Generate Awesome QR Codes With any Image / Logo / Color

Previously I have Posted about QR Codes , its  Generators , Readers and also some Statistics regarding QR Codes. But at that time I have given the name of some Simple QR Readers which can create a Simple QR for you. But now as the time goes on Technology Changes. Now we can Make Awesome QR Codes […]

Find the details about a Person using his Email ID [How to]

We get Various Emails everyday and from the day the Email is invented , it is the most important part of the Internet. Today when ever we register at any site or anywhere we always need to use our Email ID there. It has became an Important part in our Online World. So let you receive an […]

How to know whether a UserName is Available or not

Now a Days Everyone is Trying to Be Online and the term “Being Social” is coming true. Almost most of the students have atleast joined atleast 1-3 social network. There are about 800Million Facebook users which will become a billion soon. So now the difficult part is that when ever you want to start a Brand its […]

7 Sites to Send SMS for Free without Registration in India

Most of us chat with our Friends using our Cell Phone and Many of us used to send SMS online to our Friends and Family . For that we need to Register in Some Site and always need to login into your account in order to send a SMS.  There are many sites to send […]

How to Make Images Interactive by adding Link, Sounds n Tags

We are adding images to many of our accounts daily . And its true that Picture says Everything but this is not true all the time. I mean to say I want to show a web app using which we can add Links , Sounds and even tag various people into the single Image. For Example you […]

Know the Past Tense Of any Word Online for Free

Know the Past Tense of Any English Word Online       [iframe 650 160]       Now a days Everything can be done online. Technology is So developed that we are converting every technology into online platform because it is easy to use and share. Now we can convert any file online […] – Indian Version of Amazon

Several rumors were going on and finally has started his Indian Shopping Site named as which is currently features more than 12Million products across 14,000 brands in 35Category which includes Phones, TV, kitchen and Home productsm movies, music and a lot of veriety.

Anonyupload – No Limit for Uploading n Downloading, Free and anonymous!

A good news for Downloaders and Uploaders . Recently Hacktivist group have launched there own filesharing website named as . This news came just after the news Megaupload , filesonic and all other filesharing sites have got down. Anonymous, the “hacktavist” group who retaliated against the United States Government for bringing down file-sharing websites […]

New Rajnikanth’s Website is Running without Internet- Check it out.

Are you a fan of Rajinikanth and there is good news for all of them. Recently a new website has launched in the name of Rajinikanth which works without inetnet. You its hard to believe but its true. The Site will start working as soon as you disconnect the inetnet. The site was initiative by […]

How to make awesome colorful QR codes online

Have you ever saw a QR Code. I think you must have seen that. QR code stands for Quick Response codes. It is the easiest tool to empower a brand. Now a days mot of the brand started using QR codes and it has gained popularity in the market. Many people have started using QR code […]

Zurker – A New Social Network owned by You [Invitation]

    It’s new. It’s amazing. It’s something you should definitely join. It’s like facebook, twitter, pinterest, all combined into one amazing medium. It’s an all new wave of social media. Eventually, concerns started to mount, and new social network applications started popping up, promising users that they would “own their data.” At Zurker, you […]