While talking about SEO, you must heard about terms such as noindex, dofollow, nofollow. When these links are used the real visitor cant know about it but these links are used for Search Engines.

What is Dofollow?

Dofollow is a plain HTML link that is used while hyper linking which tells the Search Engine to crawl your Link. If you know the basics of HTML then you must know this: <a href=”http://example.com”>Your Text</a>

The term “dofollow” is used for a General Conversation as we talk regularly. There mo actual “dofollow” link attribute, which is an HTML tag that tells the browser that the link is related to the Current document.

What is Nofollow?

Nofollow link attribute looks like this <a href=”http://example.com” rel=nofollow:> Your Text</a>

The visitors can click n see the link but it tells the Search Engine, not to follow the link which will result to Spiders not to follow the link, the Page Rang is not Transferred and the Anchor Text is not Transferred to your Link Profile.

With strategically used “nofollow” tag, you will build exposure and protect your Authority with search Engine.

“Nofollow” tag is used in Blog Comments Section.┬áSome case where one must use nofollow attribute are Untrusted Content, Paid Link and Crawl prioritization.

Now you have to choose the tag which you want to use depending on the type of link you are using.