Proper Guide for Creating your Own Custom Browser

Many People search in Google about “How to create a Website for Free” and there are tons of results in the List who help in creating Free Websites online. Some also search about “How to create your own search Engine” and now there are many sites which make Custom Google Search engine for Free. But […]

How to Create Realistic Website Screenshots with Gadgets

If you have a Website or Business Online and you want to make it a Brand in the Market then you have to Really work hard for it. There are lots of  Tool online which can help you to Promote your Brand. Some are Free and some are Paid too. But what if you can […]

Q2A Market- Best Question2Answer Store for Themes & Plugins

Question2Answer is an Opensource and easy-to-install Question Answer Script developed by Gideon. The script is designed using PHP and one can customize the site as there Requirement. Its very easy to Install but if you dont know PHP then its difficult to Customize. For that there are many Themes and Plugins Available. q2A Market is […]

Stylish way to use Twitter : Streamine

Most of the Netizen of the internet have been using Twitter for a long time and if you are one of them then this is the post you may love to read. There is a Stylish app known as Streamie. Streamie is a Web app That has a Appealing and Minimalist view and have different […]

Question2Answer: An Opensource Question Answer site

You must have used different Forums or Question Answer sites while you searching for answer of your Problem. There are lots of such sites. There are many such Scripts available on the internet which can be used to make your Own Question and Answer site. Some are paid and some are free scripts but most […]

12 Sites to Compress PNG & JPG Image Files

I have a Camera and each Images are more than 4MB and around 140GB of Photos were stored in my PC. I think you also have such Photos and must be thinking the process to compress them. Even Bloggers need to compress Images to load Website faster. I have listed a Collection of some website […]

Get Solutions for your Tech Problems easily and faster

Most of us have Tech Problems and we ask others for its Solutions but mostly you don’t get your Answer Solved. But there is the Ultimate Solution for you . You can get all your Solution to your Tech problems by asking the all new Question Answer Web Portal.

Tools to Check your website in Different Screen Resolution

Previously Internet users have same screen resolution as there were only pc where users used to access Internet and Web Designers used to design for the same resolutions and the task was easy. Bu time changed and now there are lots of Medium to Access Internet. There are Laptop, Tablet, smartphones which have completely different […]

AmaRadio – An Odia Online Radio for all

  Everything are becoming Online now a days, Starting from shop store till House plotting has became online. Along with that Radio has also became online. There are lots of Online Radio channels of Different Languages to listen. Whenever I work, I plugin to any Radio such as Last.FM and listen to it. AmaRadio is […]

Google Reader Dead, here’s the alternatives

Google Reader is a service which was provided by Google to get Organized Feed and RSS from your Favorite Blogs. But they have announced that some services including Google Readers will be closed from July 2013. As many people use this services they get are searching for alternatives of it. Here I have listed few best alternatives […]

Instant Solutions for your math Problems – Mathway

Math is one of the Most Hated subjects my most of the Modern day students. Even I hate solving math Problems because it’s but confusing. If you score a good number in Mathematics in Exams then you are a math genius. If you are a Teacher or a Student who doesn’t like to study math […]

Top 5 Free Cloud Storage to Store and Backup Data

In 2013 Cloud Computing has been the Top Platform as you can Share , Collaborate projects and data online and can be accessed from a wide verity of Devices. One can store data on the Cloud, run it directly from the cloud servers without installing anything on your Computer. Some examples of Cloud Computing services […]