Play 3D Cricket Offline mode on Google chrome Browser

You must have used many apps in Google Chrome . You must have downloaded it from Chrome Web Store and used those many times.  There are many apps which works in Offline Mode also. But now also Play 3D Cricket in Google Chrome and that to in Offline Mode.

The name of the app is “World Cricket Championship” and the size of the Extension is 10.7MB and it is developed by Next Wave Multimedia. The best part is that you can play the Game in Offline Mode (when not connected to internet) .

You need to install Unity Web Player starting the game which is of size 573KB. You can download Unity Web Player  from the link given below.

To download and install World Cricket Championship Click below –

World Cricket Championship

To Download Unity Web Player Click below-

Unity Web Player

Download those are play your fevorite game Cricket in Offline Mode.

How to (Auto) Poke Back your friends in Facebook?

Do you use the Poking Feature in Facebook? I think your answer is Yes. Do you like to Poke Back your Friend Everytime they Poke you? I think most of will say no for this Question. Today I will give you an Auto Poke Back trick which enables you to pokeback your Facebook friends automatically.

This is a Chrome Extension named as POKE ALL FOR CHROME.

After Installing this Extension in chrome just move your mouse to the top bar to activate auto poke.

Now you can refresh your facebook page and you can notice a poked announcement instead of poke back.

Now just touch the Poke all icon and you will see all your friends will be auto poked.


Publish sync for google+ & facebook (Green Edition) [Extension]

Do you have account in Google Plus? Do you update status, links, photos in Google + , Facebook, Twitter, etc separately. I think yes . It must take much time to do so. Now I am giving you the solution of your Problem. THere is an Chrome Extension named as Publish sync for google+ & facebook (Green Edition).

 This is a super top extension, provide two-way syncs Google+、Facebook 、Twitter、Plurk. It supports article, video, pictures and web links. It also supports sharing function which users are able to share whatever public content in Google+ to: Linkedin, Digg, Myspace, facebook, on.

To download the Extension click here.

Publish sync for google+ & facebook (Green Edition).



How to Get the Previous Version Of Facebook Chat

Are you happy with the new Facebook Chat Box which covers about 25% of your screen. If  you really like the Chat Box them plz dont read this post. If you dont like the post then do read this. Now I am going to tell you how to disable the New Facebook Chat and Get the all best Old Chat Box. The name of the Chrome Extension is FB Chat Sidebar Disabler. This will help you to get back your old facebook chat option n box.

To download the disable –

For Chrome – Click Here  







Add Facebook tab in Google Plus [Extension]

Have you ever imagined that you can also view the streams of Facebook in Google plus. Now you can add facebook stream directly in your Google plus account . It is a chrome extension using which you can do so. The name of this Extension is ” Facebook for Google+ “.

To Download this chrome extension Click here- Facebook for Google Plus.

Now you can get the Power of  both the social network at one place and ofcourse that is at Google’s place at Google+.


Mute Animated Gif Images on Google Plus Stream [Chrome Extension]

Are you tired of the GIF images which takes a while to load in Google Plus? I think your answer is yes.  Yes, users are having fun bitching about rival Facebook and sharing Facebook slap images.

You can use GIF STOPPER  a chrome extension using which you can stop loading of GIF images just by pressing ESC button once. Just install this extension and everything is done.

To download this Extension click here- GIF STOPPER







Remove Adss From Gmail Mail [chrome extensions]

Do you want to remove the ads in the right/top/buttom panel when you open any mail in gmail.? If yes then here is the solution.

Now you can Removes all the ads present in Gmail™ (top/right/bottom) and puts in place diverse changes for a better user experience.

Ad Remover for Gmail™ is the only Extension out there that removes completely all the ads you can find in Gmail and does much more:

✔  No ads at the top of your inbox, i.e. web clips
✔  No ads at the right of your message
✔  No ads at the bottom of your message
✔  No Google Products/Services ads in the footer
✔  Email gets highlighted when mouse over
✔  Use the space left by ads to give you more room to read/write your messages
✔  "Expand All" / "Collapse All" Conversations functionality
✔  Hide Invite a Friend Field

Now use Gmail without any ads and load the pages little faster.

To Download click here “Ad Remover for Gmail™”

How to Combines all Chrome tabs in separate windows into a single window [Chrome Extension]

Some times while using Google Chrome, we need to open some page in new tab. So we do right click in the link and click on the “Open link in the new tab” option. But sometimes accidentally we click over the option “Open in new window option” .

Read moreHow to Combines all Chrome tabs in separate windows into a single window [Chrome Extension]

Cortex- Share Media on The Web Faster [Chrome Extension]

There have been many attempts on making a social browser in the past as well as currently a second wave of making a social browser is in full progress. Flock, Rockmelt and Mozilla are trying to out do each other in making a successful Social Browser.  All this is an effort to build a browser that integrates well with our social lifestyle on web. 

Read moreCortex- Share Media on The Web Faster [Chrome Extension]

Add Google plus Button to [Chrome Extension]

Now I am going to tell you about using an Extension in which you can add a Google Plus button to (aka New Twitter).
This extension lets you directly +1 tweets directly from Twitter, plus see how many others +1’s a tweet has recieved.
The name of this extension is Tweets +1.
To Install the Extension click here- Tweets +1. 
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