changing constantly. Whatever may be in vogue for the last few years can be replaced by a new technology in just a few months.As an SEO practitioner, it is necessary to keep up with the current SEO trends so that your clients’ websites can maintain […]

5 Algorithm Updates That Changed the Course of SEO

Google makes changes to its algorithm almost every single month to offer the most relevant results to the users. While some of these algorithm updates don’t show their impact on the SERP, some are so fundamentally SEO altering that thousands of websites lose their rank overnight and it takes months to regain the lost position […]

5 WordPress SEO Plug-in You Must Use

WordPress is one of the leading content management systems in the market and it is used by millions of web developers to create websites and blogs. Developing a website is easy, but optimizing it for the search engines is a different matter altogether. It is not possible for every businessman to hire an SEO company […]

Consider The Situation and Marketing Goals to Choose between SEO and PPC

Cost is the factor for which marketers have to apply their minds to decide the way they want to make use of SEO and PPC. Since it is not possible to figure out the expected ROI, it becomes quite difficult to decide on the issue.  When done correctly, both SEO and PPC have an enormous […]

Guide to understanding SEO and aspects of optimizing a site

When it comes to SEO services, price becomes the major factor. Many people have managed to achieve success with the use of SEO services, while fake SEO companies had to be fooled some. Just like you pay for a service when you are comfortable with it, here also you should make the payment for the […]

A Look at the History and Impact of SEO on Modern Businesses

The impact of the internet on our lives is phenomenal. Undoubtedly it has changed society stupendously. The Internet is the most advanced, efficient and sound medium of the future. It creates an enormous impact on almost every sphere of our lives. One of its most important segments is internet marketing services which have allured public […]

How to get started with Home Automation

Home automation refers to using mechanical, electrical, or (increasingly) digital means by which to move various home functions from manual to automated. Home automation takes many forms and can be as simple as having a remote controlled thermostat, or as complex as having an entirely automated (or as close as possible, under the circumstances) home, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Your Business

If you are running a business in Edmonton, you appreciate how competitive this city can be. Of course this being the famous Canada’s Festival City, every brand wants to cash in on the constant flow of people here. Whether you are running an online store or a brick and mortar store around here, you have […]

Hiring an SEO Agency? Here Are 10 Questions They Should Answer

If you are running an online business today, you appreciate the competitive nature of the industry. While the internet marketplace allows businesses to extend their market reach, there is also increased competition, which puts smaller companies at a disadvantage. Such a challenge requires innovative thinking to overcome. A beautiful website is no longer enough to […]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaign is the most important marketing strategy when it comes to driving customers to certain actions, raising brand awareness or promoting the services and products. It is a necessity to know how to write and compose the right email, how to add an email signature and then send it to the right people […]

Aspects of Facebook advertising that every marketer must know

Marketers are attracted to post ads on Facebook because it costs them almost nothing while they get high to reach. The cost of an advertisement depends on the extent of engagement the ads create and its scope. The biggest advantage of Facebook advertising is that it gives your exceptional business outreach without pinching your pockets. […]