6 WordPress Errors that can influence your website SEO

WordPress is an open source website formation tool. This is one of the coolest and influential content management systems prevailing today. It is a perfect choice for inexpert and non-mechanical users who can easily build the website without so many formalities.

WordPress is a perfect platform for a diversity of websites for creating a content management system in one place. It is easy to use and a perfect tool for all companies and developers, but there are some WordPress faults that give little stress. However, some of its errors fixed up easily, but there are some few errors you need to know about how to fix them and why they occur.

The best in all its SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, file manager, and sitemap XML makes the SEO cool for the websites. Running an SEO website is not a cup of tea for anyone even with a WordPress. There are some fundamentals from which you have to stay update and make the things easy to run a website on SEO.

To run all the things in the correct way you should find out those errors and reasons that negatively affect your website SEO. Go ahead with the page and find out your answers if you need any help of experts you can click here for marketing company.

404 Error

If this error occurs on your website it is not your fault it is the client side error. It is a failure to find out the given request given by your customer in your website. For example, in your website, you are sharing some external links of your client site or if he delete the links and they are still present in your WordPress plugins it shows 404 sever not found on the user’s pc. If your site contains a number of broken links it seriously damages your website reputation and creates a poor experience for the user. These are three types of errors such as external 404, outgoing 404, and internal 404.

To repair these errors you must read out your website broken links to increase the User experience and always make sure your SEO is running best.

404 Not found the error

It is a failure of the request which makes by your user. It is a client-side problem which seriously affects the traffic of your website. It sometimes is shown as “file not found” in the search request. The common reason for this matter is permalink settings in WordPress. If you want to fix this issue you have to re-configure your site permalink settings and manually apprise all the rules.


Google crawling errors

Crawl errors occur when Google can’t able to crawl your site on search engine. For example, if the user searches a website and it shows a site error or crawls errors. Another words you can say the user does not reach your website when Google fails to recognize the URL of the entered address. This affects very badly to your site because Google can’t rank and crawl the site.

502 gateway based errors

These are mostly bewildering errors which generally appears on the WordPress website it mostly occurs when your website takes a lot of time to load without showing any error.

In other words, you can say that when your apps I receive the bad response from another server it might be network or browser problem but there is something wrong in your WordPress as well so look out this error first because if it occurs again and again it affects the traffic very severely. To fix this issue you have to check out the Configuration settings.

500 internal server error

It is an indication that your website server getting trouble in delivering the precise information to the user. This error is frequent in the websites with you have to make sure that it never occurs in your website because it affects the repetition and traffic of your website badly even it affects the Search Engine Optimization. It eventually leads you website in the bad situation where you can’t get any visitors or ranking by the Google.

504 gateway timeout error

This error often caused when the user requesting to read the information of your website and it takes a lot of time to proceed and then shows Timeout error to the user. It generally affects your website visitors because no one wants to deal with that website which takes a lot of time to proceed so please make sure this error is fixed. To fix it you need to check out the WordPress Firewall like Cloudflare.


If you are doing SEO with your website so you have to fix up these errors as soon as possible because it is the only way to generate high-quality traffic and genuine visitors to your website that can easily crawl by the Google and better your site reputation in the Google as well as in the consumer choices.

New technologies to integrate in modern luxurious homes

Luxurious homes are not quite a new thing. Every generation sets its own standards and quite often, some of the features valued by one generation may mean something very different for the next one. Again, the exclusivity and lifestyle of luxurious homes is determined by a number of factors such as location, materials used, technology among others.

Modern luxury home construction introduces fixtures to make life even more comfortable. Among notable characteristics is the automation of most of the basic elements in a standard home .As expected, these features come at a premium price but they as well uplift the status of these homes significantly. Below are some of the technologies setting these homes apart and in their own league?

Customized Home Theatre Systems

Home theatres are common, features in several homes today but the level of sophistication being witnessed in some luxurious homes leaves you breathless. In Massachusetts, a mansion sitting on 7.6 acres of land boasts of 14 flat-panel TVs attached to a system that controls virtually every aspect of the home including a magnificent wine cellar.

Wine cellars seem to have a deep meaning for luxurious living. One home in California boasts of a wine cellar able to contain 1200 bottles .Not a bad thing at all.

The other notable aspects of entertainment luxury in homes include inclining chairs arranged in rows to resemble the theater set-up. Such is the case in a California home rumored to have cost the owner a whooping $675 000 to install the high-tech stereo system.

Car  elevator and a living room parking

We would love to have our cars in close sight at any time but it is not always possible. However, thanks to technology, people can now park right in their living room regardless of which floor they live in. A house in Singapore takes pride in having a car elevator that has a treadmill and rotating floors. How about that? Although there is only one elevator for all 56 apartments, this idea still revolutionalises what is achievable through technology.

Underground Music for the Swimming Pool.

Bill Gates has stretched technology to unimaginable heights. It is well articulated in Washington home. The Gate’s home is surrounded by a lake. The catch here is that the driveways, walkways, and floors are heated all year round to the comfort of the Gates and their guests. The walls are fitted with touchscreen panels that direct users around the humungous house that boasts of 66 000square foot. The screens are accessed by pins carried by occupants of the house and programmed as per their taste of music, temperature, lighting among other choices.


But it is the swimming pool that scores the highest tech performance. To begin with, it is customizable and is attached to an underwater music system. That is pure luxury.

Power Generating House in Germany

As debate about green energy ranges on, power consumption in high-tech homes takes centre stage. It is perhaps in this light that engineers in Germany developed the house described as the first one to produce more power than it actually needs. The Heliotrope hosts a huge multidirectional solar panel o its roof enabling it to tap solar power from any direction, anytime of the day. The massive panel is also able to maintain a unified climate and floor warmth around the house while filtering rain water. The house waste disposal system is also engineered to produce dry, odorless solids.

Tech is the future

Luxurious technology in high-end homes is multi–faceted. It doesn’t focus on only one aspect of living but seemingly captures several elements. Notably, there are three key areas that have been given prominence: entertainment, energy efficiency and security.

Using the Internet of Things (IoT) it has been possible to install features that enable people to control a wide range of operations in these houses. A wireless tablet for instance is a common feature in luxurious homes and enables homeowners to control room temperatures, house chores among other elements.


It has been clearly demonstrated that technology will determine not just the pricing but also the extent to which human beings will go to achieve a certain level of comfort. There is stretched imagination and a desire to achieve just about anything that the mind can conceive.

One of the features that are likely to be heavily integrated is Virtual Reality (VR). VR has the ability to give people experiences of places and things they only have imagined or whose memories evoke wonderful feeling. Since VR has been used widely in provision of healthcare, it is likely that it will be integrated into homes, specifically to assist people living with terminal illnesses.

Gaming is also being experienced differently through VR and there is an emerging trend where VR equipment is becoming a common feature in homes.

Samsung Dex: Turn your Galaxy phone into a full fledge desktop

Earlier people would dream about using their phones as a primary computer and now it is becoming a reality. Modern smartphones are easily more powerful than the customers that use just a couple of years ago, we have seen many unsuccessful attempts to turn the devices into new computers. Microsoft came up with so many promising products and now it is the turn of Samsung that has come up with a product that launches many successful new flagships- one of them is Samsung Dex that is making headlines almost everyday.

What is a Samsung Dex?

Samsung DeX is quite a lot more than your average docking station hardware. It comes with a platform that will turn your smartphone into a computing experience. The newest Galaxy Tab S4 along with Galaxy Note 9 can be extended to an external monitor with the help of an HDMI cable and it won’t have any docking station hardware needed. The DeX platform is compatible with the smartphones and projects a proper desktop environment to a monitor that is external and is in desktop mode. The apps optimized for DeX have a similar look compared to what you can find inside a PC environment so that you can experience the computing without working with the magnified phone apps.

Who can use this?

While consumers generally get by using their phones as their only way of using a computer, they tend to very satisfied by using DeX for a good desktop experience and the focus over here is DeX which is an enterprise. DeX improves security for your overall system, boosts productivity and also satisfies end users, especially those who are frustrated with their desktop computing experience.



The connectivity is actually much simpler than what you are thinking. You have to take the Galaxy Note 9, connect it to the adapter with the help of a type C cable and the HDMI from the other side of the adapter to the monitor. When you use your TV, do select the HDMI mode and you will be seeing a welcome screen that shows you all the features and how you should operate.

Road Warriors

The first DeX station is quite chunky and if you want to enjoy a full experience of a desktop, then you need to connect the monitor while you are packing the DeX station. This will also include a keyboard as well as a mouse. The DeX pad will allow the smartphone to save weight for road warriors. With the new DeX experience, you can always leave the station along with the pad at the office and then travel with the help of an HDMI cable.

Travel and hospitality

Most business centres have hotels that are common, but they also need computers, keyboards, monitors and personnel that is needed to keep them secure as well as maintain. It is also quite common for the visitors to log inside the accounts on the computers while opening for security breaches. If such centres were just external monitors and stations, then the users would take care of their own responsibility, provide the power and also give you a familiar experience of a computer all over the world.


The price of the DeX pad is going at 68.88 dollars. The regular price has gone up to 100 dollars if you get hold of the USB types and the HDMI. There is literally no ethernet port that is used on the DeX Pad, but that won’t have any cooling fan and must be charged up while the phone is still in use. The weight is only 135.4 kg and is a lot more portable than just a DeX station.

Although Samsung Galaxy is currently trending across the world with the help of its computing solution, many others are also looking to make the smartphone with the computing device easier. Huawei has recently launched the Desktop Mode with the help of its newest phones. When the HDMI cable has been connected with the help of an external display, the desktop environment will be projected from the phone towards the monitor

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article. We will back soon with more updates on Samsung Dex!

How to Choose Gas Tankless Water Heater

Having a tankless water heater at home is definitely a great choice, especially during the winter season and you have an entirely family that needs to bathe. However, choosing one may not be half as easy as many people think. For this, you will have to understand what they are, the process of their installation, what benefits they offer and what you should consider before buying one. Find out all about it in the comment box below.

If you want to know more about the gas tankless water heater, go ahead and read more on CosyHousehold.

What is a tankless water heater?

Popular called ‘demand-type’ or instantaneous water heaters, tankless water heaters provide you hot water only when it is needed. They have the standby energy losses that are associated with water heaters that let you save money. Here you will find information about the way things work, regardless of whether the water heater may be good for you or not. This will help you select a good model.

Installation process

The installation of gas tankless water heaters helps you increase the energy efficiency. It depends on several factors such as climate, local building code requirements, safety issues including those concerning the combustion of water heaters that are gas-fired. Therefore, when you are finding one, make sure to go through a list. Here’s what the selection process should include:

  • Looking for references
  • Request for cost estimates when it comes to writing
  • Check the name of the company with the local better business bureau
  • Check whether the company has obtained a good permit if required and understand the building codes as well.

Tips on choosing a good gas tankless water tanker!

Here are some basic tips you should follow while searching for water heaters!

Know what the pros and cons are

Before you buy a gas tankless water heater, do know what the advantages and disadvantages are. These heaters have the ability to provide you with a good supply of hot water. They allow your water to stay ready at all times. Not just that, it saves a whole lot of energy and comes with a smaller carbon footprint because of its smaller physical size that has less materials and reduces the cost of transportation. It can last for 20 years and the parts are very easy to replace. On the other side, it may be difficult to choose them because they have a whole variety and not all of them are good.


Go for something that suits your needs

You should always go for something that suits the needs of your family. There are several calculators available online to help you with this process. It is also important that the water heater works the way you want it to know. You should have a good knowledge regarding the flow rate, the temperature rise and the outlet temperature as well. That should also be helpful.

Know how much you want to run it

You should have a good idea about the number of devices that need to run along with the complete flow rate. Apart from that, the flow rates are something that should not be underestimated. This is, however, the flow rate that you will need for the demand water heater.

The sizing matters too

One average shower session last somewhere between 104 to 106 degrees. Approximately 3 to 5 gallons of water is used. If we assume that the water temperature is around 40 degrees, you should be able to produce enough hot water in order to run two showers. What temperatures would rise and what you would require to accomplish that.

Why should you have a tankless water heater

No more cold waters

If you have around 4 family members at your place, there are chances that the battle for hot water will come to an end. Tankless water heaters are good for those who prefer to have hot showers. There is always enough hot water in the deposit and can be used for as long as you please, even if you have a big family.

Tankless Heaters

Traditional tank water heaters can last around 6 to 10 years and sometimes they can go up to 15 years. They are great if you are looking for a long term investment. The unit will add value to your home and make it look more beautiful!

Saves a lot of money

Tankless units are very efficient and save a whole lot of money. Since they have less water and can run efficiently and can be used in your pocket every month. It can be estimated for the average tankless water heater that lets you save around 30 percent annually.

Saves a lot of space

Tankless water heaters are great water savers. They can generally be connected to your water, are much safer to use compared to other tank heaters and can be placed in areas where you can keep the heater away.

Pure Water

The biggest benefit of using a gas tankless water heater is that the water is pure and is free from contamination. It helps you get clean water and is much safer to drink with. If you have questions about the pros and cons, you can let us know in the comment section below and we will get back to you.

What are the best places to hunt for them?

The best place to choose gas tankless water heaters is online. However, if you are feeling sceptical and unsure as to how you should go about it, go ahead and speak to some experts who have experience in this field. They should be able to give you some advice and tips on how you should go about the buying procedure.

With that, we complete our post. We hope you have found all the information that you were looking for. And don’t forget to share this with those who are looking for advice. On that note, good luck and give us a shout out whenever you need.

4 Important Tips For Investing In Tech Stocks

Technology is a diverse and incredibly big sector and individuals must critically understand where they are investing. This is because suggestions and advice that make sense when investing in enterprise software businesses may not hold for chip companies or consumer internet. Furthermore, technology is quite different compared to other major sectors as a result of its fast growth, and continuous change and invention of new products and services that keep shaping this sector. Here are a few facts to keep in mind when investing in tech stocks.

Exuberance and fear are part of investing

In the tech sector, you should be prepared for moments of excitement and moments of sadness and fear. This is because, in this sector, products, technologies, and companies usually get extremely hyped with investors having great expectations, and predictions of doom are also normal for many companies that seem to be operating on the wrong side of major trends. Furthermore, the spending habits of consumers tend to change drastically within a short time. Therefore, it is natural for emotions to get the best of even the investors who are knowledgeable and highly informed.

Uncertainty results in more opportunities

Humans were created to be risk-averse creatures. This is the major reason why stocks usually outstrip bonds over a specified timeframe. Furthermore, worries about unexpected or forthcoming risks can result in depression of a company’s shares even when the chances predict a good outcome. This tends to happen more in the tech shares sector, and this is why investors should remember that in all situations, perspective is crucial. Always keep in mind what the company you are investing in has going for it and why any worst-case scenario is unlikely to happen. This kind of thinking will eventually pay off significantly in the long run.

Excellent management is important

When investing in the best tech stocks, you should always consider the type of leadership or management, and how competent they are. This is because when you invest in a business that is run by incompetent individuals, you may not reap more benefits in the future. With the dynamic nature of the tech sector, you will expect a management that ensures its products or services remain unique so as to attract more consumers in the long run. For example, when you invest in Amazon or Facebook shares, you will not only be investing in the company’s existing businesses but also on the ability of Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg and their team to create new significant businesses over time.

Never ignore the small companies

When investing in stock shares, you should never ignore the smaller, well-run, and focused companies and just concentrate on multinationals or globally-known companies. This is because, over time, the smaller well-managed companies tend to outperform the bigger companies that are involved in several businesses. If a bigger tech company cannot depend on strengths such as its brand, ecosystem, and scale to suppress start-ups, then smaller start-ups that can differentiate their products and are focused on limited products and services that execute better than bigger and less focused rivals are likely to do better.

When investing in the tech sector, you should remember that big technological trends are usually overhyped for a short period of time and then under-hyped in the long run. Major tech trends usually move slowly during the first few years after unveiling their new revolutionary services or products. This is because it takes a lot of time for a new concept or compelling technology to become reliable, cheap and scalable, or have adequate features to fulfill the desires of its early marketers. Furthermore, changing longstanding business and consumer habits takes time. To succeed in the tech sector, be sure to keep all the aforementioned tips in mind when investing.

How to Choose an Amazing SEO Company For Your Business

You may notice a lot of spam and disreputable companies circulating online. This can be so frustrating and intimidating, especially when you are looking for something very urgently. You cannot regulate the amount of companies going online, but you’re accountable for anything you choose to engage with online.

Businesses have websites to monitor and serve their online customers, and they have earned customer trust. It’s unfortunate that most people conduct everything online, but cannot put a face behind the websites. Some websites ask for confidential information. However, one should give their information only if they trust them. You need due diligence before selecting or picking any SEO company.

  • Realistic offerings

You are not accountable for what you hear, but what you do with the information is up to you. When you are evaluating several agencies, you need to be careful to only believe realistic figures and information. Do not be quick to jump into an agreement because the company has given you unbelievable profit figures. You cannot be working on guarantees because SEO is normally an ongoing thing, and it surely can’t guarantee you 100%. What you need to know is that the search is beyond the agency’s control.  Any promise of overnight SEO success should raise alarm. This is because most times it takes a while, although in some cases, it can have an impact immediately.

  • Reviews, testimonials and case-studies

You are always free to ask around from your fellow businessmen. They will give you an insight on what you are walking into. They can also give their side of the story. These testimonies will shed light on the little knowledge you had. Good SEO companies should have case studies at hand. After all, a company is always proud of its successes..

They should also give relevant examples, and highlight their previous work. This will help you evaluate the ability of the company. This will also validate their expertise and skills, which will obviously give you the assurance that the company will deliver. A good SEO company has a list of clients in their portfolio. You can reflect on how their clients are doing, and decide whether it’s the right company for you.

  • Experience

The truth is, time will always tell whether you will survive a certain condition or not. The same goes for SEO companies. Gather your information, and know how long the company you are about to engage with has been around. The longer it’s been around, the higher the knowledge or expertise. The level of experience definitely comes with the time spent around the platform. Numbers don’t lie; how many years have they been offering the services? Memphis SEO Experts have been in the market for a while.

More time will indicate that the company has enough study of the market. The company will help you figure the market niche and capitalize on it. You will also get to know how many clients they have served, from the time the company has been around. Different clients have different issues and fears addressed; therefore, you will know your website needs, and definitely know if the SEO company meets your criteria.

  • Consultations and fees

The company may meet all your requirements; but how far are you willing to stretch your finances so as to achieve this goal? You may not be in a position to afford their charges, maybe because of certain financial constraints. You need a budget to help you reconcile your ledgers. If the company doesn’t meet your budget, then it’s unfortunate.

Ask the company if it offers packages. Sometimes paying for the SEO services as a package is easier because you get better offers and terms that can favor both you and your business. If the company offers packages, just pick one that is in your price range. You can also inquire about their monthly packages. This will make you conversant with their products.

  • Practices

The truth is, you cannot engage in illegal strategies, even if they promise to bring in more revenue than your competitors. The main point is making revenue and growing your business to greater heights. However, you will not achieve this in the long term, if you indulge in malpractices that are against the law. Get to know what the companies’ strategies are, and pick one that meets your goals. Make sure the company explains all the nitty-gritty to avoid you buying blind ideas. If a company offers you any unethical strategies, it should raise a concern.

  • Goals

You need to know your goals. Don’t compromise with any company about it. The company should fit in your proposal, and not the other way around. Evaluate your business; know whether it requires a fresh start or just reviewing of a few strategies. If you’re not sure, kindly get a digital marketing analyst to evaluate it for you. A good SEO company will analyze a business and get to know the input required, or where the problem is. It should come with data to back its intel. This intel will prove which areas are beneficial, and why you need them. The solution may not be a new website; it might just require expanding the existing one.

  • Certifications

While there is usually no SEO certificate, there are standard certifications that are required. Google and Yahoo have their own certifications for PPC (pay-per-click). According to wodstream.com, it’s a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to earn them organically. You need to have proper knowledge of all this.

  • Trust and reliability

You don’t want a company that may not be readily available when you need to discuss why something is not going as planned. You need a company that will be accountable and readily available in case you have a concern. This can only be brought about by the trust, and trust is not given, it’s earned. This will happen after a while.


Why no SEO strategy can be complete without considering long tail keywords

SEO is keyword driven because keywords connect you to the audience. To succeed in SEO, you have to gain wide outreach that increases the visibility of your website for which you have to bank for the right keywords. Which keywords to choose is an essential decision for marketers. With wide outreach in mind, it makes sense to rely on the powers of long tail keywords.  Keywords show the way to reach the top rungs of search results and long tail keywords have exceptional powers to help achieve the goals of high rankings.  This has become more important because SEO has evolved over time and Google has thrown out the nasty tricks of keyword stuffing into the trash bin.

Today, you have to use few but high impacting keyword phrases that can widen the search horizon and pinpoint the questions that arise in the minds of the audience. Just as Google pays more importance to understand the user intention behind searches, you must also adopt the same line for the same purpose. Against this backdrop, specific keywords become useless as it does not capture the user intent and leave options open for search engines that make it difficult to dish out the most appropriate search result. Therefore, turning to long tail keywords is the only way to impress search engines and users alike and connect closely with the audience. This is applicable across the globe from San Francisco to Tokyo, cutting across the continents.   In this article, we will discuss why long tail keywords should be your favourite choice for launching a strong SEO campaign.

Long tail keywords could make you a winner

Keyword strategies are still important, but you have to change your perception about keywords. Then only, you would discover that focusing on long tail keywords give better SEO returns than relying on top keywords in your business niche.  The only way to overtake competition is to create keyword strategies that revolve around long tail keywords because studies have revealed that whether optimized or not, long tail keywords have a much higher impact on search rankings than single word keywords.

All websites vie for the first five spots in SERP, and the competition is so intense that only the companies with strong financial muscles and a big brother attitude in the industry dominate the top ranks. Others have to remain contended with the lower spots and should be happy if they manage to find a place on the first page of the search results. To overcome the problem, start using long tail keywords that tend to be more specific but face lower competition. However, you have to be smart enough to identify the niche keywords that the audience is fond of and optimize the pages for those keyword phrases.

Understand searches in a better way

For the best SEO results, you have to align your campaign in a way so that it reaches closest to the heart of the audience. This is possible when you can synchronize the campaign with the search trends that help to understand the motive or intention of users behind the searches. Once you know what users are searching, it becomes easier to create the most appropriate content that makes them happy. By targeting long tail keywords, it becomes easy to get closer to the searchers’ intent because searchers use long tail keywords for searching the internet.  To figure out the impact of long tail keywords, compare the effects of searching with keywords ‘search engine optimization’ and ‘mobile search engine optimization’ in searches. The latter returns a more specific and precise answer to the query.

Faceless competition in selecting keywords

Long tail keywords are viable alternatives to keywords that face stiff competition.  If you are competing for words like ‘vacation’ or ‘real estate’ you would find it almost impossible to make a dent with it in the face of the onslaught from bigger players. Instead, you could still stay very close to the chosen keyword but avoid the competition if you tweak it a little and make it ‘Florida based vacation’  or ‘ Santa Maria real estate.’ There would be a considerable reduction in search volume for the long tail keywords due to the tweaking, but it would still hold bright prospects for SEO.

Improved ranking for all pages

Search engines prefer searches that are more natural and intuitive and imitate the spoken words. The trend has been going on for some time and likely to increase now that Google has started to give more emphasis to voice searches. Search engines are now capable of handling spoken words whether it appears in print or spoken over the microphone of the device used for searching. Search engines are better equipped to handle searches that resemble spoken words because when searchers use more words in searches, it helps to explain the user intention much better. Since Google wants to provide the best result that depends on proper understanding of user intention, it gives more importance to natural sounding searches.  If you follow the searching trends and choose long tail keywords, it would become easier to find a place in the top order of the search results.

Enjoy more conversions

In the end, everything boils down to conversions in SEO because it generates revenue. What sense would it make to perform well in SEO if it does not set moneybags ringing for business owners?  Long tail keywords are winners in this respect also because of its ability to generate more conversions.  Long tail keywords influence buyers who are at an advanced stage in the purchasing funnel, having already done a lot of groundwork and taken a decision about buying.  When they reach your website, there are high chances that they would buy from it. Although the traffic flow from long tail keywords might not be very impressive, the higher rate of conversion makes it much more effective in providing returns.

The long tail keyword is nothing new, but you need to have a new look at your keyword strategy to give more focus to it.

Cutting Edge Gadgets for Taking Time Out

“You don’t have to make yourself miserable to be successful. It’s natural to look back and mythologize the long nights and manic moments of genius, but success isn’t about working hard, it’s about working smart.” ―Andrew Wilkinson, founder of MetaLab

Bottom of Form

We live in an exciting, but fast paced world where technology is changing rapidly. Kids are growing up tech native and most of us use and love how tech has made our lives more convenient  and interesting, and our work productivity go up.

Tech can serve us well not just at work, but in our leisure time as well. As recommended by self-help gurus and business coaches the world over time off and work life balance is an integral part of overall well-being. Read on to find out how 6 new tech developments can help you take that much needed break to recharge your batteries!

  1. The Snap SmartCam for home security

This is a deceptively small full HD 1080p resolution security camera that will watch your home while you are away at work, shopping, or any other necessary daily task. No batteries are required. And its likeness to a USB means that this camera is hidden.


  1. A creative way to charge your devices – Trusty Charge

This is an all-in-one charger– hooray! It has multiple sources of creating power – mechanical by cranking and solar, making it absolutely perfect for trips away. It can charge your devices via USB connections and also serves as a flashlight.

  1. The Night Guide– high definition driving glasses

And here we have some wearable tech in the form of Night Guide driving glasses. These high tech glasses enhance the colors you see at night to give you a better view of your nighttime surroundings.

  1.  A monocular lens for your smartphone camera – Starscope MonocularThe optical instrument every outdoor lover needs.”

Smartphone camera technology continues to develop, with each new version that is released. But constant users of smartphones who are looking to maximize the abilities of their cameras may benefit from the Starscope Monocular. This is a camera lens that you can use with your existing smartphone which will provide you with zoom capabilities of up to 10x at a very affordable price.

  1.  A full kit of emergency car tools – Roadside Hero

Who doesn’t need a flashlight with solar powered multi-function survival flashlight with hammer, belt cutter, magnet, compass, and power bank? It can be used as a regular 3-mode 200 lumen standard flashlight, 10 LED bright white work light, or red emergency SOS light. Roadside Hero, which is a 9-in-1 tool that offers:

  • A high power flashlight
  • Seat belt cutter
  • Window breaker
  • Work light
  • SOS beacon
  • Compass
  • Solar panels to charge various devices
  • USB power bank charger (always essential)
  • Magnetic mount
  1.  Tech ready luggage– Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Smart Suitcase

The Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Smart Suitcase for has a USB 2.0 port that also has a pre-installed cable and a zipped pocket for you to put your essential battery pack. This means you are tech ready and stylish wherever you go.

Holidays and breaks from work are a necessity. It is essential to take time to recuperate and recharge. Doing this in not only enjoyable, it will only improve your productivity and focus when you return to work. So use your holiday days, and these tech tools, and take a smart break from work.

If you are struggling with stress and finding that elusive balance you may benefit from working with a life/business coach  to look at your  personal and your professional needs, goals, and priorities. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of business!

Take your business database to the next level with SQL programming by Remote DBA

There are various types of websites belonging to different niches which are available online. For instance, we have social media websites like Twitter, blogging sites like the BlogSpot, photography website like Flickr and so on. You, as a business owner, will also have your business website, no matter what industry your business operates. Your site serves as one of the primary tools for your online marketing; it is the only visual presence for many customers. Incorporating SQL programming on your business website will help to take your business marketing one step further. It might just give you the edge that you are looking for over your competitors. This article will help you understand why you need to have SQL on your business website.

Two types of Web sites:

Websites are mainly of two different types: these are static and the dynamic websites. Static websites are basic versions of websites. To change the content on a static site, it is crucial that the webmaster should modify the whole source code in the HTML file. But in the dynamic site, they will be connected to central databases. This will allow information to get saved in the database and the content will be differing for different users.

The static website is easy to make, and they are also quite straightforward. A dynamic website will, however, require the users to learn at least four languages in minimum: that is the HTML, the CSS, a language for web programming which the user will need to use for creating the software and also the database’s language. Some of the examples of web programming languages are the PHP, the ASP, and a few others.

At present, there are mainly four main databases which are available for doing web programming. These are MySQL, the SQLServer, then Oracle and the PostgreSQL. However, the most powerful database used on the Internet is the Microsoft’s SQL Server which is followed by MySQL. MySQL is used primarily for the web programming language PHP. The SQL Server will be used with programming languages of Microsoft like ASP and Dot NET but it not just limited to this.

MySQL: Understanding the basics

As noted above, the MySQL is most popular among those people who are using the Perl or the PHP. MySQL is, at present, getting developed by a company called Sun Microsystems. It can serve various purposes. There different types of databases for MySQL are available online for public use. Some popular examples are MySQL enterprise, Cluster, Community servers and so on. The Community Server version is the MySQL version which is most popular in use.

SQL Servers: Understanding the basics

SQL Servers are however getting developed and made by Microsoft. This server can get easily obtained from a Microsoft Store, but you can buy it in bulk as well. SQL Server will get used by a lot of Microsoft applications like the .NET, the Visual Studio, the BizTalk Server and also Microsoft Office. It will offer scalability which a lot of programmers like to use and are the best and popular types of databases in use. Besides these, Microsoft will also have the requisite expertise to provide you excellent support teams which are quite good in the SQL Servers. This will allow your questions to be answered faster when compared to the community forums.

What is Oracle?

Oracle is also another quite popular database which is extensively used in web programming. It can run comfortably with a lot of different operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, Linux and a lot of others. At present, there are four different versions from which you can choose the database, and each of them has their unique features. There will also be different versions which are catered for your mobile devices too, besides the standard and the premium versions.


PostgreSQL is also a popular cross-platform and an open source database. Some of the most renowned users who use PostgreSQL are MySpace, Yahoo, Orkut and Skype, and a lot of other popular websites. It is highly flexible, and Yahoo has modified the PostgreSQL for being able to store two thousand terabytes of enhanced storage.

There are a lot of other databases that you can choose from based on what is explicitly required.The users will be able to use the four different databases which are available to them, considering that they have the right budget and necessary resources. You can learn about SQL programming at RemoteDBA.com.


Hopefully, the information given in this article will help you to decide about your SQL Programming.

Why You Need Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Most companies turn to Computerized Maintenance Management Software to optimize their maintenance operations and solve problems of tracking inventory to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. With CMMS, you and your team will not keep your fingers on every piece of the puzzle, which is normally expensive and difficult when something slips by. Technology seems to have gone a notch higher and business owners are forced to move with the changes in order to fit in the modern world. Below are reasons why you need to join the bandwagon and experience the benefits that come with it.

Reduces cost

CMMS will automatically reduce costs if properly installed and utilized. The key area that will experience the cost reduction impact is the operations department and the main costs involved are the maintenance and repair charges. Each and every business owner is always focused on reducing cost and maximizing profits, which as per the economic experts work perfectly. Potential methods and techniques have been put in place to bring down the operational costs. With CMMS in place, you will be able to incorporate maintenance strategies that will help reduce equipment downtime and avoid costly breakdowns that may occur. Systems are not only installed to fix urgent problems but also help come up with preventive measures on shutdowns and with CMMS, you are guaranteed of all these.

Easy to access important historical information

Risks of losing potential employees with extensive experience in any business or organizational setting are common with the current competitive world. How do you make sure such experience and expertise do not leave your company? CMMS will help cover the knowledge and experience gap by maintaining an updated record for each of the items in your business. This ensures nothing is lost. And any new employee will be able to handle the situation just by checking into the system. The trick is to have expertise recorded and the system will play its part with ease. Such practices are encouraged in any business setting. Information is power. Lack of information will render you hopeless and you may waste valuable time trying to get historical information.

Improves the level of accountability

Accountability is everything. Even in our lives, we are all answerable to a supernatural being. It is important to keep info on everything that happens for future reference. CMMS will not allow any work to get lost since it will clearly indicate progress at each and every stage, status of work, the costs involved, and the person responsible at a particular time and day. This will make sure the system runs as per the set instructions and in case of any delays, you will know who to hold responsible and take the need for action as managers. The system allows you to keep track of everything. It is every business owner’s joy to know what happens at every stage of his or her business. Problems and solutions can also be included in the system.

Encourages compliance with regulatory standards

The best system is the one that reminds you to stick with the regulatory standards. No one would love to be penalized for ignoring or assuming the regulatory standards; the costs that come with such ignorance are so high. It may cost you your whole business in terms of your license. There is always a reward for abiding by the set operating standards for every sector. By doing so, your business will be allowed to operate in a conducive environment by the respective bodies. Having this system in your business, you will always be ready for any incoming audit since you will be in a position to generate standard reports that reflect or gives a fair picture of the organization or business.

Any business that is involved in environmental and health industries will always have to abide by the environmental standards to create a safe and reliable working place. Maxpanda CMMS will keep you safe with all compliance issues.

Elimination of paper-work

By ensuring the software is running in the maintenance and facilities department, you will be able to eliminate the need for paperwork and clipboards since the system can easily capture the information automatically. And the best things about all these is that your employees can view all this data captured by the system even from their mobile devices. Employees do not have to search through folders and filing cabinets to find the data they need. The money meant for printing and photocopying can now be channeled elsewhere. Gone are the days where half of our offices were filled with papers.

Overtime reduction

With computerized maintenance management software, business owners can easily cut overtime by reducing the need for urgent repairs and maintenance. The system will help schedule repairs and maintenance. This will help reduce workload and emergency calls to staff. Staff can now work more effectively and efficiently. CMMS is a worthwhile investment. You will be able to save costs and maximize your return on investment. It will help your business achieve the set goals.

Productivity is assured

Computerized maintenance management software is very flexible. This is because it can be linked to other devices like your mobile phone to guarantee your employees access to information and initiate work orders without been in office physically. Other information that can be provided using this software are details about procedures and requirements for certain jobs. With this information, you will be able to eliminate interruptions and delays.

Quickly change work priority and commitments

With the system installed on your phone as well, you can easily communicate to your employees about task reallocation and any other relevant information like urgent meetings and assignments. All these can be done with just a touch on your mobile phone, which is easy and friendly. Work can easily be assigned and save yourself the confusion that comes with delays in assigning employees work. Get CMMS and save yourself the drama and challenges of work allocation.

Computerized maintenance management software will come in handy and eliminate the frustrating situations at work. Similarly, you will need to know the technology associated with this software for you to make the right choice. With the rapidly advancing and changing technology, you need CMMS software that is flexible and adaptable. Whether you choose a cloud-based CMMS software or a program available through a mobile app, make sure that it suits your business needs.

Amazing Benefits of Using CLA 1250 That You Never Knew

According to myprotein.com, CLA is known as conjugated linoleic acid. It’s under the fatty acids which are also part of omega family. You can’t overlook it and say it doesn’t exist. Truth is that it has gained a lot of attention, especially in the workout areas like the gym and recently others use it to burn fats. For it to be gaining such popularity, it means it’s achieving the objective it was manufactured for. It is also meeting the client’s specification and results. CLA is found in animal feeds. You can’t just buy it and start using it. One needs a prescription or at least visit a doctor who will advise you accordingly on why you need to take this supplement. It has several benefits; that’s why it has stayed long in the market.

  • Fitness

If you never watch what you eat, you will be surprised at how much you will gain fat. That doesn’t mean when you are skinny you have no fat. A lot of fat endangers your heart. Supplements can help you work on your body fat so as to achieve muscle and lean body. CLA has fatty acids; they have a lot of functions. They are responsible for burning fats in the body, thus increased metabolic rate. During this period, one loses body fats faster.

  • Body Shape

You must have seen when someone walks into the gym and when they get out, the faces are different because they were trying their endurance. Eventually, you get to see their body gradually get into shape. Normally, they bulk up then start trimming the body to a specific shape and specific weight bracket.  When you decide to cut, it means you are getting rid of excess fat so as to get a more defined appearance. CLA is a way of losing weight since it has fatty acids that stimulate the breakdown of fat in the body.

  • Cancer and diabetes

Fatty acids are known to lower blood sugar levels. When the sugar level is moderated, then you are free from any form of diabetic attack. CLA 1250 has PTPgamma; it’s known to suppress tumors in the lungs and kidneys.

  • Weight and muscle

You need to understand that this is the main reason why it’s famous. It’s connected to most gym members so that it can help them tone down faster. CLA increases weight loss and reduces body fat. It has several reactions that reduce the fat tissue in the system. Less body fat will mean you have a leaner body. Muscle growth will be visible unlike when it’s covered in fat.

  • Immune and cholesterol

If it can lower the body fat, this means you will have less cholesterol, thus saving you from heart diseases. Lower cholesterol will give you more endurance for cardiovascular activities. CLA contains nutrients that boost the immune system. With a strong immune system, one gets ill less often.

6 Vital Benefits Of Using Tikki For All Your Calling Solutions

Tikki is basically a communication app that allows you to make free calls and send free messages. It doesn’t require high-speed internet. These services can be enjoyed by Tikki users. However, you get to use low call rates if you call a landline. In many countries with a big population like India, this app will be a welcome relief, as communication is will be made much simpler. There are so many people to reach out to, and so little resources. Basically, this is a new level of communication. The benefits are:

  1. Anywhere to everywhere

You get to make calls from wherever you are to anywhere on the planet. Tikki as an app gives you the power and privilege of calling anyone at whatever time, and to whichever network. You get to communicate with your family members or relatives, or even workmates from different area codes. Communication is key in modern society. How do you let your loved ones know you’re still alive and in connection with them if not for communication?

  1. Convenience

It’s convenient as you get to maintain one number. You don’t change numbers to suit a certain location; you get to move with your number wherever you go. Calls are also very private. No one should intrude into another’s privacy by listening to their calls or even messages. With this in mind, Tikki has all calls encrypted to give the user an assurance of security.

  1. Saving platform

You get to save and reduce your calling budget with this app as it has affordable call rates. You shouldn’t be afraid of loading airtime, because it has all money conversions available in your country. You only need to know the exchange rates at the forex bureau, and you’re good to go. You can even get this off the internet. Tikki is where you get to communicate, and still save something for future use.

  1. Free Calls

The fact that you get free calls between Tikki users makes it even more admirable. It is a free calling app that saves you money while conveying information. You get to send messages and share information with family and relatives for free, between Tikki users. One can also afford to have a conference call with two or more colleagues. Such calls no longer need to be such a big hustle. Instead, you can now have long business meetings easily.

  1. Installation

Installation is very simple. You get to download the app from any platform you are on; whether on android or Apple platforms. For Android, you can download it for free at the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ivoipe.tikki whereas iPhone users can get theirs at the iTunes apple store: https://itunes.apple.com/lb/app/tikki/id1239727444?mt=8. It is readily available and easily accessible on your mobile phone.

  1. User-friendly

The setup is user-friendly. There are no hard tasks involved. Some people have a hard time dealing with hardware; in fact, very few people who are not technicians can handle hardware. However, the Tikki setup is all about answering questions about yourself during the installation process. With a mixed and varied population, Tikki has all this figured out because the questions asked are easy for both the old and the young.