How can VPN support Remote working?

Over the last few decades, the business has evolved from a local to a global reach. Today, with the help of the internet, significant stakeholders can connect virtually with the best of vendors, dealers, and even business associates, with just a single click. There are a lot of IT companies who service clients across the Globe; their employees work as consultants at the client’s location and maintain them directly. In such situations, how do the employees access their internal company apps and company network?

Well, the answer is through a VPN. VPN or Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a program that establishes a safe, encrypted connection, which acts as a concealer over a less secure network, like the free public internet, and thus secures it from being watched by any external body.

However, the role of VPN is beyond just providing security, VPN supports remote working by permitting users to create a safe and secure online connection with a distant computer network from anywhere in the world. VPN generally secures the communication and the activity performed between the user and the company’s computer network.

The only thing that you need to ensure to make your remote working journey smooth is reliable internet connectivity. A weak internet will not allow the linking between user and network possible.

There are a lot of VPN providers in the market. Thus, it is essential to know how to pick the right provider, who can make your remote working experience seamless.

  1. Never Use a Free VPN

If you are traveling from one country to another, then you are sure to bump into a lot of VPN’s. They are quite an attractive option; however, not all free VPN’s can be trusted entirely, as they are not fully encrypted; thus, your data security is not complete. Moreover, there are some free VPN’s that act as a trap; once you latch on to them, the cybercriminals take over your system and steal your critical information.

  1. Is the VPN reliable


While working remotely, if the internet speed is constantly fluctuating, then it will be challenging for you to work and communicate with your company network. VPN’s use a lot of bandwidth for encryptions, thus lowering your internet speed. Accordingly, select a VPN provider that can use multiple internet connections, like Wi-Fi and mobile data. This way, your internet speed will not be compromised, and your work will run smoothly.

  1. Working on all devices

Irrespective of the device you are using, the VPN should work on all, be it Mac or any other laptop. Additionally, the VPN should also operate on iPhone and Android phones. Thus, select a VPN provider that provides you with multiple device connectivity, and the interface is easy to use on all systems.

  1. Ask for a free trial


Few VPN providers offer free trials. Free trials help you understand the product before investing in it. During this period, you can try out the features and determine the functions that you require. NordVPN is one such provider that gives free trials, there are different NordVPN offers available in the market, and their features are also better than the others.

Final Word:

VPN is the perfect solution for remote working; however, one must check for the above criteria before investing in a VPN. A VPN can cost you anywhere between $12-$15 monthly. It is by far the most cost-effective, the safest, and the most recommended option for companies that require excessive remote working.

All About ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer Technology


VPN companies offer pages upon pages of reasons why we can trust them with our data. After all, they need to convince us, as it’s our data going through their servers, and some companies are guilty of storing/selling user information they scraped from their VPN.

No matter how much you pay for a VPN, it can be hard to trust the one you’re currently using, even if all the reviews point out that nothing suspicious could possibly be going on behind the scenes.

However, one VPN company is unsatisfied with this suspicion its users may feel, opting for a more transparent look into how they store their users’ data. This company is no other than ExpressVPN, and their transparent look into how their servers work goes by the name of TrustedServer.

What is TrustedServer?

ExpressVPN defines TrustedServer as their secure method of keeping user data out of the hands of any employee, user or hacker that may come across their servers. But how do they guarantee this?

The core of TrustedServer lies in the way ExpressVPN’s servers handle storage. Most servers offload data to a hard drive or solid-state, but ExpressVPN has configured all of their VPN servers to use RAM as their primary form of storage.

As you may know, RAM is volatile memory, meaning that all data is lost when power is lost. So, when ExpressVPN reboots their servers, all the data present in the previous session is gone forever–literally no way to get them back.

Now, of course, you may still be a little suspicious of ExpressVPN’s claims. After all, their explanations may be all talk, no show. Fortunately, ExpressVPN knew what kind of response they would get from a single explanation, which is why they have an independent auditor that audits them regularly to make sure data is truly being erased.

If you want, there’s even a video on ExpressVPN’s site explaining the process of TrustedServer, so feel free to check it out.

Why is TrustedServer Important?


You may read through all of that and wonder to yourself why it matters, but keep in mind that cybersecurity has become a major focus for many in recent years. And with many VPNs turning out to be not so trustworthy, paranoia runs high in the cybersecurity industry.

With ExpressVPN displaying full transparency with their TrustedServer article, users’ paranoia can be settled and they can resume using their VPN without worry. Maybe other VPN companies will adopt the same policy of transparency one day, who knows?


There are many great choices concerning a personal VPN, but none are quite as transparent about the processes as ExpressVPN is, and with many becoming paranoid and wary about the programs they use, transparency will be vital going forward.

Knowing your VPN succeeds at encrypting your data isn’t enough anymore; we need to know how the VPN stores our data and what it does with it after. Things liked TrustedServer allow this in-depth look while keeping things simple for readers.

It’s no wonder why HP chose to partner with ExpressVPN for their recent laptop release–they’re trustworthy.

The Benefits of Construction Planning and Scheduling Software

A business which is planned well and follows a set schedule gets more done to gain the goal in sight. But planning and scheduling can be tiresome for some. More often, there is a possibility of losing track of tasks and thus missing out on some important modalities. Leave the manual work behind. Hop on the bandwagon of construction planning and scheduling software.

The new construction scheduling software products are proof of the same.

1.       Set a Goal

One of the foremost benefits of construction planning and scheduling software is the development of standards of output and success. When there is no plan in place with the desired end-result and a completion date, you won’t know whether you are on the right track to meet your goals. This is usually seen in revenue goals, but goals are impregnated in each part of the business. We must not forget revenues are resultant of other activities such as advertising and marketing along with the production and fulfillment of the capabilities.

2.       Feel Driven

Another benefit of having a construction planning and scheduling software means you have a plan written. It is a kind of to-do list, but this one pertains to the business. Every time you will check off a certain item on your set plan, it will fill you with confidence and drive you to do more. Not just you, your employees will feel the push too. Each item checked off is a small step of success towards the accomplishment of a larger goal. With a schedule in the pipeline, you can always track and record your work. Unfortunately, if you do not accomplish by the timeline, the record can be utilized to create a realistic plan and schedule for a similar project in future.

3.         Improves Team Communication

A planned and scheduled project helps in streamlining communication amongst the tea members. The guideline is the same for all the team members. This means when they work they are on the same page. If there is confusion in anyone’s mind about the timeline or the process in general, he can refer to the written plan. The manager can use the written plan as a guide while communicating with the team during the progress meetings. New contractor scheduling software leavesno room for confusions or disagreements.

4.         Expenses under Control

A well laid out project plan and schedule helps you in managing the project cost and manages it effectively. During the development of a plan, listing the investment estimate helps in finishing each step followed by measuring the total cost of the project. As you move from one step to the next on your plan, you can scan it closely and notice how well you are sticking to the estimated cost of the project. Henceforth, this analysis can be used to make adjustments and look into other alternative options, if the initial course seems inconsistent with the project.

5.         Efficient Service Delivery

Office and home construction scheduling software is regarded as the roadmap to business success. The best construction management software with an integrated accounting software assists in completing a project on time and within the allotted budget. This software is designed for the building and construction software to make each and every step simple and clearly understandable. All the members of the project team comprising of the designer, architect, builder, project manager, tradesman, sub contractor working on the project follow the same roadmap till the job is complete.

6.         Prepare for the Worst

A benefit often derived from an office or home construction scheduling software is that the company is prepared for any unexpected incident as compared to when no plan is outlined beforehand. An in-depth plan has multiple solutions – primary course of action and the remaining is the backup for the chosen option. In the case of an unexpected incident, you can move to “Plan B” and sail smoothly through the project.

7.         Accountability

While planning and scheduling a project, the project manager and the project team assigns responsibility for completing particular tasks to the specific employees. A team benefits as the employees hold their responsibility for a particular task and can be held accountable in case of failure to meet the timeline. When an employee understands the reward she can have and the cons of not being able to complete the task, he works on priority.

Summing upConstruction planning and scheduling software helps in making plans to gain success. It brings the workforce together and instils confidence, to promote efficiency and increase profits. Scheduling software records everything to look back and reflect on the success or failure of a project in a more comprehensive manner. This helps in redirecting strategies in time that are not working before it is too late.

The Top Five Best Kodi Add-Ons for Movies to Use Today

A lot depends on how you are making use of Kodi add-ons today! While some customers use it to stream live matches and music, others use it purely for movies. If you belong to the latter group and want to binge watch your choicest movies on Kodi, you can opt-in for some of the best add-ons that are available.

The best five Kodi add-ons are as follows:

    1. At The Flix

An interesting Kodi add-on, At The Flix, is all about your TV shows and movies. You can select from the well-designed main menu. On the home screen, there are several movie collections. Other than watching the recent film, there’s an option to view the 4K content as well. You can even select from the animated content. Furthermore, there are maintenance tools along with add-on packs that ensure this add-on works perfectly well.

    2. FlimOn Simple

Do you want to watch some of the best academic movies? If yes, then this add-on can help hugely! It is a simple Kodi add-on that you can access and use. Here you will have a series of various niche categories that is over 40 to select from. Other than documentaries and Indie movies, you can also choose from the live TV programs as well. Furthermore, make it a point to not miss out on FlimOn exclusives. As you research on the add-ons, you can you learn more on free VPN for streaming from basic online searches.

   3. Flimrise

Over the past few years, this add-on has hugely gained prominence! It is a leading legal streaming service that offers you with titles that is difficult to come across. Hence, it is a smart call to opt-in for Flimrise on Kodi. Also, installi9ng this add-on is easy. All you have to do is go to the official repository and get it installed. Furthermore, this add-on will provide you with daily updates that are helpful.

   4. Click Here

Many people call this to be a clone of Exodus, yet another add-on for Kodi. Click Here is helps you to navigate your way through TV shows and movies effortlessly. The moment you open this add-on, you will get welcomed with multiple content types. Whether you are opting in for TV shows or movies, there are sub-categories to opt-in for. Furthermore, the add-on also gets incorporated with Trakt that you can import without any hassles for your choice of TV shows and movies. Most Kodi users usually love this add-on!

   5. The Kratos

Many Kodi users have loved this newcomer add-on! Known as The Kratos, it gets defined as an “all in one” add-on. It gets you everything from a host of TV shows as well as movies that you can select from. The impressive quality about this add-on is its navigation. It has got developed on Exodus, users can find the similarity here. The main menu, however, needs a little bit of fine tuning, and you can also find plenty of sub-categories. Know about football kodi addons here.

Most users’ today love to binge watch movies! And for that, it is essential to count on these best five Kodi add-ons that help you select the best films and promises an effortless, customer experience.

Tips to Protect your company’s Digital Privacy

The year 2018 has seen hackers emboldened by their skills. As a result, they have taken aim at social media giants with millions of personal information of people all over the world. This has led to an increase in the importance of cybersecurity departments in business entities and a spike in the employment of people with highly in demand security skills.

As a business connected to the internet to reach an increasingly online customer and to create a strong online presence and brand, it is important that business owners now seriously consider the threats that they face regarding digital privacy. A breach in digital privacy leads businesses to lose customer appeal, trust and eventually they shut down.

Following are few tips that a business owner can easily apply to ensure that their company’s digital privacy is protected.

Using a Private Browser Window

This is one of the simplest methods to ensure that you are on the internet privately. Using a private browser window is an option allowed by the most commonly used web browsers. Whether you are using Firefox or Chrome for your browsing needs, you can easily choose the private browser mode and you will have protected your digital privacy.

Using the private browser windows ensures that your browsing history is not saved. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the websites you visited to follow and monitor your activities on the internet.

Internet marketing tactics that predict or identify you as a potential customer based on the websites you visit and items and links that you click on and websites that sell your digital information to marketers have increased the likelihood of being tracked and monitored while online.

Using a private browser window on your web browser protects you from these snoops and ensures that the digital privacy of your business is unlikely to be breached.

Use Passwords

To some, passwords are a waste of time. As a business, you should always ensure that you password-protect both your online profiles and your business hardware for example laptops, tablets, and phones.

Passwords are your first line of security for all your online data and information. Passwords should be kept private and distinct for each online account and activity.

In addition, like your bank always advise you, ensure that you change your passwords at least twice a year. Also, make sure that your passwords are not derived from personal information but random words and numbers.

There are free online tools that you can use to help you generate random passwords and store all of them safely so that you don’t forget.

Using a two-factor authentication

You know the way you have a key to your house and still have to disarm your alarm, otherwise, your alarm goes off and alerts security and authorities there is a break in? That’s how a two-factor authentication works.

Your password is the key, disarming the alarm is when the network or website you are on then sends to your phone a special code to enter before you can have access to your account.

A two-factor authentication ensures that you are the only one authorized to access certain accounts. You can also implement this with your customers to improve their perception that your business and website takes their digital privacy seriously.

Use a Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network ensures that your browsing sessions are secure and encrypted. It works by allowing you to use a virtual server to connect to the internet. The information relayed through this virtual server is encrypted for increased safety and digital privacy.

Just like using a private web browser, using a VPN ensures that you are not easily tracked and monitored while you are online. Using a virtual private network also allows you to access some websites that you could not access without it due to some restrictions although some could lead to you compromising your company’s digital privacy.

Using a secure search engine

A secure search engine is a search engine that does not sell its users information. One prominent secure search engine that you can use for your business browsing is DuckDuckGo. Unlike Google or Yahoo, this search engine does not track your online activity.

As a business owner, you know and are sure that your online activity is safe and secure while you are browsing or carrying out your transactions and communication with customers.

Using encrypted communication

Communication is an integral part of highly successful businesses. There is clear communication within the business and consistent and clear communication with customers.

Communication could either be through text, phone calls or emails. When communicating externally or internally through either of these modes of communication, business managers and owners should ensure that they have end-to-end encryption.

This means that the information being communicated is only seen and understood by the two parties in communication. Any other parties that may intercept the communication cannot decipher or understand it.

The most common encrypted mode of communication is Whatsapp. It allows for texts and phone calls. There are also encrypted email providers that you can use for your business to business or business to customer communication.

Keep your software up to date

As a business owner, always ensure that the software you use in your business is authentic and up to date. Authentic and up to date software increase the privacy of your online activities.

An authentic software is easy to update.  For example, you can have your software set to update automatically. Therefore whenever the software manufacturer releases an update for the software, you can easily get them the moment you have an internet connection.

Often, most software updates lead to increased security and privacy to the user when they are online.

Individual vigilance

As a business owner or manager, it is imperative on you to ensure that your online activities do not put you at risk of a breach in your digital privacy. Companies should ensure that all their employees are informed of the need to be vigilant while online and to ensure that they are not exposing the company to the risk of hacks and other online monitoring and tracking.

Companies should ensure that their employees are aware of these simple to use privacy protection techniques and to always use them to protect themselves, the company and their customers.

EaseUS – The Best Free Data Recovery Software


It happens a number of times that people delete their important files from their computer. And it can lead up to sever inconvenience if you have removed a vital document mistakenly. Fret not! No matter what you have deleted accidentally, it can be recovered using data recovery software. Let us tell you what are the types of files you can recover? As we utter the word ‘files’, please keep in mind that computer files can be anything. It can be videos, word files, PDFs, MP3 audios or text files. Till you initiate the recovery process, allow your computer to have some rest, try using it to a minimum. Why? Because the more you use it, the machine will automatically read more data and make it difficult for you to retrieve the deleted item.


Secured methods to recover deleted data

The most secure and hassle-free method to recover accidentally deleted items is to use the free data recovery software available online. Many of the software come for free; however, the authenticity is never compromised. The third party data recovery or memory card recovery software, EaseUS is one of the trusted software in this regard. One can download any of the free data recovery software to work with. Often software is open to short-term free trials, along with advanced updates to provide a user-friendly experience.

The data recovery software available online works quite good and can be trusted for getting your files back even if it has been deleted permanently from the recycle bin. However, many a time even if the file has been recovered, the content needs to be rewritten.

Usually, this is how free data recovery software works:

  1. If you have deleted an item from your computer and need to recover it, download free data recovery software first. Once downloaded, install it in the system, which most of the times needs permission from the user. The software then scans the whole system in order to get access to all the folders.
  2. Following the thorough scanning process, the software starts searching for the lost content.
  3. One should always disable third-party protection in order to run the software to search for the lost data.
  4. Once found the lost file, the user can easily restore the displayed file by just a click in the new file or folder.
  5. If anyone is worried thinking that the file content may get distorted during transfer, rest assured. Files recovered by data recovery software are permanent and is never changed during the restoration process.
Why prefer EaseUS data recovery software over others? Here goes the reason:

Want a fast recovery of your deleted items? EaseUS can help with that. EaseUS is fast and trusted data recovery software and you will get back your deleted items in just a few minutes and with a few clicks. While other data recovery software available in the industry only from the internal hard drive, with EaseUS one can restore the deleted files also from the external drive attached to the system.

Why EaseUS is best? It is because users can select the disk partition and storage location from where they have deleted the files.  Also, if you are facing issues in managing partitions, backup and restore your data, and transferring data, EaseUS can assist in that as well.

While you are working on windows, EaseUS has been considered as the most convenient software to work with by most users. It has been designed to deal with all complicated data loss, like deleted recovery, system crash, data recovery after virus attack, format recovery, and raw error. If you have accidentally deleted items from a personal machine, external hard drive, memory card, iPods, memory cards, DVDs, or USB drive can also be restored while keeping the content intact and in no time.

When compared to other data restoring software that follow the usual method of searching- scanning- restoring method, EaseUS can always provide a better experience because it can identify multiple tools and advanced settings. It works with all the versions of Windows and can recover files from 32 and 64-bit window versions.

Also, this software runs an automatic and deep scan to find out more documents followed by the quick scan. As all these are done, this software will allow its users to filter and preview all the recoverable files by its types. First select the files you want to keep, click recover, and restore them from the PC or any other external storage device.

How to avoid accidental deletion of important documents?

Now that we have provided ample information on data recovery software, one should be careful while working on their computers. To avoid accidental removal of important documents, files or folders, and throw it to the recycle bin, one should initiate for a confirmation when deleting files.

Computers cannot delete your important documents by themselves unless it has been commanded to work in such a manner. So in order to avoid accidental removal of documents, one has to modify the properties of the recycle bins. When you right click and tap and hold the recycle bin icon, there appears display delete confirmation dialogue which would make sure that you will check what’s in the box and if you are sure you want to delete it.

Have you deleted your documents permanently? Data recovery software can be your saviour. You can always undo permanent removal of files in Windows 10/8/7/XP and Vista. Follow the aforementioned methods or select any of the tools to make sure you get back all your documents with a single click and in a hassle-free mode.

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Choose Salon Management Software – For Better Business Yields

As a business owner it is essential to keep business running so that it can yield in high ROI.​ You’re probably wondering how is it possible. You have too many essential jobs to do from appointment to revenue calculation. All these elements are vital to run your business. Today, customer relationship is quite important because it helps a business to move forward. Entrepreneurs get so made up for lost time in showcasing endeavors and their main concern they overlook glad clients are what will bring them extreme business achievement.

Compatible software

Your clients are the building pieces of your whole business. Without them, your business won’t succeed. Salon owners have a great chance to construct enduring associations with their customers. The time went through with every client is an opportunity to become more acquainted with them better and discover how you can better serve their requirements.

The better you serve your clients and the better the compatibility you have with them – the better your business will do. Cheerful clients are rehash clients. A great deal of business people are stressed their costs will push clients away. In any case, entrepreneurs have over and again discovered they lose clients all the more regularly due to disappointment with the experience than with the cost. Being thoughtful, mindful, and humane to your clients and endeavoring to address their issues won’t just hold them returning – it will open the way to new clients, as well. In what capacity? Upbeat clients are far more inclined to prescribe your salon to their loved ones.

Ideal approach

What’s the most ideal approach to fabricate client connections? Obviously, a standout amongst the most essential things you and your representatives can do is to treat your clients with thoughtfulness. Make your salon a place which feels inviting and safe. Another progression you can take is to put resources into salon management software. By what method would this be able to sort of software enhance client relations?

Extraordinary features

No Appointment Mess Ups – There’s nothing more baffling than arrangement mistakes. Your chance is profitable certainly, however so is your customers’ opportunity. On the off chance that they feel you aren’t efficient or you don’t esteem their opportunity, soon they move to another salon. They may love the work you do, yet in the event that their arrangements keep getting botched up – individuals won’t dither to proceed onward to a salon they feel esteems their chance. Salonsoftware will keep the greater part of your arrangements all together. It will guarantee you and your clients are dependably in agreement as to their arrangements.

The Software Makes You Look Good – Salon software is especially great since it influences you to look okay. One of the proposals which business specialists make when the theme of client relations comes up is: influence the client to feel vital. The most ideal way you can do this is to make sense of what your clients need, what they like, what they require – and after that filling those necessities. Be that as it may, you have in excess of one customer. So how would you monitor everybody’s needs? You can do this effectively with salon software.

This kind of software enables you to keep documents on your clients so you can monitor the items they like and other easily overlooked details, which will enable you to recall them and what they require. The Best Salon Software Will Make Your Life So Much Easier- The best salon software isn’t simply going to enable you to manufacture better associations with your customer base – it will make your work life so substantially less demanding. Salon software will keep you and your representatives sorted out. It will enable you to monitor your stock, guaranteeing you never come up short on your top of the line supplies.

The bottom line

The best salon software isn’t simply going to enable you to fabricate better associations with your customer base – it will make your work life so considerably less demanding. One of the most acclaimed software is SalonTouch Studio. It can simplify you task and improve business operations. Such software will keep you and your employees organized all the time. It will help you to keep track of your inventory.

DesignCap – A Free Application for Making Posters and Flyers

Lately, various online applications can be found on the Internet, where you can edit your photos without having to install the application on your computer. The software team PearlMountain Limited went a step further and developed DesignCap web application that allows you to create attractive posters and flyers in just a few minutes.

There are hundreds of ready-made templates divided by categories that you can edit and add your own text, photo or background, so that those who do not have the previous knowledge and experience of graphics design can easily create their own artworks. The main features of DesignCap are hundreds of professionally designed templates and thousands of stock photos that can be used to enhance your creation. There are also dozens of attractive fonts that you can add “Glow” and “Outline” effects, as well as various shapes, icons and clipart images available.

With three easy steps, you can create an awesome poster/flyer.

  1. Add a template

Choose from hundreds of professional templates to get started, which cover various themes, such as advertising, sale, wedding, sports, holiday and event. You will get creative insights and inspiration from them. No matter you need a poster or flyer for your company events or marketing advertisements, DesignCap can satisfy you.

  1. Customize

You can upload your own photos or search through thousands of stock images to adjust. The handy and easy editing tools help you customize your designs the way you want. With a few mouse clicks, you can adjust size, position, rotation, change text font, color, effect, and alignment, apply specific background and manage layers.

  1. Export

When you’re done with your work, the application allows you to save PNG and JPG files in 4 different sizes (small, medium, large, and Xlarge), share via social media and if necessary, you can print them directly from the application.

The highlighted features of DesignCap:

* Free to use

* Use it without a registration

* No need to download any additional software on your computer

* Fast and easy workflow

* Download without watermarks of the product name

* Create as many as designs you want

* Available for novices as well as professionals

Overall, we can see that DesignCap presents access to a vast built-in database, offering high-quality templates and a vast collection of clipart images, shapes, fonts for selection. Even if you know nothing about graphics design, you can create posters and flyers with a professional look.

5 Easy Ways to Design Your Own Logos

The logo is a very important element for the visual identity of a company. Through it, the company differentiates itself from its competitors and transmits ideas and concepts quickly.

However, not all companies can rely on the help of a professional to develop their visual identity. Therefore, many entrepreneurs end up looking for more economical alternatives, such as the use of an online application to make a logo.

We’ve listed the 5 best logo-making applications available in the market. Meet each one of them and take your brand off the paper!


1.  DesignEvo

DesignEvo is an online logo maker that has over 3000 professionally designed templates available. It’s simple to use and anyone can use it to create free logos with a few mouse clicks.

You can choose a template and customize it to make it your own by changing the colors, fonts, and applying other icons or shapes. One of the good things is that it integrates millions of free icons in its database.

Best of all is that with DesignEvo you can create a logo without paying anything for it. Charges are only made if you want to download your logo at a higher resolution or wish to purchase other logo files (PDF or SVG) for your company.


2. Logaster

Logaster is a great choice for anyone looking for an online application to make logos quickly and with an affordable price.

With it, you can develop logos in a simple way, without the need for technical knowledge or mastery of image editing tools, such as Adobe Photoshop.

And in addition to creating logos, with Logaster you are also able to create business cards, envelopes and other basic stationery materials for the communication of a company.


3. Makr

Makr is increasingly being used to create materials and graphic elements essential for the promotion of companies, such as logos.

With Makr it is possible to create an attractive logo in a few touches. And in addition to logo creation, Makr also offers support for basic stationery such as business cards, event invitations and other important design elements for any business.

The cost to use Makr is small, and the platform has a basic plan starting at $ 6.99.


4. Logo Maker

Logo Maker is a great option for anyone looking for a free and efficient logo application. It is a fully online platform, which can be used directly in your internet browser.

Like other applications listed in this post, Logo Maker also offers you the option of creating materials like folders, business cards and even promotional banners.

But to download your logo and use it in your company’s communication pieces, you will have to pay a small fee.


5. Logojoy

Logojoy is another option for fully online logos, working in a similar way to Logo Maker. With Logojoy you can create a logo that is attractive to your company with a few clicks.

And now it’s your turn to choose an application to make a logo for your company.

PDF Forms Filling and Editing Just Got a Lot Easier With Able2Extract 12

Back in 2014, we introduced you to Able2Extract 9, a great tool that could tackle all of your PDF management needs. At the time Able2Extract was able to create, edit and convert various PDF files.

Now 3 years later we’ve decided to take a look at the latest version of the popular PDF solution. Inc. decided to expand on the features of their flagship software with one goal in mind – to bring the next level of PDF productivity to both office professionals and individuals.

At first sight, it seems they’ve done a great job. Able2Extract Professional 12 over time grew into a PDF powerhouse that encompasses all the features you’ll ever need for your PDF manipulation. Enhanced PDF security, PDF annotation options, data redaction just to name a few.

But the feature that caught our attention is the capability to fill, create and edit interactive PDF forms. No matter the industry you work in filling out various paperwork is a fact of life. When you need to deal with paper forms on a daily basis can be very tedious. One mistake is all it takes and you’ll need to start all over again.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that. The times of printing out forms, filling them out and scanning them back again are long behind us. Thanks to PDF Form Filler option you can seamlessly fill, create and edit PDF forms with Able2Extract. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about making a mistake because you can undo everything. Also, you will never have to waste paper again with the print/scan process.

Not to dwell too much it’s better to show you how to do it and make the most of it.

How to fill a PDF Form

To fill a PDF form with Able2Extract Pro 12 you just need to follow these steps:

1) Open the desired PDF form with Able2Extract.

Navigate to the top left corner of the toolbar and click the Open icon, locate the PDF file you wish to edit and click on open.

2)Now, all you need to do is to start filling out the required information.

You can instantly click on a field to enter your data and information. Able2Extract enables you to input text, click on radio and push buttons and to specify your options in the boxes as seen below.

The best part is that if you make any mistake you can re-edit the field and move on.

3) The final step is to save your filled PDF form by clicking on the Save icon on the toolbar.

How to Edit a PDF Form

If you want to do more with your PDF form you can use the integrated PDF form editor. It allows you to create and modify PDF forms as per your choosing. Advanced set of form creation tools enable you to take charge of how you collect your information. You can add a new text box or checkbox options. Here is how to do it:

1) Click on the Edit icon on the toolbar and Able2Extract will switch to the PDF editing mode.

Now you need to switch to the PDF form tab, just click on the small tab located to the right.

Once you’ve done that edit PDF form panel will appear. The panel is divided into two parts:

  • Form fields with options to add/delete: text boxes, combo boxes, list boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons and action buttons.

  • Properties where you can customize the font style and size, change the background and border color and more.

2) Make edits to the PDF form

For example, to add a new text box just click on the appropriate icon and select the exact position where you want to place it.

Also, in the properties menu along with the other customization options, you can further tailor the text box properties by clicking on the More button on the bottom. For our textbox example (last name), it would be a good idea to check the Do Not Spell Check option.

The same goes if you want to add any other form fields. You need to click on the icon, drag the field onto the page and adjust the properties if necessary.

We find the new Able2Extract being worthy of called an all-in-one PDF solution. Alongside with the ability to manipulate PDF forms Able2extract Pro 12 can insert custom bates numbering, annotate PDF files and much more hassle-free.

If you want to check it out to get a sense of how it deals with sophisticated PDF editing and conversion tasks you can download a free trial from their website and test it for a whole week.

Choosing the Best Accounting Software for Your Business

Are you just starting a business? Are you having trouble finding the most effective accounting software for your business? As we all know, accounting is the core of every business out there; be it small or large. It is impractical to run a business without an accounting department, right? Well, this post is meant to give you different accounting software options that you can choose from depending on your needs. So, keep reading.

First things first, accounting software is an application that is designed to record and process all your accounting transactions starting from single transactional entries, to the final book’s entries like trial balance, profit and loss accounts and the balance sheet accordingly. This information is compulsory for every business, be it a shop, a school, a company or a government institution. Basically, if you have money flowing in an out, accounting is a must.

But because man is to error, it is impossible for the human mind to handle this kind of transactions. Business has sought help with different accounting software. By looking at different Biz Software Reviews, it is evident that accounting software makes the task of record keeping of account books easier. The software is designed to help organizations, small or large, in maintaining accounting books by processing and recording all transactions. The software then posts these transactions to their respective accounts and analyzes the data for better and more profitable decisions for the company.

So, with that said, which is the most sought-after accounting software for business across the globe? If truth be told, there are two main accounting software available today. Sage 50 and QuickBooks are known to offer comparable capabilities when it comes to accounting.

Features of QuickBooks Accounting Software

  • The software is known to competently create invoices.
  • With QuickBooks, it is easy to do simplified billing and invoicing.
  • QuickBooks comes with different App integrations.
  • With QuickBooks, you get preconfigured and customizable reporting.

Features of Sage 50 Accounting Software

  • Sage 50 accounting software consolidates financials.
  • With Sage 50 accounting software, business intelligence reporting will be your way of life.
  • If you are looking for inventory management, Sage 50 accounting software offers exactly that.
  • Sage 50 accounting software also offers advanced security controls.

At the end of the day, whether you go for QuickBooks, Sage 50 or any other popular accounting software, here is what you should always remember. All accounting software generally have modules like accounts payables, accounts receivables, general ledger, inventory, billing, purchase order, sales order, bank book, cash book, you name it.

The above-mentioned modules happen to be the most important modules of accounting software. However, there are non-core modules like debt collection, payment performance, expenses and payroll that are also inclusive in the accounting software modules.

Lastly, accounting software can be classified according to their functionality. For example, personal accounting software will be classified for simple accounting tasks like expenses and managing budget. Another example is the inventory-accounting software category used with sales and purchases.

6 Essential Steps on How to Convert Audio Files into Text

Do you want to convert your audio file into a text document? This is a very common challenge that students precisely have to face during their academic life. On the other hand, media persons also find themselves in the same predicament especially when they want to document an interview that was done through audio recording.

As we all know, typing each word from your audio file is time-consuming and quite boring. No one wants to sit for hours listening to an audio file, playing back several times and manually typing the words onto a system. Therefore, whether you are a student, a journalist, a public relations expert or a lecturer, this post is meant to help you to convert your audio files into text documents easily.

  • Find a transcription site that is best for you

The internet is flooded with different transcription websites that you can choose from. All you need to do is find one that favours your needs. For example, there are several sites that will convert your files for free. Therefore, if you are a student, such sites will be best for you.


  • Subscribe or create an account

There are several transcription sites that will ask you to subscribe or at least create an account. Such sites are best, especially if converting files is something that you will be doing regularly. For example, for media persons who are out for interviews on a frequent basis, it is best that you create an account with such a website. It will be easier for you to log in and convert your files than if you were to find a new site every time you need to convert files.


  • Upload your file/files

Now that you have found a transcription site that best suits you, go ahead and upload your audio file. Find the audio to text converter button and watch as the file is converted to a text document. This might take as long as seconds to minutes depending on the size of your audio file, so be patient and wait for the process to be completed.


  • Verify the language used in your audio file

For some conversion sites, it is mandatory that you identify the language used in your audio. Choosing the wrong language or not identifying a language at all might give you mismatched or very messed up text files.


  • Verify payment and other order details

For websites that charge a certain fee for conversion, you must ensure that you verify payment before you can receive your audio to a text document.


  • Copy and save the document

When the conversion process is complete, you can copy the text document from the text box and save it as a word document on your computer. The process is now complete and your document is ready for use.

On a final note, be sure to get recommendations from your friends, family or colleagues especially if this is your first time converting audio file to a text document.