Transform Windows 7 into Windows XP, Vista or Ubuntu

Which OS do you use in your Computer? If you are using Windows 7 then this Post is for you. Now days there are lots of Softwares which work in Windows 7 and there are many PC and Laptops which doesnt support Windows XP more. But there are many fans of Windows XP a lot […]

Have a Look on Windows 8 Consumer Preview [Download]

Most of us use Microsoft Windows as our Default Operating System. Microsoft has been working on its upcoming Operating system named as Windows 8 and now a Windows 8 Consumer Preview is Available for download by which user can experience some features of Windows 8 . 

VLC 2.0 “TwoFlower” Released – Download Now

Finally VideoLAN has released its Next Version of “VLC Media Player” that is VLC 2.0 which is named as “TwoFlower” . VLC is the Most Popular Player in Windows / Mac / Linux too. This is because it is Free and Open Source and Plays Videos and Audios of Any format including DVD, Audio CD, […]

How to Check PC Specifications and CPU Temperature

We use “System Information” in order to check the Features or Specifications of a System. And we can know Almost all the specifications of the System / PC . But what if if you want to know the Temperature of the CPU or the Processor ? It is not possible to know about the temperature […]

How to Print a Whole Page / Window which needs Scrolling

Almost all of us must be using the PrintScreen Button in order to print a Screen or a Webpage. The button in available in almost all keyboards written PrntScr . But what do we do when we need to print a whole page or a Window which is larger than the Screen or  the Page […]

How to Play Games which require High Graphics with 3D Analyze

Can you play games which Requires high Graphics to Run? If No then this Post is for you. My friend brought a Beand New Game to play in his Computer but when he tried to run the Game after installing it showed a black screen and was able to here the sound only and nothing […]

IPadian- A Free IPad Simulator For Windows

Out of the most expensive and the exclusive products of Apple iPad is the most unique. The quality of the products are incomparable. iPadian is an iPad stimulator for windows in which we can use and access all the features of iOS in our Windows 7 , Vista or XP.  This software comes with preinstalled Facebook, […]

How to Access PC remotely from Mobile Devices

You must have heard about it but never used it. Today i am going to tell you about an application from which you can access your PC directly from your Android or iPhone. The name of the app is TEAM VIEWER. Most of us have used this application as it is used to connect two […]

RockMelt : The Best social Browser the the best for Facebook

Rockmelt is the best web Browser for the modern days guys as it have almost all the inbuilt features which a Social Media Lover guy needs. It have something more than just surfing webpages. It helps to do all those things easily which we do every single day in the web i.e keeping connected with […]